Making Love with God

The Art of Mental Connection

Audrey Craft Davis

ISBN: 978-1-57733-191-9, 132 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, paperback, $14.95

When I met Lou, his doctors had informed him that he had three months to live. We stretched that three months to twenty-three years of sheer joy and happiness. We traveled all over the world and had seventy-nine wonderful eventful cruises together.

This book is about, as the title expresses, literally bringing God into your love life. God gave me this idea because I was concerned about my husband's heart every time we made love. This book is for all couples, and even for those who are seeking companionship. Begin this wonderful experience with God at the helm and your relationship will blossom.

As you get deeper into the book, you will read about some of our miraculous adventures. I told Lou that a man doesn't die when he is happy. We got married to have fun and that is exactly what we did.

The book begins with our actual experience of making love with God. I still wonder why, after our five-hour trip into Heaven, I was healed and he wasn't. More about this in the book.

I will hold in my heart forever his last words to me. This was after I had given him a thorough massage. "Honey, I never thought I would ever know a great love like you."

I said, "You don't have a doubt, do you?"

His very last words to me were, "Not one!" He looked so happy as he dosed off to sleep! At 4 AM he was gone!

For those who have lost their husband as I have, after the grieving process has run its course, this book will help you know that there is hope at the end of the tunnel. This book is also for you who still have mates - so that you can find a satisfying experience and you can take God into this most intimate part of your relationship. And ladies, keep in mind, when you make love with God, there is absolutely no strain on his heart!


"Dr. Audrey Craft Davis endeavors to speak out on the larger meaning she sees in the findings of spirituality and of life itself. Armed thus with courage in one hand and caution in the other, this teacher-author-thinker has written a book that should be kept in good step with the continuing advancement of the spiritual sciences and the meaning of love; love of God and humanity." Rev. Dr. Paul F. Daniele, Ph.D., Th.D., D.D., P.C., President Emeritus, The College of Metaphysical Studies

Table of Contents


1. Making Love with God
2. Sex in Absentia
3. The Art of Mental Connection
4. Angels Appear as Human
5. Miracle Vase
6. Do Animals Go to Heaven?
7. My Ghost Dog
8. Gene and Bubba
9. Advice to the Grieving
10. Premonitions of Lou’s Death
11. The Hologram Miracle
12. Ashtar and the Ball of Fire
13. Why So Many Are Leaving Earth
14. Death Is Like Astral Projection
15. Mine and Lou’s Ascension into Heaven
16. I Was Doomed and Then Healed
17. Lou Gave His Life So My Daughter Could Live
18. Our Last Cruise Together
19. Other Miracles
20. Vibrations and Telepathy
21. Flirting with Death
22. Before He Died, We Cleared up the Bay
23. Mine and Gene’s Miracle
24. The Angel Room
25. Get Ready for Ascension


We were caressing each other, which we often do as we snuggled into bed, when I made a rather startling suggestion to Lou, "Honey, God just gave me a different and wonderful idea. Want to hear it?"

"You bet I do," Lou answered, but he was a little shocked as I began, "We are going to invite God to make love with us!"

"What? Do you mean what I think you mean?" he asked quizzically.

"Yes, I do mean just that," I answered.

"Honey, are you saying we are going to invite God into our sexual encounters?"

"Yes, sweetheart, that is exactly what I am saying."

"But won't that mean there will be three of us making love?"

"Well, since you and I are one since we got married and we have always been one with God, you could say the three of us are one."

"I thought that was what you were getting at. I am afraid you will have to take the initiative as I would not have the audacity or the knowledge of how to begin."

"The next time you get sexy, I'll take the lead. Okay?"

So, at the next crucial moment, I said to Lou. "Take my hand. We are going to pray."

"Sweetheart, are you sure God will be pleased with us praying in the midst of our sexual encounter? "

Disregarding his insinuation, I said, "Repeat after me. 'Dear Father-Mother God, since you know we do not want anything in our lives unless you can be part of it, we are inviting you to come and be a partner with us in our love experience. Thanks for understanding and becoming one with us at this most crucial moment. Amen."

Lou asks, "Now, what do we do?"

"We make love as we always have done."

Afterward, Lou was so exhilarated he couldn't believe what had just happened. "Look at me. I am not even winded, yet that is the most wonderful, exhilarating experience I have ever had! Our love life has been so terrific, I would never have thought of trying to improve it. But, as for this, all I can say is, 'Wow, now that is the way to make Love!'"

So we continued for as long as Lou lived on this earth. Once you learn to invite God into every area of your life, and especially that very special place, you will never ever even think of going back to the way you originally made love.

Copyright 2006

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