I Am

A Credo for the Aquarian Age

Patricia Topp

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“We must all be Water Carriers, to shower aid and blessings on all that inhabit this World.”

During the last 2000 years, ever since the birth of Christ, our planet has been traveling through the astronomical sign of Pisces. This fish sign was the symbol for Jesus, who espoused a revolutionary new kind of justice based on ideas of love and acceptance versus “an eye for an eye.”

For the next 2000 years, Earth will travel through Aquarius, the sign of the Water Carrier. Aquarius ministers to all, and in this new age we must all be water carriers and assume the responsibility of caretakers.

Our values determine the sort of world we live in. The thousands of grass-root organizations—ongoing and recently formed to help protect minority rights, heal the sick in third-world countries, to care for the environment and like causes—show that many people are waking up to their responsibility to care for the earth and all its inhabitants. It is time to reassess our beliefs and actions, and be ready to change accordingly. What sort of world do we want to live in, and bring new beings into...?

This “Credo for the Aquarian Age” is the result of ninety-one years of seeking, researching, teaching, and living with a mind that constantly studies human history and human nature. Pat Topp provides a succinct introduction to some of the attitudes and beliefs that we will need to fully mature in this coming new age of Aquarius.

Table of Contents


I Am: A Credo for the Aquarian Age
I Am Me
I Am a Divine Creation
Inner Opposites
I Am Human
I Am a Vibrational Being
I Am Unique and Eternal
We Are One
Look at Me
Sea Change
I Am Happy/Peaceful/Healthy
I will open my hand and set all free
I Am Love
My world is crazy-quilted
I Am a Citizen of the World
I Am an Island
The Choice
I Am Brave and High-Hearted
I will no longer be a puppet
I Am Free
Labor Saving There
I Am Content
I Am Patient and Persistent
Generation Gap
I Am Tolerant
Growing Ethics
I Am Ethical
My self was lost
I Am a Savings Bank
Strange Talent
I Am Creative
I Am Respectful of Others
The Symbol
I Am My Thoughts
I Am Purposeful
I Am Balanced
I Am the Sum of My Remembering
The Ouija board cracked and split
I Am Adventurous
Cure for a Dilemma
I Am Living in Today
I slept and dreamed a fantasy
I Am Accepting of Reality
I Am Secure
Or Else Rebel
I Am My Own Barometer
I Am Flexible
Too Much
I Am Generous
You Can Count on Me
I Am Dependable
Call It Like It Is
I Am Articulate
An Organized Life
I Am Organized
I Am Ambitious
I Am Compassionate
I Am a Problem Solver
My Inner Voice
I Am Intuitive
I Am Concerned
It showed up one day about noon
I Am Curious
The Word-crafter
I Am Careful of My Words
A Gardener’s Dream
I Am Joyful
The aroma of just-baked bread
I Am Appreciative
I Am Wise
I Am Forgiving
The God Within
I Am a Believer



I Am Human

I will treat my body well, for it will be with me all my life.

I will realize that each day I attend “Earth School” learning the never-ending lessons of being human.

Sometimes I will pass, sometimes fail. Either outcome is okay. A failure merely means that I will learn from my experience and try anew. For if I fail to learn the lesson, it will come back again and again, perhaps in a more severe form. Success but leads to a further lesson.

My relationships are mirrors. Others only reflect to me the things which I like about myself, or those which I do not like to accept. I honor those others for playing those roles.

My life choices depend on me. If I am unhappy with any aspect of my life, and I want things to be different, I will change myself.

No one else is a specialist about my life. Only I have the answers for me. But though I am human, I dwell also in the angelic realm.

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 2014

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