Miriam Freedman

Author of: Love Is Always the Answer

Miriam Freedman was born in Czechoslovakia. Many of her close family were murdered in the holocaust, and by sheer luck Miriam managed to escape the same fate by hiding with her mother, sister, and other family members. After the war she emigrated to Israel where she studied in Jerusalem and qualified as a primary school teacher and then taught for seventeen years in Israel and England in both state and private schools.

In 1967 she met Swami Visnudevananda in London who initiated her yoga training. She later studied the Iyengar method and in 1976 took her diploma with the British Wheel of Yoga. Miriam became a greatly respected yoga teacher. In the early 1980s she increased her knowledge of alternative therapies through auto-genic training, reflexology, massage and counseling.

In 1979 her whole life changed when she came across a meditation group run by a Russian lady named Irina Tweedie. Mrs. Tweedie was a very powerful and mystical teacher who propagated the teachings of a non-denominational Sufi line that stretches back into the mist of time. Miriam opens up her personal dream world, which is not unlike Carl Gustav Jung’s, to reveal layers of centuries-old mystical teachings that inform of inner realities that are there for us all to explore.

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