The Making of a Mystic in the Twenty-First Century

Carol E. Parrish-Harra

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ISBN: 978-1-57733-284-8, 320 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, paperback, $24.00

There are three major ways to follow the spiritual path: slow, fast, and the "Bardo." Most people are familiar with gradual awakening by using discipline and purification practices to cleanse one's self of emotional and behavioral conditioning. Then there are others who awaken suddenly, perhaps through a near-death or out-of-body experience, and they find themselves seeing and feeling in new ways about everything, including their own subconscious (the Bardo realm). To become a mystic, however, is a step further, as it involves both an inner commitment to spiritual growth in one's daily life as well as a deeper initiation into the mysteries of one's mind.

The author, Carol Parrish-Harra, is a trusted master in helping train and guide those individuals who seek to grow in their inner life--in both the pain and the ecstasy. In The Making of a Mystic in the Twenty-First Century, she shares age-old wisdom gleaned from previous generations, and adds a wealth of personal experience gained from living a mystical life in our modern world.


"The Making of a Mystic in the Twenty-first Century by Carol E. Parrish-Harra offers an excellent introduction to the path of mysticism by someone who has not only studied deeply but has had deep mystical experiences herself. As she writes: 'Our real heartfelt desire is to be in the Presence.' This book describes her quest to bring this heartfelt desire to realization. It is an inspiring work for travelers on the path." Robert Powell, PhD, co-founder of the Sophia Foundation and author of The Sophia Teachings, The Most Holy Trinosophia, The Mystery, Destiny, and Biography of Mary Magdalene, and other works.

"Carol Parrish-Harra is a dynamic, spiritual trailblazer and a real visionary. Her spiritual path is a living synthesis of multiple strands of living wisdom and her story is a document of great importance. As a modern Mystic she is a source of evolutionary inspiration and spiritual renewal, and I warmly recommend the book!" Søren Hauge, spiritual teacher, counsellor and author,

"The Making of a Mystic in the Twenty-First Century is what I would like all newcomers to the field of spiritual Esoterics and Mysticism to read. Carol Parrish-Harra gives easy-to-read descriptions of some essential Do's and Don'ts from her personal experience, and warns of several traps that can befall the advanced student. A gentle, but firm entry into this vast subject." Archbishop Frank Bugge, Australian Church of Antioch-Malabar Rite, author, Numerology Reveals Your All

"Do you consider yourself a Christian, but feel like something is missing? Are you one of the growing numbers of 'Nones,' but are seeking the spiritual? Are you looking for something to 'pull your life together' so you can feel whole and complete?

"The answer to these questions many people will give you is to pray to God. However, the God found in churches doesn’t work for you.

"In many cases, the reason the God found in churches doesn’t work for you is that God is the exoteric God, the God of the Book, God defined and practiced according to denominational dogma and doctrine. It is the 'Faith of our Fathers' but that faith just doesn’t resonate with you.

"Carol Parish-Harra’s latest book, The Making of a Mystic, speaks to the emptiness many people find in exoteric, denominational Christianity. In doing so, she introduces the reader to the essence of the mystical and mysticism which by their nature are of the esoteric. Esotericism is the term used to describe spiritual truths that are hidden, but can be illuminated by following the mystical path leading to higher and higher degrees of spiritual awareness; that is, becoming closer and closer to the Divine One.

"The obvious question is, 'How does a person become a mystic?' The answer is, 'To be taught by enlightened mystic.'

"Carol Parish-Herra is a well-known, enlightened mystic and she wrote, The Making of a Mystic to create a pathway so you can find and follow your own mystical pathway. Chapter one is titled, 'Off on a New Adventure We Go,' and I cannot think of a more exciting adventure than how this book presents becoming a mystic as each step of the way is revealed, revealing deeper and deeper depths of the mystical and mysticism much like the peeling of an onion.

"If you feel an unfulfilled spiritual hunger, or simply want to know more about the mystical and mysticism, you will gain much information and insight into both because every page of The Making of A Mystic in the Twenty-First Century illuminates a hidden mystical and esoteric truth." Monsignor John W. Sweeley, Th.D., author of Reincarnation for Christians

“Over thirty years ago it was with some trepidation I attended my first intensive training with the Rev. Carol Parrish-Harra. I had come steeped in the traditional theological training of the twentieth-century churchman. I had pastored fundamentalist churches, taught in fundamentalist seminaries, and been an evangelical missionary in Africa. I had suffered burnout and a degree of dissatisfaction about the way Christians tended to treat both the people of the world, and each other. I thirsted for a deeper expression for my path of Spirit. I longed for inner activity, growth and mystical joy. There just had to be more to the life of Spirit than I had as yet experienced. For over twenty years I studied with and worked with now ‘Bishop’ Parrish. The experience renewed my love for God and for the master Jesus. I am so glad that now in the golden years of Dr. Carol’s ministry, she has decided to publish the inner essence of what we experienced together—that is, myself and her many other students scattered all around the world. Read this book and you can share in the same experience. Many of the rather short and pithy observations she offers from page to page have hidden within them the esoteric experiences her mystery school stimulated, and also in an exoteric way. She is a true manager of learning for the spiritual seeker.” Bishop Bernie O. Finch, DC, DD, Ascension Alliance

