The Day Your Heart Broke In Your Eyes

The Book of Recognition

The Angels of Recognition and Marcia Brennan, Ph.D.

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ISBN: 978-1-57733-257-2, 336 pp., 6 x 9, paperback, $19.95

The Day Your Heart Broke In Your Eyes: The Book of Recognition is an angelically channeled text that is both eye opening and heart opening. Featuring twelve chapters organized in ascending order, the book begins with the autobiographical base of the author’s descriptive memoir and moves up progressively through channels of creativity, power, visualization, personal and telepathic communication, spirit connection, and angelic communion. Filled with concretely beautiful imagery, the book contains a compelling range of metaphysical meditations that appear like reflections on the mirror of the page. The phonetic tonal qualities of the words are “brain massaging,” as language moves back and forth, left and right, to open up the pathways between the heart, the eyes, the mind, and the spirit. With each reading and re-reading, the book conveys a range of creative possibilities that open wide the resonant connections not only between the heart and the eyes, but between creation and recognition.

As the Angels of Recognition say about this channeled text, “This book is a place that you will want to enter, and that will want to enter into you. The text is a sanctuary, a portable garden that you can carry throughout your daily life. This book is many books, and many gardens, all in one. It is a garden of thought, a garden of words, a garden of ideas and ideals that come from the sky—a portable garden of the soul.”


"Marcia Brennan's book is not a book at all. It's a way, a path to exquisite beauty. It's a heartsong, a trick, a portal, a transport elsewhere. It's an entrance to the flip side, an opening to the truth of transience and impermanence on the beating wings of light we call time. It is a book of knowing, a connection to angelic wisdom and celestial intelligence. How I love this book!" David Carson, author of Crossing into Medicine Country

"Marcia Brennan reaches deep inside of herself to share her deepest truths and learnings. Through observation of metaphorical insights, the reader is welcomed into a plane of neutrality--a Gestalt. This stance extols our spiritual relationship with ourselves, while providing a sense of well-being that aligns the individual with hope, wisdom, and grace." Pat McKenna, nationally renowned psychic medium

"I have been writing about closeted mystics in the academy for years now. For the last ten, grinning somewhere behind these words, has been Marcia Brennan: dear friend, art historian, and fellow traveler, who was initiated by a golden eagle’s stare in the Sonoran Desert, who knew everything as conscious Light, and who now writes of mysteries through things like shower heads and flowers. Her message here is stunning: the ultimate artistic medium is not the canvas, the paper, or the stone, but Consciousness itself." Jeffrey J. Kripal, author of Mutants and Mystics: Science, Superhero Comics, and the Paranormal

Table of Contents


Chapter One: Home Base
The Cart Before the Horse, the Story Before the Story

Chapel 1 The Detachable Showerhead and the Flow of Grace
Chapel 2 The Golden Eagle and the Day the Mountains Turned to Light
Chapel 3 Crossing the Line: Mystics in the Academy, and What It Feels Like to Become Every Color in the Sky
Chapel 4 What Is Yours Is Always Yours: The Altarpiece Meditation and the Day I Offered My Life
Chapel 5 The Pen Name and Angelic Incrimination
Chapel 6 Psychic Recycling
Chapel 7 The “Audience” Was the Last to Arrive: The Day I Heard Spirit Voice
Chapel 8 A Kiss Across Time: An Opening Prayer of Recognition
Chapel 9 The Day the Statues Moved and the Candles Burst into Flames
Chapel 10 You Are the Rising Sun: How to Enter the Spaces Within Spaces

Chapter Two: Creativity By Candlelight
Opening Gifts

Chapel 11 Crossing the Threshold: Where the Doorway Made of Light Meets the Light Behind Your Eyes
Chapel 12 Prebirth Prelude: The Path of Candlelight
Chapel 13 The Violet Box with the Golden Ribbon: The Gift Within the Gifts
Chapel 14 The Gift of How Not to Take Yourself Personally: Recognizing the Difference Between Yourself and Who You Really Are
Chapel 15 Reading Red: Colored Packages and Shades of Discernment
Chapel 16 The Glowing Copper Circuit: The Flowing Channel of Creativity
Chapel 17 Cleansing: Every Tear Is a Mirror
Chapel 18 Let It Flow and Let It Go: Uncreating Mass So That You Can Create Space for the Flow of Force
Chapel 19 Chameleons on the Carpet: Creating the Art of Allowance
Chapel 20 The Doorway in the Clouds: The Gifts of Peace and Receptivity

Chapter Three: Knowing Your Standing
The Book of Shields and the Book of Power
Chapel 21 Rear View Mirrors: What Is Driving You?
Chapel 22 Disappearing in the Mirror: Fear and Desire
Chapel 23 Spirit Killers
Chapel 24 The Book of Power: Paging the Cuts and Cutting the Pages
Chapel 25 The Chain Reaction: The Blaze in the Maze
Chapel 26 The Rainbow Warriors
Chapel 27 Warriors and Healers
Chapel 28 Crenellations: What You Can See and What You Cannot
Chapel 29 Leaning into the Light
Chapel 30 The Death That Saved Your Life

