The Lake Geneva Chronicles

A Tribute to the American Spirit

Beverly Horvath DiMare

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Paperback - ISBN: 978-1-57733-236-7, 588 pp., 6 x 9, $24.95

Hardcover - ISBN: 978-1-57733-120-9, 588 pp., 6 x 9, $34.95

Bela Kornitzer, the renowned Hungarian-American journalist and historian, once very perceptively wrote that: "the essence of democracy is reflected in the tolerant democratic attitude that prevails in the typical American family, and in the moral strength handed down by their forebears." These wholesome words helped inspire the essential hypothesis attendant throughout The Lake Geneva Chronicles.

Although the story is a work of fiction, the basic story line is based very much on the history of the author's paternal grandparents who immigrated to America during the early part of the 20th century from central Europe, and in time settled within a lovely community in Wisconsin.

Attempting to persuasively illustrate the philosophy which generally promotes a fuller and more meaningful life -and which, incidentally, has been wholeheartedly embraced by five generations of Mrs. DiMare's family - The Lake Geneva Chronicles is a loving tribute to the sacredness of family, the rare beauty of genuine friendship, the love of God and country, the utter baseness of child abuse in any form, and the profound importance that Freedom and Democracy continue to play in our greatly troubled world. No less relevant is the honor justly paid to the sublime gifts of Music, Art, and Literature, since it is these nurturing entities that perennially spring forth from the creative artistic spirit to enrich the spirits of others.

For far too many years now this country's statisticians, poll-takers, and political pundits have been assuring us that the "traditional family" is becoming extinct. Although there is significant factual evidence to support this foreboding statement, the author's own optimistic nature believes that the pendulum of positive change is about to swing the other way.

Though this story frequently touches upon such controversial issues as religion, politics, and human sexuality, from its genesis it has striven to reach a more rarified frontier of thinking that is basically spiritual in nature, where one is gently reminded of what it means to be thoroughly human.

The Lake Geneva Chronicles stands as an exuberant celebration of the infinite intricacies involved within the age-old art of living and loving.... It remains, quite simply, a humble gift for whomever may choose to partake.


“Entertaining, deftly written, and highly recommended reading, The Lake Geneva Chronicles wonderfully illustrates the creative power and enduring influence of simple kindness to make the world we live in a better place--generation by generation.” Midwest Book Review


"You see, Adam, quite simply it remains our daily acts of kindness - be they grand in size or minuscule, that are destined to live on in a keen sense of immortality. After all, one arrives in this world a mere traveler of sorts - a visitor, in effect, who by virtue of the gift of life is obliged to live that life in order to make a positive difference in the world. This represents the ideal, of course. For to live only to take is a great sin! To live without returning something noble in the process is really the most selfish quality of all. The emptiest sort of existence....

"Our kindness to others is very much like those smooth, flat stones. We toss them out into the world, quite often with abandon, and usually without expecting anything in return, really.... It all boils down to the relatively simple matter of kindness for kindness sake! Kindness that is based upon nothing less than one's deeply-rooted spiritual integrity. That simple action, then, commonly sets the ripple effect into motion, the very same way that goodness generally begets goodness, with one kind deed playing upon the next, until positive things begin to happen in the world."

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 2006

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