Frank Bugge

Author of  Numerology Reveals Your All

Archbishop Frank Bugge, D.D. has had a checkered career: electrician, motor mechanic, engineer, boiler construction and maintenance, engine driver, truck driver, fork lift driver, musician, security guard, and Archbishop.

As a child he could see and hear from the Spirit world and was always in trouble for “telling lies” about the spirits, so he soon learned to keep his mouth shut for fear of more reprisals.

He became a church organist in his teens and was very drawn to the church, but was not satisfied with the standard teachings within churches, and was always seeking answers. In the early 1970s, Archbishop Bugge encountered a Rev Father John King of the Liberal Catholic Church, who was also quite clairvoyant, and so found a kindred spirit. The Rev Father King taught the basics of pure numerology to him, and thus enlivened his curiosity in this direction. All his life, he has sought out other esoteric information and how it is affected and interpreted by numerology.

Archbishop Bugge gained more information from a Druid, Arch Mage (Tim Ryan), who was to further expand his knowledge in this subject. Over 30-plus years, he has delved into other psychic realms, noting their relationship to the numbers, which has resulted in an even stronger grasp of the subject and better accuracy in the fine detail.

Throughout the years Archbishop Bugge has used numerology for counselling, and taught many professional counsellors this art, which has been used to great advantage by them.

During this time Archbishop Bugge has had the distinct honor and unique privilege to study directly with the Late Archbishop Herman Adrian Spruit, and Archbishop Mother Meri Spruit, Patriarch and Matriarch of the world-wide Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch—Malabar Rite. During this time, the Archbishop took advantage of the opportunity to absorb the wisdom from both these wonderful people who gave of it so freely and with great love, and states, “To this day they remain my role models, whom I shall sadly never be able to match, for they led by high example beyond my capability, and not just words.”

These two loving people resulted in strengthening Bugge’s inspiration in becoming an Archbishop within the church himself. Frank Bugge is the presiding Archbishop of the Australian Branch of the Worldwide Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch, located in Melbourne Australia.

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