Color photos for The Fifth Gospel

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Scenes of Kashmir (p. 57)

Jewish traits (p. 63)

The stone of Moses (p. 67)

Joseph in the garb of an angel meets Mary in the temple (p. 81)

The Blessed Mary (p. 87)

Mary and Jesus (p. 90)

Wise men of Tibet (p. 97)

Wise men from Ladakh (p. 97)


Jesus admitted in an Essene school (p. 103)

"I called my Son out of Egypt." (p. 105)

The flight of the Holy Family to Egypt (p. 106)

Mary Magdalene (p. 132)

Jesus and Mary Magdalene (p. 149)

(p. 203)

Ladakh, the land of celebrations (p. 220)

Mask dance at Hemis, Ladakh (p. 222)

Jesus Approaching Ladakh (p. 226) (Oil painting by J. Michael Spooner, published in the Lost Years of Jesus by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Courtesy: Summit University Press, Livingstone.)

The Tomb of Mary, Muree, Pakistan (p. 236)

Ice-capped mountains at the Thajiwas glacier (p. 237)

Tomb of Yuz-Asaph (p. 262)

Sarcophagus (p. 267)

Wooden sarcophagus of Yuzu-Asaph at Rozabal (p. 269)

(p. 281)

Arabic inscription describing Jesus as "Al-Sayyid-Al-Masih" (His Excellency, the Masiha) and as the crowned prince in the lap of the Holy Mariam (Mary-ilee Mother), 1070 (p. 241)

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