Letting Go

A Self-Help Manual for Emotional Well-Being

Glenn B. Soberman, Ph.D.

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ISBN: 1-57733-139-7, 188 pp., 12 illus., 6x9, paper, $15.95

Letting Go is about the wisdom of your body and the power of your heart center. This power and truth were well known by our ancestors before the frenzy of modern times took us away from our sense of Self, purpose, inner knowing, and calm. In order to reconnect to your Source of wisdom and peace you will learn some very simple techniques, which will help you to let go of all the unneeded stress that you experience in your life. You will also find some simple ways to make decisions easier and to maintain a daily level of stress-free and hassle-free living. Having achieved this state, you can set yourself clearly on the path towards experiencing unlimited joy, love, and serenity in your life.


"This book is a must read for those of you who are on the path of forgiveness and who desire peace of mind in your lives." Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D., author of Love Is Letting Go of Fear

"Warm, wise, and concise, Letting Go equips the reader with energy self-help tools to quickly release negative emotions, opening up one's heart to the flow of love, peace, and joy. Reading this book will change your life!" Barbara Stone, Ph.D., author of Cancer As Initiation: Surviving the Fire

"The movement toward self-care continues to grow. People assuming responsibility for their own health is important. BSFF is an effective technique for self-care and Glenn Soberman's book helps to make this technique even more user friendly." Cary Birch, Ph.D., Stress Management Institute for Living Empowered

"Dr. Glenn Soberman has written a wonderful book on how to be set free fast of emotional problems through the application of Energy Psychology. I highly recommend it!" Dr. Fred P. Gallo, author of Energy Psychology and Energy Tapping

"Letting Go is a well-written exploration and thorough step-by-step application of Dr. Larry Nims' simple, yet powerful energy psychology model, Be Set Free Fast. Dr. Soberman's added psycho-spiritual framework enables the reader to (quite often) quickly conquer the root causes of pain and suffering and enjoy life more fully. I hope you make use of this wise book daily." Walter Chrisman, Family Counselor Supervisor

"This invaluable book describes an ingenious way to break through distressing impasses and move on. Bravo!" Kathleen Christoff, Ph.D., psychotherapist, Newport Beach, CA

"Dr. Glenn Soberman believes that emotional healing is a spiritual process that will, as individuals are transformed, transform the world. And he believes that this process can be available to all of us. In this very readable book he has integrated A Course in Miracles with the work of Dr. Larry Nims, Dr. David R. Hawkins, Dr. John Diamond as well as the 12-Step movement to present a cohesive plan for self-healing. His specific exercises and clear directions and examples for each phase of healing help the reader implement the plan. He includes resources for those who find that they need more than self help. Because I have used these techniques to help others and myself, I know that this book will be the guide many are seeking to move beyond their current emotional circumstances." Susan S. Hykes, Psychotherapist, Colorado Springs, CO

"Letting Go is an inspiring book which should be on everyone's shelf to redirect their lives in a more positive direction. Letting Go will help readers resolve their daily stressors and lead them to a more peaceful and loving existence. I recommend Letting Go for everyone who wants to find more joy, love and serenity in their lives." Rev. Linda Geronilla, Ph.D., Psychologist, Interfaith Minister and Wholistic Life Coach

"Don't you wish there were a technique you could use when you really needed it: during tests or interviews ... while asking for a raise or a date ... while speaking in public ... when you have unwanted cravings? Now there is such a technique: BSFF® is a proven hypno-energy protocol that offers instant, on the spot results in the middle of a crisis! As a therapist, I find that BSFF® allows my clients to clear many of their own issues between sessions, and it allows me to take them deeper, faster during sessions. What a blessing!" Joan Hitlin, MFA, CCHT, Emeryville, California

"In this book, Dr. Soberman provides an easy-to-follow recipe for the use of BSFF for both professionals and laypeople. BSFF has become a cornerstone in my practice, and I highly recommend this wonderful book!!!" Christopher DeCanio, Ph.D.

"There are many tools designed to help us on a path of psychological development and spiritual growth. Most of us have learned at least one technique that promises to help us let go and move on. Larry Nims' Be Set Free Fast is one of my favorite such tools, both for its simplicity and its profound impact. But like all tools, having them in a tool box and using them regularly to experience more truth, freedom and joy are two different things. In Letting Go, Glenn Soberman, Ph.D., guides us, making this powerful tool highly accessible by presenting the reader with comprehensive applications. Once familiar with the tool and its use, one need only peruse the table of contents to be reminded that there are far more instances in a day when one can set oneself free." Judith Poole, author of The Little Grounding Book and More Than Meets the Eye: Energy

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Foreword by Larry P. Nims, Ph.D.

1: Letting go of stress
2: The journey begins (learning how to muscle test)
3: Learning how to let go (learning technique of BSFF)
4: Letting go of negative beliefs about ourselves
5: Letting go of anger
6: Letting go of shame and blame or forgiving
7: Letting go of guilt
8: Letting go of fear and anxiety
9: Letting go of grief and/or depression
10: Letting go of trauma
11: Letting go of addiction
12: Letting go of pain and conflict in relationships
13: Daily maintenance
14: Letting go of ego-based decision making and opening up to your intuition/higher power
15: Discovering your life's purpose
16: Letting go and going with the flow
17: Beyond stress: Love, peace and joy

Appendix A: Different ways to muscle test
Muscle testing on your own
Other methods to muscle test with a partner
Surrogate muscle testing

Appendix B: What to do when your muscle only tests weak, only strong or you get unclear/inconsistent responses

Appendix C: Resource list of healers' and therapists' websites



The first thing we are going to learn about or discover is that the body never lies. When something is life-affirming, the body, mind and soul are strengthened, and when something is not life-affirming, the body, mind and soul are weakened. What you will now find amazing to hear is that we can actually utilize the body to test out this hypothesis. In other words we can get direct information from the body as to whether something is good for us or not.

We are going to begin to learn how the body can give us this information by doing an exercise which will teach us how to muscle test. Muscle testing or the science/art of applied kinesiology was first developed by a chiropractor named Goodheart (1976),who used muscle testing as a diagnostic tool to help people with their physical health issues. Diamond (1979), a psychiatrist, refined it and applied muscle testing to emotional issues. Hawkins (1995), a medical doctor and a psychologist, has also extensively researched muscle testing and has extended its application to the world of business, politics, sports, and creativity, as well as to mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Hawkins explains that the human body is actually a super-computer system with a binary operating system as expressed through muscle testing. Any statement that can be expressed in a yes/no form can be muscle tested with the human body to determine its truth or falsehood. Before answering your question as to how the human body can do this, let us ground that question with a demonstration of how muscle testing actually works.

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