The Clockmaker of Mullen

Jamison & Esther Escott

Papillon Publishing

They startled Grandma Elsa's chickens at
their feeding trough, where they ate the chicken's grain.

Above his tiny
apartment, in a tower higher than any other building in Mullen, stood the town clock.

Mothers fearfully shook out the bed covers each night before tucking their children in
to sleep.

With a lantern
in his hand, he
climbed the narrow, winding stairs to
the tower above.

He turned a corner
and came upon the milkman's horse and wagon, standing still like statues in a park.

At first he smiled as
he lifted them by their tails and dropped them into his sack

Then he saw
something in
the shadows below
the bridge.

The clock was
completely silent and still, and, tired as he was, it took all his strength to start it.

Their joyful faces filled him with contentment, and he smiled and waved to them while
he sipped his tea.

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