Marcus Bussey

Author of  Clare and Francis

Marcus Bussey visited Assisi at the age of fifteen in 1974. He walked the cobbled streets of the medieval town and out into the country side beyond the town’s crumbling walls. It was at this time that he fell in love with the world of St Francis and St Clare, or Santa Chiara as she is known in Italian. Since then he has walked many other paths and woven the spiritual and mystical traditions he has encountered into his heart. In all these journeys he has explored the role that poetry and luminous prose, the visual arts and music have in uplifting the soul and expanding the consciousness of the Seeker. While on these journeys he found his guru Shrii Shrii Anandamurti in the hills of Bihar, India in 1987 and again discovered the power of the soul to go deeply into the human condition and come back not just refreshed but also moved to make a difference in the world. For him art, meditation and social justice go hand in hand. The subtext to Clare and Francis is this inner-outer journey in which one must strive for personal enlightenment while working for deeper and richer futures for all. Please visit for more information.

Marjorie Bussey is an Australian visual artist with art work in both national and international public and private collections. It was she who took her son Marcus (with husband Victor, and daughters Meegan and Francesca) to Assisi in 1974. Her youngest daughter Chiara is named in memory of her time in Assisi. Her art is a mystical exploration of inner landscapes, symbolic forms and illusive memories. Growing up in rural Australia she has been touched by the sense of deep space, the void, and the indigenous dreaming that lies across the landscape. Her art expresses a yearning for the sublime via playful experimentations with a range of media. The etchings in this book evoke the simple yet poignant yearnings of the text that inspired them.

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