Chapter Four: Flowers Carried Close To The Heart
Recognition and Transformation
Chapel 31 Writing in Flowers: Light into Language
Chapel 32 When Wings Become Mirrors
Chapel 33 Grey and White and Silver Wings: Messengers and Guardians
Chapel 34 Snowflake Obsidian: Clarity and Reflection
Chapel 35 The Black Opal: There Is No Right Way
Chapel 36 Adornation: To Adore and to Adorn
Chapel 37 The White Candles of Devotion
Chapel 38 The Book of Ancient Starlight
Chapel 39 Who Is Your Body? Or, How Not to Put Words in the Mouth of Your Back
Chapel 40 Growing Another Wing: Generosity and Expansion

Chapter Five: Writing Your Novel Anew
The Book of Communication
Chapel 41 Something Novel: History by Firelight
Chapel 42 Shells and Sea: Sculpting Possibilities
Chapel 43 A Bird That Flies Not Quite Like Any Other: A Guide to Unwritten Histories
Chapel 44 Beach Erosion: On the Distraction of Conscious Attention
Chapel 45 Sandcastles by the Ocean: The Life and Death of Seemingly Stable Structures
Chapel 46 The Book of Transience: Loose Leaves That Fall from the Tree of Silence
Chapel 47 On Sensitivity, Surfaces, and Auras: In a Nutshell, Everything Matters
Chapel 48 The Fountain of Starlight: Falling Sparks of Purity and Insight
Chapel 49 Enfolded in Your Own Wings
Chapel 50 Walking with the Angels

Chapter Six: Why We Have Two Eyes
Vision and Knowledge: The Book of Doubles
Chapel 51 The Gift of the Gift: Techniques of Recognition
Chapel 52 The Step Before the Step
Chapel 53 The Genesis of Generosity: The Beginning of New Worlds
Chapel 54 The Double Moon: On the Other Side of Consciousness
Chapel 55 Evaporating the I’s: Toward a Language of Melded Being
Chapel 56 The Difference with Difference
Chapel 57 Downtime as Uptime
Chapel 58 Know That We’re Here, Know That You’re Heard
Chapel 59 Why We Have Two Eyes
Chapel 60 The Day Your Heart Broke In Your Eyes

Chapter Seven: Spirit And Spirituality
Dome and Domus: Close to Home, Like a House on Fire
Chapel 61 The Sacred Profane
Chapel 62 Paradise Is a Walled Garden: Shielding
Chapel 63 The Humility of Violets: Scattered Royalty Holding Court in the Shadows
Chapel 64 Small Golden Keys: There Is No Such Thing as a Small Thing
Chapel 65 The Priceless and the Free: An Alternative Spiritual Economics
Chapel 66 Animals: Life Ensouled
Chapel 67 Unsealing Your Ceiling
Chapel 68 Foyer Place: The Many Faces of Fire
Chapel 69 Spells and Sparks: Living Between Lights
Chapel 70 Close the Book, Turn the Page

Chapter Eight: Not Your Typical Archetypes
Paintings in Your Mind’s Eye
Chapel 71 The Heart Is a Doorway: Crossing Between Life and Death
Chapel 72 Sinking into the Stars
Chapel 73 Resetting Your Clock in the Cradle of Time
Chapel 74 Have You Ever Seen Light Laugh? Humor—on the Level
Chapel 75 Seeing Auras: Second Nature, Second Sight
Chapel 76 The Mountain and the Molehill: The Monumentality of Small Things
Chapel 77 The Clean Sweep: Washing the Glass Eye
Chapel 78 The Blind Mask of Recognition
Chapel 79 The Doorway Made of Light
Chapel 80 Life Beyond Language

Chapter Nine: Composing Your Composite Reality
Just Try This:Ten Simple Things You Can Do to Live the Magic of This Book

Chapel 81 Open Your Eyes, So That You May Truly Look into the Eyes of Another
Chapel 82 Hear What’s Being Said in What’s Being Said
Chapel 83 Feel the Lightest Touch, So That You Can Feel the Touch of Light
Chapel 84 Meet Me in the Dreamtime, So That You Can Work Both Sides of the Clouds
Chapel 85 Get Yourself a Set of Rabbit Ears, So That You Can Be Protected and Informed
Chapel 86 Grow a Second Skin, So That Your Inner Beauty May Be Worn on Your Outer Surface
Chapel 87 Know Where Something Is Coming From, So That You Will Know Where You Are Coming From
Chapel 88 Buy Yourself a Trashcan, So That Your Home Is Not Overflowing with Garbage
Chapel 89 Know the Difference Between Living in a State of Completeness and Living in a State of Completion
Chapel 90 Talk to My Eyes, So That You’re Talking to My Being, Not Just to My Body

