Light from Heaven

God and his Angels are coming to talk to us once more. Are we ready to hear?

Andreas Phidia and Andriana Nicola

Translated from the Greek by Rhea Frangofinou

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ISBN: 1-57733-114-1, 344 pp., 6x9, paperback, $16.95

Light from Heaven is not like other books. It is not the product of its authors' inspiration. It is quite literally the product of collaboration between heaven and earth. All of it is true. Even if you are unable to ascertain this today, you will certainly change your mind tomorrow, even if "tomorrow" comes centuries from now.

Andreas related what was being conveyed to him through thought, and Adriana recorded it on a tape recorder and then typed it into the computer. Dictations for this book went on for about nine months.

The book is written like a sermon and divided into chapters based on who is speaking or who began the message. There are messages from God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Apostles and others. God, indeed, still speaks to us. Now, if we have stopped listening, that is quite another matter.

Table of Contents


Chapter One: From Jesus Christ
Message 1. Search within yourselves and there will you find Me (Christ)
Message 2. I say again unto you: You are an eternal being (Christ)
Message 3. I watch you from afar. I will not disturb you. (God)
Message 4. True change is in the mind (Christ)
Message 5. Resurrect Me within you and you will be resurrected (Christ)
Message 6. Express Me that you may see Me. I will await you. (Christ)

Chapter Two: From God's Ministers
Message 7. The hour is approaching when all things will find their place (Christ)
Message 8. We are not here to bring fear to anyone (Great Teachers)
Message 9. God will inspect mankind through this book (Great Teachers)
Message 10. All can be achieved by good will (Great Teachers)
Message 11. Love animals. They are here for a purpose. (Great Teachers)
Message 12. God will never destroy this planet (Great Teachers)
Message 13. I have you all in My house like photographs hanging on the wall (God)
Message 14. You cannot imagine how sacred is your earth (God)
Message 15. There are beings that are brighter and more spiritual than ourselves (Great Teachers)
Message 16. Ants serve the earth ceaselessly (Great Teachers)

Chapter Three: From the Holy Virgin
Message 17. I do not work only with the female element (Holy Virgin)
Message 18. Together with good, evil was also born (Great Teachers)

Chapter Four: From Abraham - the Prophet Elijah
Message 19. God lives in all that you see (Archangels)
Message 20. My name is the Prophet Elijah and I say unto you that a throne awaits you (Elijah)

Chapter Five: From the Apostles and the Saints
Message 21. I am John the Evangelist. I have Christ behind me and I have God before me. (John the Evangelist)
Message 22. I am Simon Peter and I speak to you from a great distance (Simon Peter)
Message 23. I am one of the twelve disciples and my name is Philip (Philip)
Message 24. My name is Chrysostom. Once you named me Saint Chrysostom. (St. Chrysostom)
Message 25. You think that God made strict rules, but it was you who made these rules (Disciples of Christ)

Chapter Six: From the Archangels
Message 26. We, the Archangelic Orders, will approach your earth in order to teach you (Archangels)
Message 27. From now on God will speak continually (Archangels)
Message 28. We were not created - we are (Archangels)
Message 29. Calm your thoughts in order to perceive us (Angels of higher dimensions)
Message 30. We are Raphael. There is more than is written in your Gospels. (Raphael)
Message 31. I am not a warmonger as men may imagine (Archangel Michael)
Message 32. I am he who watches over all the churches on the earth (Archangel Michael)
Message 33. Gabriel, Lord of the waters (Gabriel)

Chapter Seven: From the Holy Spirit
Message 34. There exist suns in various colors (Holy Spirit)
Message 35. You do not need to reach God; He is already within you (Holy Spirit)
Message 36. These messages will travel throughout the heavens (Holy Spirit)

Chapter Eight: From God
Message 37. I am the respite that you seek (God)
Message 38. I have many plans for you (God)
Message 39. I am within you and I breathe (God)
Message 40. Have I not felt the pain of My Beloved Son? (God)
Message 41. There are beings in the interior of your planet (God)
Message 42. The final battle will take place between good and evil (God)
Message 43. Do not bestow honors and offices unto me. I desire only your love. (God)
Message 44. You are more pleasing to Me than in the past (God)
Message 45. You distress My saints with the barbarity of your thoughts (God)
Message 46. Do you know that I have suffered for you, My children? (God)



Search within yourselves and there will you find Me (Christ)

I am the Mind of all the suns. Just as each of My suns has a mind, so you too have a mind. But your minds are quite different from the mind of each planet. There are planets visible to you, and there are also invisible planets. These invisible planets escape your own perception. You will encounter such planets as time progresses and you will perceive many things about them.

The exploration of these planets is not so important. What is important is the fact that there is much life which exists in invisible form. If, through wisdom, you succeed in opening your eyes a little, then you will perceive these invisible worlds. There are beings on some of these planets that were buried following great disasters. You will succeed in finding remains from such beings. Once again the importance of the exploration is naught.

All these planets were created for a great purpose. They were created so that you may pass from one school to the next. They are classrooms. These planets are learning classrooms. You have been put on this earth as learners. Very great teachers of the past, who had no need to be learners, have come in order to teach. They were not taught by others since they were already teachers. And they who were taught, then taught others, and the others taught others. Your life is an endless school. And I came to your world as a great, universal, beloved Teacher, and have remained a Teacher. When you seek to learn something, I put in your mouths that which you wish and long to learn. There is no greater nourishment than the spiritual nourishment of ambrosia from heaven and manna from heaven.

What do you seek to find? God in other worlds, in other creatures from other planets? God exists in these, even though they may be inanimate. God has the dynamic power to help you find your heart's desire, springing from the curiosity you have from time to time to explore and find information about God. But one can also search and find out about God through love.

Blue Dolphin, 2002

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