Animal Healing and Vibrational Medicine

Sage Holloway

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Dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rodents, fish, horses, dolphins and farm animals benefit from the gentle healing methods of vibrational medicine. Animal Healing and Vibrational Medicine explains how to create remedies specifically for individual ailments ... with no harmful side effects!

Essences, or vibrational remedies, are elixirs of water infused with the energy frequency of flowers, gems, minerals, elements, stars, or sacred earth spaces. These high-energy frequencies invite the individual's energetic field to resonate at the higher vibration, balancing and healing the energy system through the body.

Animal Healing is a resource and reference guide for over 1,000 energetic remedies. It provides a variety of ways to administer them to animals, and it takes the guesswork out of how they work. You will find remedies for:


"Quietly, gently, radically, Sage Holloway challenges the veterinary industry to open its mind and its heart to a whole new range and vocabulary of care-giving. Every human being who resides with, or has feelings for, a member of some other species would do well to become familiar with these 'alternative' insights into health. As an interspecies guide, it is absorbing. Whether one agrees with all of its assertions matters not, for the underlying love of all plants and animals that emerges from the book can only help to stop the cruelty that Homo sapiens have collectively, insanely inflicted on mother earth and all her precious progeny for thousands of years." Dr. Michael Tobias, author of World War III: Population and the Biosphere at the End of the Millennium and A Vision of Nature: Traces of the Original World

"This book deserves to be read and its contents explored and tested by open-minded individuals interested in the process of healing." Bernie Siegel, M.D., author of Love, Medicine and Miracles and Prescriptions for Living

"An illuminating guide of holistic wisdom that is essential to survival as a species and a wake up call that speaks to the amnesia of mainstream consciousness. As humankind awakens to its own need for natural rhythm and seeks to heal the separation of body and soul ... this sensitive book will serve as the map ... a way for us to see the road back to being keepers of the Earth and all her living creatures. Animal Healing And Vibrational Medicine is a resonate voice of the Ancient Future ... it is time to celebrate" Springs Romano, Ph.D., author of Powers That Be

"For years I have utilized vibrational remedies with animals - wild and domestic. They are one of the most effective healing methods for work with wildlife. Sage Holloway's Animal Healing and Vibrational Medicine provides very practical and easy-to-follow guidelines for using vibrational remedies with the animal kingdom. Whether a professional healer, a pet owner or even a wildlife rehabilitator - you will benefit from this text. More importantly, the animals in your life will as well." Ted Andrews, author of Animal-Speak and Animal-Wise

"How refreshing to read a book on a controversial mode of healing animals (and people) by someone who actually knows what she is talking about. Beyond the emotional fizz that so often accompanies this type of book, Sage Holloway shows from the first pages that she is a person who is in touch with the vibrational energies that are an unrealized part of our daily lives. I enjoyed this book very much, and for all those people who are open to a deepening of the expression of their lives, while helping and healing their animals, I thoroughly recommend it." Michael J. Roads, author of Talking with Nature and Journey into Nature

Table of Contents

What is Vibrational Medicine?

PART ONE: Animals--The Inside Story
Animals as Conscious Beings
Stress and Human Responsibility
Soul Loss
Communing with Animals
Invocation and Assistance
The Energetic Systems of Animals
Energy Field and Chakra Diagrams

PART TWO: Vibrational Remedies
The Doctrine of Signatures
Choosing Essences: Pendulum Dowsing and Kinesiology
Essence Usage and Administration
Healing Crisis
The Five Chinese Elements and Essence Correlation
Vibrational Remedies - The Heart of Nature
Flower Essences
Flower Essence Qualities
Gem Elixirs
Gem Elixir Qualities
Starlight Elixirs
Starlight Elixir Qualities
Elements and Inert Gases
Element and Inert Gas Qualities
Environmental and Sacred Site Essences
Environmental and Sacred Site Essence Qualities
Essences Are for People, Too
Essences to Assist People to Attune to Animals and Nature
Special Combinations
Vibrational Remedies Cross-Reference

PART THREE: Energy Healing Modalities and Technology
Energetic Aromatherapy
The Magic of Lavender
Aromatherapy Oil Qualities
Light, Color and Nature Healing
Sound Healing
Electromagnetic Pollution and Healing with Crystal Grids
Magnetic and Far Infrared Healing

PART FOUR: Resources
Sanctuaries and Centers

Appendix A- Suggested Music
Appendix B- Vibrational Remedy Company Essence Lists
About the Author



"Behind every material object is an astral blueprint of colored light. In the astral world everything is motion, everything is living." -Paramahansa Yogananda

Every living creature has a gift to share with all creation. Tremendous healing can come from a tree, inspiration through the wisps of a cloud. The ready ear, watchful eye and open heart can find the wisdom of nature everywhere.

