The Forest of Thinks

Olivia Monical

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ISBN: 978-1-57733-267-1, 28 pp., 8 color illus., 8.5 x 8.5, paperback, $10.95

There is a forest where some animals live that have never seen humans. In this untouched forest, a wolf pup grows and lives with his pack. His furry head is filled with curious questions, and so one day, he goes in search of answers in the unknown places far from his forest den. In a forest full of so many different thinks and new thoughts to know and believe, will Wolf Pup be able to choose the right one...or will he be able to find something in himself to believe in?


"Olivia Monical's work is about the wilds of youth and the perils of wisdom. Perhaps it isn't startling to find an author as young as Monical dealing so deftly with the journeys that form us into adults, but it certainly is exciting to see a fresh and confident new voice appear in children's literature. Olivia Monical is a writer on her own journey into the world, a journey to be watched." Mike Buckley, author of Miniature Men

"Ms. Monical has succeeded in conveying the important and poignant themes of love and tolerance ... to not only young readers, but readers of all ages. Her first work is a smashing success!" Michael Cartan, English instructor and Celtic storyteller


Wolf Pup did not know very much in his forest world yet, but he did know that he thought; those thoughts were his. Must he some day think another wolf’s think, instead? Must he only know another wolf’s know? Wolf Pup still wondered what other thoughts there were to think; he hungered and hoped for new knows to know still. So Wolf Pup sniffed his way to the edge of all smells he had yet smelled, and let his padded feet travel far beyond the forest world, far beyond his safe home.

Papillon Publishing, 2012

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