Fulfill Your Soul's Purpose

Ten Creative Paths to Your Life Mission

Naomi Stephan, Ph.D.

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ISBN: 1-57733-063-3, 304 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $15.95

A creative, practical guide that shows how to seek, identify, and express your soul's purpose to give meaning to your life and work. As the deep, underlying theme that guides and directs all of your activities, your soul's purpose represents the very essence of who you are. Fulfill Your Life's Purpose will help you to: Full of creative, fascinating exercises, case histories, and the author's personal odyssey, this book shows the steps to manifest your true calling. Stop renting your body out to spaces you do not want to be in, and learn to take charge of your own life!


"Fulfill Your Soul's Purpose is a superb contribution at a vital time. For many of us interested in finding our way through the maze of modern life, Dr. Stephan has provided us with a road map. I recommend her book highly." Charles A. Garfield, Ph.D., author of Peak Performance

"Finding your purpose in a culture that equates money, career, and possessions with success can be daunting. Naomi Stephan has written a gold mine of a book to help you release your natural creativity and passion. Watch out, world!" Joe Dominguez and Vickie Robin, co-authors of Your Money or Your Life

Table of Contents


1. Life Mission
2. Mission a la Mode
3. The Creative Connection

4. Clear Your Mind
5. Risk Daily
6. Eliminate Negative Thinking
7. Anticipate the Unusual
8. Tolerate Ambiguity
9. Ideate, Then Incubate
10. Visualize Solutions
11. Inquire Within: Your Inner Quest
12. Try Softer
13. Yield to Your Intuition

14. Mission Accomplished
15. Living Your Mission: Soul Nourishment


Life is a personal mission.

You have a calling that exists only for you and that only you can fulfill. It takes courage and self-love to answer that inner voice, but being faithful to it is the only way to lead a rewarding life. It's also the most natural way to be. As the Zen master said to his student: "Zen is eating when you are eating." Life is living your personal mission.

Your first obligations is to carry out the mission you are meant for, not what your father, mother, mate, or friends say you should do. No one can go through your life, tell you what it is or how to be it, except you. Your mission will begin to take shape in you when you listen to your inner wisdom.

This book is all about conscious discovery of the reason for which you are living, to establish a most powerful connection between your mission and your inner voice, and thus between your mission and your soul.

We're talking about self-care here: releasing the need to please others so that you take care of yourself! Every one of you has an individual mission to fulfill. Each of you has and individual part to play in that process. There are no substitutes for you, no actors standing in the wings to play your role. And there is no need, or time, to meddle in each other's roles!

Your mission is the most important gift you will ever receive and give in your life. It has only one requirement: that you follow the inner voice of your soul. You have no excuses for missing the mark because it's YOUR mark.

The beauty of experiencing your Life Mission is that through it, you get in touch with that special spiritual assignment only you are qualified to fulfill.


Life Mission represents the very essence of who you are. It is your very deepest intention - the heartbeat, core, and overall theme that guides your life. It expresses what you are all about. Other words for mission include calling, quest, sending, destiny, or assignment. Mission is the specific path of your soul in this life.

Once you understand that you have a calling, you learn to connect who you are to what you are doing. Everything makes sense because you do it in the light of your mission. Every task takes on a special meaning, subsumed as it is under this highest heading of your life. A mission, then, provides the vehicle through which the purpose, shape, and direction of your soul's path is expressed.

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1999

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