Chapter Ten: Mystical Multiplicity
True Colors: Descripting the Spirit World
Chapel 91 Holding Two Centers: Topless and Bottomless
Chapel 92 The String on the End of the Balloon: Holding Your Breath Lightly in Your Hands
Chapel 93 The Disappearing Candles: How to See What You Cannot See
Chapel 94 Transitional Passages: The Black and Gold and Silver Suns
Chapel 95 Light into Form: The Mindblasting Power of Angelic Tradecraft
Chapel 96 Weaving Straw into Gold, Writing Light into Form
Chapel 97 What Is Unbecoming? Becoming the Pink Rose That Sparkles with Silver and Gold
Chapel 98 Perfection and Perfectionism
Chapel 99 The Serious Play of Light Work: Let the Heart of Us Fill Your Heart
Chapel 100 The Cosmic Carousel: The Rotating Rings of Introspection and Extrospection

Chapter Eleven: Channeled Reading And Reading As Channeling
A Do It Yourself Guide toWhat We Can Never Do by Ourselves

Chapel 101 Just Passing Through: Passing Through the Open Passages of the Passages
Chapel 102 Kite Strings
Chapel 103 The White Garden of the Blank Page: On Telepathic Communication
Chapel 104 The Breath, the Brain, and the Blink of an Eye: The Butterfly of Telepathic Integration
Chapel 105 The Clean Slate of the Unconditional Conversation: A Guide to Intermediate Telepathic Communication
Chapel 106 Leaping the Canyon: The Three Aspects of Creation
Chapel 107 Eyes in the Trees: Communicating with Nature
Chapel 108 Congenial Spirits: The Best Friends You’ve Never Had
Chapel 109 The Light Behind Your Eyes: You Miss What You Don’t Know, and You Don’t Know What You’re Missing
Chapel 110 Sunflowers: The Rising Light of a New Day

Chapter Twelve: The Twelfth Chakra
The Cosmic Crown: The All of the All

Chapel 111 The Twelfth Chakra: The Crown Above the Crown
Chapel 112 Running Hot: The Flaming Waterfall
Chapel 113 I Will Not “Should” on Myself Today: The Gift of the Open Grasp
Chapel 114 Each Eternity Is Unique: An Archeology of the Future, a Stratigraphy of the Soul
Chapel 115 Fire and Water: Everything Passes Through Love
Chapel 116 Telescoping Passages: Living Maps of Living Histories
Chapel 117 The Crowning Touch
Chapel 118 The Underworld and the Overworld: The Places Where the Spheres Meet and Touch
Chapel 119 When the Square Becomes the Circle: The Touching of the Crowns
Chapel 120 Harmonic Resonance and Key Openers: Opening the Heart That Breaks in Your Eyes

About the Author


Chapel 97
What Is Unbecoming?
Becoming the Pink Rose That Sparkles with Silver and Gold

For many human beings, the mind only sees what it is trained to see. The eyes see what they are trained to see. This training has led you to become the human being you know yourself to be. You have become who you have been trained to become, and through this training you become real to yourselves— you take shape before your own eyes and in your own mind. You then see this process of you becoming yourself, in your own mind and eyes, as one mirror reflecting another.

As you become yourselves, so too do you unbecome what you have been trained not to be, not to see, and not to recognize. Yet what exactly is unbecoming? If something or someone is unbecoming, they are typically unseemly, unsightly, unappealing, unattractive, unsuitable, or improper. They appear or behave in a manner that is not consistent with the fashions, norms, etiquette, customs, and expectations of their context, and there is not a smooth fit between the world they inhabit and the habits of the world.

Through training, learning, and practice, you become something as you unbecome something and someone else. Yet what is it that you relinquish in your unbecoming? Just as you are trained to fit into a known world, so too do you relinquish sights that are unsightly, sights that are unseen, which then become the unseen vision of an unknown world, a world of angels and spirits. As you identify with the mirror that reflects the appearance that you have been trained to recognize as reality, so too do you identify with what you are not. Then, in your mind, you become what you are not, just as you unbecome what you have learned not to see in yourself and in the world.

Imagine that you are walking through a beautiful garden, and you see a lush pink rose with layers and layers of petals propped on a stem of waxy green leaves. As you look more closely at the flower, drinking in deeply the sight of the creamy pink petals, you see flashes of gold and silver and bluish white light sparkling in and around the flower. You are captivated by this beauty, and as you bend your head, the flower’s sweet fragrance fills your being and carries you away, in the eternity of the instant, to a state beyond words.

This exquisite experience is both unfolding before you in the outer world, and it is transporting you beyond the boundaries of the familiar world, carrying you past the outermost edges of joy and filling you with the deepest gratitude for the privilege of this transport. While walking in the world, you have entered a world that carries you beyond the boundaries of yourself. You saw with the eyes in your heart, and this fed your senses and your spirit. By entering so deeply into the presence of the rose, you entered into the spirit of the rose, so that you entered into the spirit of another part of yourself, a beauty beyond what you typically recognize yourself to be. You overcame your own limits to become something more. You unbecame yourself in order to become your spirit. This self-overcoming is a most becoming expression of unbecoming, as you rose in the moment and saw yourself reflected in a different kind of mirror, in the petals of a rose.

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 2011

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