The Making of a Medium

John L. Brooker

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Daniel Simpson was born to be a psychic. At a very early age he had an imaginary spirit friend who would play with him. He was able to see his friend whenever he played alone. At night, when he was supposed to be sleeping, he was taken by his friend on many beautiful journeys. They sometimes went into a wonderland of castles and knights on horseback, and traveled on sailing ships in seas of blue water....

At the age of twelve, he had his first real psychic experience. This started his spiritual development and introduction to life as a psychically sensitive being, destined to be a channel for spiritual understanding. As far as he knew, no one in his parents' family had ever shown any psychic ability. In fact, most of the relatives rarely went to church.

Like most children, he had the usual array of fantasies about his future. In every respect he was a normal child. He certainly never dreamed of what was about to take place.

This is Daniel's story, and it could have happened to anyone.

Table of Contents

Daniel sees a spirit child, an imaginary playmate.
Reality of the creative power of the imagination.

Chapter 1. Daniel Meets Peter
Out of body experiences or dreams?

Chapter 2. Is There a God?
Personal faith in a variety of deities.

Chapter 3. Why Is There a Veil?
Need for the separation of planes of awareness.

Chapter 4. The Creative Essence
The energy field that creates "All that is."

Chapter 5. Levels of Consciousness
The many mansions or states of being in the spirit world.

Chapter 6. Daniel and Steven
Another guide appears to lead Daniel to higher ground.

Chapter 7. Workers on the Astral Level
Help for souls in transition to and from spirit.

Chapter 8. Daniel Is Discovered
How spirit can influence a willing soul.

Chapter 9. The Group
Meditation and psychic development in a group.

Chapter 10. Development Contiues
Daniel progresses to public speaking.

Chapter 11. Daniel Develops Mediumship
Clairvoyance and trance work begin to emerge.

Chapter 12. Life on the Astral Plane
Thoughts manifested, and the power of loving your monsters.

Chapter 13. The Web of Lives
Group souls and soul mates.

Chapter 14. Graduation
The reality of the world of work.

Chapter 15. Daniel and Steven Go Public
Trance work from the pulpit.

Chapter 16. Steven Speaks to the Group
Teachings direct from spirit.

Chapter 17. Teachings Continue
How spirit people help the fearful and guilty.

Chapter 18. The Work Continues
The endless quest to bring love on earth.


Daniel Simpson, a twelve year old boy, watched a movie on television one evening, and it was about people in the next world making things happen on earth. He was quite impressed with the concept of life in other worlds and the magical powers that the people had. He wondered why they were not available for people on earth to use. Like many children, he wished he had the powers of Superman to help people in distress. He saw himself as a hero flying through the air, fighting evil and helping to bring justice to the world.

Following the movie he went to bed. He went to sleep and had a dream. He was standing beside his bed and could see his body lying on the bed asleep. He was very surprised and felt strange. As he looked around the bedroom, things appeared to be different. They looked misty to him. He thought, "I must be having a very unusual dream." He then realized that he was not afraid. As he had the thought that he had no fear, a voice behind him said, "Fear cannot live on this plane, my son." Daniel turned around and saw an older man who was dressed in a simple black robe. As Daniel looked at the man, he was aware of a feeling of kindliness, and a sense of peace seemed to come from this stranger. Daniel then had a thought that he was receiving a message from him that he should not be afraid.

Daniel felt it strange that he would receive a message in this way; it was like a voice inside his head. Then the man said, "My name is Peter and I would like to be your mentor. I would like to meet with you at night while your body is resting. In future I will speak in words, as if we are both on earth, until you learn to use telepathy."

Daniel was in a daze and recovering from the shock of this out-of-body experience. Nothing like this had ever happened to him before. He hardly understood what had transpired, but he was fascinated and not afraid.

Peter said "I will use the non-verbal way of communicating with you when you are awake during the day, and if you wish to tell me something I will be aware of it. Sometimes you will want to be inspired when you are discussing spiritual matters, and I can help you there."

Daniel asked Peter, "Where are we?" Peter told him, "We are in what you call the dream world, and I have come to make contact with you as we will be meeting often in this way. I will only stay for a short time for this visit. We will discuss many things in the future about life other than the one that you know on the physical plane. I want you to think of your body now."

As Daniel did so, he was immediately back in his bed. He thought about what had happened, and he reappeared in the dream world again.

Peter was waiting for him and said, "I gave you a simple demonstration of the use of what is known as astral projection. You will be using that technique often in the future when we get together"

Daniel said, "I was amazed at how easy it is to leave my body. Can I always do that?"

Peter said, "I used a special power to help you make the transfer. If you approve to have me as a mentor, I will arrange for us to meet occasionally at night for spiritual teachings and experiences. I will explain later how that is possible.

"It would be better if you did not discuss this with anyone at this time, as they would not understand and would probably think you were having a dream."

Daniel's next thought was that he was in his bed, waking up from a very peaceful sleep. He had no recollection of how he came to be back in bed, although he remembered everything that had happened during the meetings with Peter.

During the next day, Daniel's mind was filled with questions, and he wondered if it was all a dream. He somehow knew it was real, but he did not know how to deal with this whole experience. He wished he could talk to his father about it, but he remembered what Peter said about secrecy. Daniel did ask his father what a mentor was, and his father said it means teacher. However, he suggested that Daniel should look things up in the dictionary. Daniel looked up the word mentor and found it meant loyal friend and wise advisor. Daniel was thrilled to think he had a secret to keep, even from his family. He wondered what they would say if he told them of his new friend in his dreams. Daniel wondered if they would believe him. Somehow he knew his father would be receptive, but his mother might be afraid for him.

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