Diamantino Coelho Fernandes

Author of  The New Order of Jesus

Diamantino Coelho Fernandes was born in San Fins do Passos do Ferreira, Porto, Portugal in 1894. Emigrating to Brazil, he worked in book stores and wrote for newspapers in Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Sao Paulo. He married Ana Dulce de Barros Miranda, with whom he had five children: Isard, Abiel, Amyld, Dylma and Ibero.

He became president of "Tenda Espirita Mirim," where he promoted the First Brazilian Congress of Espiritism in Umbanda. He created the Brazilian Union of Spiritual Education and Assistance (U.E.B.E.A.) and founded the University of Psychic Studies, where he created a Mental Education Course. He was also the founder of the Brazilian Association of Propaganda (A.B.P.), organized the "House of Brother Thomas" (C.A.D.I.T.) and advised the "Spiritual Feminine Crusade."

He received by way of telepathy and psychography the books comprising the Great Crusade of Elucidation, The New Order of Jesus (2 volumes) and other valuable works.

He died as a result of an accident on April 19, 1973, and he was buried on the following day, April 20, 1973 (Good Friday). Prior to his death, by determination of the Lord of Nazareth, he organized The New Order of Jesus, a Spiritual, Beneficent and Cultural Organization. The main instructions of the New Order's Constitution were dictated to him by Apostle Thomas on February 22, 1970.

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