Much of the magic of the natural world is not seen with the eye, but is experienced intuitively. Her regenerative power can profoundly affect our emotions and mental state. Being in a beautiful outdoor setting can lift the spirit and make us feel grounded, connected, and in our own natural rhythm. This is how healing and attunement are experienced energetically for all beings. Re-emerging now on Earth are technologies which capture the essences and frequency of nature and make them available for the upliftment and support of all living creatures.

Life is energy. All living things are predominantly energy, with the form being just a small part of us. The energetic field is the blueprint for every living thing, and all perfection, as well as disease, originates there. When the experience of health and wholeness begins to be seen as that which permeates our entire being, from energetic through the physical, we come closer to the understanding of how life works and resonates within us all.

Vibrational medicines are remedies and technologies which carry high-energy frequency. This frequency invites the individual's energetic field to resonate at this higher vibration. This balances and heals the energy system out through the physical body, integrating the whole being.

What is unique about vibrational healing modalities is their nature and how they work; which is with Source, rather than symptom. Traditional allopathic Western medicine struggles with symptom (effect). Vibrational medicine resonates with Source (Cause). It does not resist or fight disease but aligns with the perfect design behind it.

An ancient gift from the wellspring of nature re-discovered in this century, is the magic of essences. These essences, or vibrational remedies, are elixirs which come from flowers, gems, minerals, elements, stars, and environmental sites. Being vibrational, they carry little or no physical properties. The energetic qualities are captured by forces of nature (sunlight, moonlight, wind, rain, etc.) and infused into pure water, where the frequency is stored. Instruments are used to track and isolate the essences from the elements, stars and climatic environment. (More specifics on the preparation of the various types of essences are explained in their individual chapters in Part One.) There are many companies preparing these essences all over the globe, and more surfacing all the time. As simple as the process is, hopefully the day will come when people everywhere will share the desire and inclination to make their own unique essences and blends.

Vibrational support from nature is also provided through aromatherapy, which carries the energetic qualities of plants and flowers through their aroma. Aromatherapy affects all aspects of being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. There is, however, a hidden component that is recently being explored: the energetic impact of aromatherapy. Specific aromatherapy oils carry properties, when perceived by the olfactory system, that affect the finer qualities of being. Animals are particularly attuned to this aspect. These energetic properties affect the energy systems as well as the mental and emotional components, bringing upliftment and balance.

Another important field of vibrational medicine is sound frequency, which can support all aspects of being through tonal activation and pure note value. As creatures of frequency and vibration, animals easily balance and recalibrate on all levels when sound therapy is utilized. Sound is vibration, and when used to activate parts of the body that are ailing or out of balance, can restore harmony with rapid success. It is the simplest of therapies to administer.

The experience of working with vibrational remedies can be subtle to profound for human beings. With animals however, they often have immediate and significant effect. This is mostly because animals have not strayed as far as humans from their natural frequency and rhythm. Animals haven't the mental blocks for the remedies to work through, nor do they have great expectations. They are attuned.

The strength and power of frequency these healing systems of energy carry steps up one's entire vibration. The energetic field cannot resonate with the increased intensity without shedding the old. It becomes natural and delightful to evolve and grow with these tinctures of conscious support. Deeper understanding of hurts and blockages that have held old patterns in place rise into the light of consciousness to be released. Exactly how vibrational remedies work with animals is very much a mystery. We do know that working with the energetic remedies of nature aligns us, animal and human, with the underlying strata of all creation: the energy that manifests from Source. One becomes attuned to the unseen dimensions of support and influence, the heaven that creates the Earth, the substance behind and before the form.

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 2001

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