The Emperor's Stargate

Unlocking the Secrets to Your Destiny

Cheung Kwong Yin and Alexandra Harteam

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ISBN: 962-86020-4-7, 174 pp., 7.375 x 9.25, paperback/ CD, $29.95

Discover the ancient Chinese Astrology system of Zi Wei Dou Shu. The Emperor's Stargate opens the window to your destiny. Practiced throughout China since the Soong Dynasty as the most accurate divination tool known, it is now available for you to become the best you can be--from loving relations to success and growth on all levels. Full birthchart software included on CD.

Who invented the Stargate charts and tables has been lost. All that is known is that a metaphysical "blueprint," which overlays a person's time of birth, spells out a detailed and precise view of the person's entire lifetime on the earth plane.

Using the calculations of the Stargate, the various aspects of "what is" are laid out before us. That we cannot change. What we can do is use that knowledge to guide us through our life path. Never forget that your most important moment is NOW. The strategy to using the Stargate is to integrate your past with present conditions and, armed with this knowledge, to anticipate and walk confidently into a clear future.


"If you are honest enough to take such a revealing and rewarding look at your life journey, you can verify for yourself that the ancient Chinese system - Zi Wei Dou Shu - is much more thorough, much more precise and far more scientific than its Western counterparts in assisting you in that investigation. The Emperor's Stargate not only introduced Zi Wei Dou Shu to Western readers for the first time, it has also done so in a form that is extremely professional and entirely 'user-friendly.' It makes this effort to invite you to see for yourself and to come to your own conclusions about its relevance and accuracy." Arthur E. Yama

Table of Contents

1. Teach Yourself the Emperor's Stargate
2. The Stars
3. The Stars in Each House
4. The Auspicious Stars
5. The Dark Stars
6. The Catalysts
7. The Obstruction Catalyst in the Houses
8. The Milestones
9. Chart Interpretation
10. A Sample Reading


The Emperor's Stargate - What Is It?

Anyone who knows his exact time of birth can successfully use the Stargate. It is not necessary that the local time of birth be converted back to China's time. This is where Stargate deviates from being purely mathematical and converges into the esoteric. GMT time differences have no bearing on Stargate's ancient charts and tables that are still being used to draw up every birth chart. Provided that the exact birth time is known, it does not matter whether you were born in the U.S.A. or China. Using the local birth time, one always come up with the most astoundingly accurate reading of the past. The diviner can then find out highly detailed information on the future.

It is at this point that doubts begin to set in for the listener. Can any prediction really be so detailed? Or is the diviner merely channeling or thinks he is doing that but actually making it up as he goes along? It is a fact with the Emperor's Stargate that nothing is channeled or invented for the listener. All information given has been recorded and you will find this between the covers of this book. Combinations of facts depend on the combinations of stars, their grade, whether brilliant or in retrograde, "attachments," etc., etc.

The crucial point lies in the interpreter's skills in integrating star combinations and meanings. To address this point, we have given, in Chapter 9, a reading in retrospect of a world-famous figure. Suffice for the Stargate practitioner to understand the essence of what the divination meanings are saying. Very often, the reader will find astounding accuracy - a physical happening that is detailed precisely. At other times, look for its divinatory meaning: the answers are always there. It is within the Stargate's capacity to warn or give the go-ahead signal, giving details in no unclear terms where the danger/opportunity lies. Use this system to its fullest. All of Stargate's basic information is contained between the covers of this book.

Lotuseed Press, 2001

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