“I honor Carol Parrish-Harra’s profound work, her deep knowledge of esotericism and her unrelenting service to the Hierarchy and Humanity. She is one of the finest representatives of the Great White Brotherhood and has delivered mightily on Their behalf through a long life dedicated to the dissemination of the highest spiritual values. The world esoteric community is greatly enriched by all she has done.” Michael D. Robbins, Ph.D., President, Seven Ray Institute and University of the Seven Rays

"The Making of a Mystic in the Twenty-First Century is the culmination of forty years’ searching, finding and sharing insights into higher reality. Carol Parrish-Harra has inspired generations of students, and her new book—written in the straightforward, compelling style that is her hallmark—is a 'must-read' for all on the Path." John F. Nash, PhD, author of The Soul and Its Destiny and The Sacramental Church

"The Making of a Mystic in the Twenty-First Century takes us to the very heart of experiencing Creator God. There is simplicity and fluidity in Carol E. Parrish's writing that encourages one to go further down the path of spiritual investigation. This 'how to' book is for the novice as well as the scholar. It paves the way for one to reach toward enlightenment. Carol E. Parrish explains the unexplainable as only a true mystic can." Most Rev. Patsy Grubbs. D.D., Presiding Bishop, Ascension Alliance Independent Catholic Church

"About the time that I had a mystic experience that revealed my life purpose as aiding the manifestation of the New Schools of Occult Meditation, I also heard the story of Carol Parrish and Sancta Sophia Seminary. I began to think of her as walking along side of me as I brought Christ College of Trans-Himalayan Wisdom into manifestation. I share her vision of a new world religion that is both mystical and occult. This book is a joy to read because it is her personal journey and so much my/our journey." Lawson Bracewell

“Carol Parrish-Harra offers a precise, practical wisdom contextualizing the emerging and evolving present with the past, while visioning our future destiny. This can change your life! In your heart is a Mystic seeking to reveal itself.” Daniel Dangaran D. Min., Bishop & Pastor of the Church of Antioch at Santa Fe

"Carol’s spiritual journey is one that encompasses and envelopes many different perspectives from many different sources. She is insightful, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and she invites her readers to go with her to new places in the heart and mind." Most Rev. Michael Adams, Bishop, Community of Ascensionists

Table of Contents

Foreword by Leroy Lemke

1. Off on a New Adventure We Go
Seeking Transformation / Philosophy versus Mysticism / Important Thoughts to Ponder / Sages, Wise Ones, and Saints

2. Building a New Awareness
Progression of Consciousness / Mysteries Are Hidden in Public / The Process at Work

3. Overcoming Fear of the Unknown
The Value of Suffering / Become the Real Self / Expansion of Consciousness

4. What is Truth?
Modern Understanding of the Gifts of the Spirit / Becoming a Conscious Soul / Direct Knowing Is the Goal

5. Consequences of New Vibrations
The Era Ahead / Holy Consciousness Changes Us

6. Exploring the Shadow
Spiritual Emergencies / Perfected … Not Perfect

7. Restraint Versus Gratification
Blessed by Grace / Living in the Here and Now: Agni Yoga / The Silversmith / Racism, Materialism, and Militarism

8. Bridegroom Meets Bride
The Role of the Sacral Center / Meditation: Bring Soul and Matter Together: Embracing Oneness

9. Awareness of Consciousness
The Field of Consciousness / A Healthy Self Is Our Gift to God / No Experience Is Ever Lost / The Dark Night of the Soul

10. Initiation … Beginning Again and Again
Love Is the Evolutionary Force / Importance of Spiritual Food / Introducing Initiations / After Human Initiations Come the Solar and Cosmic / Affirmations / Thoughts to Ponder / See Where Your Thoughts Lead / A Closing Salutation

11. New … Not Just Different
Flashes of Fire and Light / Kundalini / Grace and Grace-Filled / Results of the Quest

About the Author


Mysticism resides in the world of the muse … in a land of make-believe, magic and other-world realities waiting to be explored by those who seek them. The greatest work of the mystic is to be a living light. I hope there is a glimpse of that reality in this writing and you gain the fragrance of this joyful place. A wonderful phrase from ancient wisdom, “You can enter into the Light, but you can never touch the flame,” reminds us that to enter the Light and to carry the Light is the real “Work” in this world of confusing, false values.

Mysticism is the name given for the treasure hidden within each of us. To satisfy this longing for something that seems just out of reach, one must find a way to bring to fruition the divine seed that exists within. The longing begins without conscious understanding, but through this inner spark, we come to know our Oneness with the Creator and the Creation. The goal of human evolution is to become increasingly aware of and responsive to the calling that satisfies the empty space within each of us, the space that desires union with Creator and all others.

To find this Oneness, to live in the higher reality, we must work, worm, or fight through the mass of thought-forms that constantly invade and surround each of us. Our own mental activity creates thought-forms, while being bombarded by all the cultural thought-forms that surround us: media, advertising, patriots and fanatics—all vying for influence and harking their message, all charged with emotionalism, manipulation, and power.

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