Kindness and Wisdom Practice

A Quick Guide to Mettā-Paññā Meditation

Doug Kraft

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ISBN: 978-1-57733-296-1, 30 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, paperback, $6.00

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Mettā-paññā literally means kindness and wisdom. Without kindness there is no wisdom. Without wisdom there is no kindness. They are deeply integrated qualities.

Mettā-paññā also points to two interdependent and highly effective meditation practices which the Buddha taught according to the earliest texts.

This small book gives an overview of mettā-paññā meditation and introduces each jhāna. As one’s practice unfolds, the Buddha’s instructions shift to take advantage of deepening equanimity and clarity.

Table of Contents

What’s in a Name?
What’s in a Jhāna?
What’s in This Booklet?

Spiritual Friend
Mettā Phrases
Six Rs

First Jhāna—Joy
Second Jhāna—Confidence
Third Jhāna—Peace
Fourth Jhāna—Fading of the Body
Removing the Barriers
Indiscriminate Mettā
Fifth Jhāna—Spaciousness
Sixth Jhāna—Gaps
Seventh Jhāna—No Things
Eighth Jhāna—Loss of Ordinary Perception
Beyond the Jhānas

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