Keren Clark-Posey
with Ethan and Dyson Posey

Authors of  Wish for the World

Keren L. Clark was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. She graduated from Scottsdale High School in Arizona and attended Pitzer College in southern California. At Pitzer, Keren began to look beyond her conservative upbringing and to develop a social, political, and spiritual consciousness informed by a growing desire to reach out and learn more about other cultures. She spent a year abroad, learning to speak French fluently and befriending a group of Laotian and Vietnamese refugees. The experience made her particularly aware of the sufferings of people fleeing war and genocide. Back at Pitzer for her senior year, she focussed on classes in sociology, anthropology, and spirituality - a curriculum designed to deepen her understanding of human culture around the world.

Shortly after her graduation from Pitzer, Keren moved to San Francisco. While living in the Bay Area, she became involved with a spiritual collective known as "Reclaiming." She studied Wicca as a means of further expanding an already diverse spiritual foundation. In 1984, she decided to pursue a career as a Marriage and Family Therapist, enrolling in the Graduate Psychology Program at Antioch University in San Francisco. While there, she encountered Tibetan Buddhism and became more and more convinced that spirituality and a sense of belonging to a larger community are two of the core needs of all human beings. She continues to draw inspiration from Buddhist, Christian, and Wiccan sources in her own spiritual practice.

After taking her degree from Antioch in 1987, Keren became a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She has worked in agency settings, as well as in private practice where the cornerstone of her therapeutic technique is to guide people on their own healing journeys through a combination of spiritual and psychological techniques. Currently, she lives in Prescott, Arizona, with her three children - Ethan and Dyson, co-authors of Wish for the World, and Sadie.

Ethan and Dyson Posey were born at 7:00 p.m. and 7:09 p.m. respectively on December 19, 1992 in Flagstaff, Arizona. They were six and one half weeks premature and spent their first four weeks of life in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Nursery of Flagstaff Medical Center. Upon discharge, they were small but otherwise quite healthy.

The family lived in a small rural community outside of Flagstaff. The boys spent their days climbing trees, playing in the mud and ranging around the forest and high desert prairie that surrounded their home. Spirituality, tolerance and religion were frequent topics of conversation. When it was time for kindergarten, Ethan and Dyson attended a Waldorf-inspired Charter School in Flagstaff where their education focused on learning through play, the arts, literature, music and the cycles of the seasons.

Both boys enjoy athletics and reading. Ethan shows some promise on the violin and would like to be a NASA engineer when he grows up. Dyson aspires to be an actor and delights in entertaining his peer group.

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