Peggy Kirk, PTh.D.

Author of 
You Aren't Alone: The Voices of Abortion
You Aren't Alone: The Voices of Addiction
You Aren't Alone: The Voices of Homosexuality

Peggy Kirk, a northwest marriage and family counselor, musician, award-winning artist and writer, has earned a B.A. in Counseling, a Masters Degree in Biblical Literature, and a Doctor of Practical Theology Biblical Counseling from Master's Graduate School of Divinity. Currently teaching for Grays Harbor College and Adult Education at Faith Community, she also accepts clients for Marriage and Family Counseling. Her weekly Counseling Column is published in the Ocean Shores Journal. She sits on several boards including the State Board for the Christian Coalition in the State of Washington. She is "on-call" as a counselor for Heart and Hands Pregnancy Center and serves on the Professional Resources Council of Celebrate Life Inc.

Ms. Kirk is winner of the 1990 King County Written Arts Award, the Golden Poet Award in 1989, and the Medford Mail Tribune Poet Award. She has written columns for the Church Musician, "The Pitching Corner," and for the Church Journal, "What Is the Question?" and has published articles in several magazines.

Mrs. Kirk has won many prestigious art awards. She has illustrated magazine covers and booklets, and has paintings hanging in the Galleria d'Arce, Venice, Italy, Waterloobay, Bredon Teewkesbury Glos., England. A watercolor painting was chosen by the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce to be presented to His Excellency, Gustav Petriccioli, Ambassador of Mexico in 1991.

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