If Heaven Is So Wonderful ... Why Come Here?

How to Discover Our "Whole Being"

John L. Brooker

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ISBN: 1-57733-143-5, 136 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $14.95

For over fifty years, the author has communicated with people from the next world. Guides and teachers from spirit have taught him what life is like in the spirit world, and through their teaching, he has gathered the knowledge contained in this book.

Some of the spiritual teachings he has received from many different teachers, from both earth and spirit, include the following:

This book is not only about the spirit world. From these teachings we can have a hopeful frame of reference to aid in this life by removing the fears of loneliness and death. We are never totally alone in the next world, and there is no death.

Table of Contents

How this book came into being through the use of direct spirit communication. Included is a list of spiritual truths to be explored.

1. Why We Come to Planet Earth
If heaven is so great, why come to the earth plane?

2. When Do I Become Me?
Discussion on the moment of entering this physical life.

3. The Whole Being
How the many levels of the self make the complete being.

4. The Birth Process
Preparation for incarnation to this world.

5. What Is Reality?
Who or what is the real source of creation?

6. The Near-Death Experience
Evidence of other levels of life without physical form.

7. Crossing Over to Spirit
What really happens when we die.

8. To Be a Person
The development of our personality.

9. Spiritual Awakening
Some of the optimal moments for spiritual awakening.

10. Life on the Earth Plane
Planning a life here on earth from spirit.

11. Time
Time as a measure of conscious experience.

12. Letting Go
Losing attachments, and the role of the spirit guide.

13. Reincarnation
Role of the astral and earth levels of consciousness.

14. Rescuing Lost Souls
Ways people are trapped on the astral level after death.

15. Overview from Spirit
Life on earth as seen from spirit.

16. Passage to the Next Level
Changing our perception of reality.

17. A Journey of Ascension
Stages of progression to find the whole Self.

18. Death, Where Is Thy Sting?
Overcoming fear of death.

19. Spiritual Truths
Some vital questions and answers.


There is considerable evidence that human life began on another plane of consciousness. Mankind is a recent arrival on the earth, but evidence of other life forms show that the earth was here and inhabited for millions of years before mankind arrived. There is also evidence that we live many lives on this planet, and we are seeking self-fulfillment each time we come here.

Some children are born with a strongly developed character, and many children are born with abilities that they could not possibly have learned in the time they have been here. Many people have had out-of-body experiences and report that there is a light that seems to have the power to create All That Is. People have found they could have life experiences in their dreams without a physical body, and they had faculties with greater flexibility than the ones they have on the earth plane.

We apparently have an existence in other levels of consciousness. The dream state and other out-of-body experiences, when the body is asleep, are examples of this.

Some mystics declare that we begin life as a spark of light which has a creative power and which can take on any form we wish. This energy creates the human body and it is used by the human spirit to experience life in this dimension. This physical form that we have on the earth plane is unique to this dimension.

When we come here to the earth plane, we have chosen to do so. When we return to the next plane of existence, we naturally bring memories of this physical body with us for the purpose of recognition. There we meet other people who have also been in physical form with us at one time or another. Therefore, it is easier for us to be recognized by this familiar human form. If we incarnate again, we do not take this form but assume the form appropriate to the culture and environmental conditions into which we are being born.

As we progress on different planes and go on other missions or incarnations, as we call them, we will learn that each life is part of our whole being. Our whole being includes all the knowledge gained from experiences we have had in all the earlier missions. However, each being that we have assumed in other incarnations still exists in the spirit world. When we return to the spirit world, we go through many levels of experience and eventually reach the level where we will be able to meet these other facets of our total being.

There are many different missions that we take, one of them being our life here upon this plane now. As we are a composite being at all times, the facet that is the person projected on to the earth plane at this time appears to be unique and individual.

As we come to this planet, we come as an energy form. We may have been here before, we may not have. That was our choice, and we may choose to return as many times as we wish.

We sometimes have a mission we wish to fulfill. Sometimes we come because we wish to learn things about this plane. Everything that we have chosen, both on this side and on that other side, and the way we live this life, is of our own choosing.

We chose our path in the spirit world, and then came here with a mission to fulfill. It is as if we are soldiers coming to serve here. It is not like a war upon the earth plane, but it is a struggle between right and wrong, waged within our own soul. The winner of this struggle is always our inner self.

No matter what we choose upon this earth, it is always the right choice, because it is the right one for us. We have made that choice for a reason. We know the situation that we are born into beforehand. However, once we reach the earth plane, we are free to change, and we can make decisions here, even changes in the original plan or mission.

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