On the Tip Edge of a Miracle

Dreams, Visions and Prophecies for the Future

Dennison & Teddi Tsosie

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ISBN: 978-1-57733-277-0, 304 pp., 6 x 9, paperback, $22.00


Dennison Tsosie, a traditional Navajo silversmith and artist, began receiving spontaneous dreams and visions in 1986. It all began when Dennison’s wife, Teddi, placed a special crystal under their pillow. Quite dramatically, Dennison was guided into a visionary world of prophetic teachings which shed light on missing pieces of history—from a multitude of past cultures—and on our potential future.

An unsophisticated man who wasn’t interested in world events, Dennison was mystified over messages warning of earth changes, political upheavals and possibilities of war, alien abductions, and secret government cover-ups. In this second volume of visions from 1996 to 2012, Dennison was shown, ahead of time, the New York twin towers tragedy, hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, the shock and awe of Baghdad, the wars in the Middle East, the terrifying tsunami in Malaysia, the scandals in the Roman Catholic Church, the economic crises throughout the world, the Fukushima nuclear meltdown, and numerous other events.

“They kept showing me the date 2020 and they said it’s a date when the earth is natural again. It is when mankind will be living in harmony with the earth.... ‘The year 2020 is when the whole process will be complete. Then will come the Golden Age when man will live in harmony with Nature. The world you now know will be gone.’”

The message is one of hope, despite all the scenarios of economic collapse, disasters and war. Mankind collectively is on the threshold of a miracle! The opportunity comes but once every few thousand years, and it’s here again. Perhaps this time it will happen! We are told we need to be prepared on a spiritual level because the more spiritual we are, the easier the transformation will be.

We are all connected to each other and to everything else in the cosmos on an energetic level. Our collective thoughts and actions affect our reality. Change our collective consciousness and we change. Together we can open our hearts to universal love and create peace on earth.

Table of Contents

Foreword: A Tribute to Teddi Tsosie

~ 1996 ~
Blue Star
An Invitation
Future Possibilities
A 25-Year Course
Another School Dream
Shake Up in the White House?
Dolphins Again
Snippets of Future Possibilities
Cylinders in a Tomb
Liberty Bell
The White house Again
A Depression

~ 1997 ~
Sword in a Stone
The Watchers
Our Distant Past?
A Strange Dream
Disregard for the Earth
Four High Priests
More Snippets
A Time for Spirituality
Seven Doors
Gathering of Elders
Teaching in an Egg Shell
Bird in a Nest

~ 1998 ~

~ 1999 ~
The Chain of Life
The Year Two Thousand
Alien Dream
A New Home

~ 2000 ~
The New Millennium
Cross of Lorraine
Downward Spiral

~ 2001 ~
Rumor of War
Twins Have Been Born
Tattered Flag
A Coming War?
A Crystal Dream
Things to Come
Trouble in the Church
A Dream About Elves
The Middle East
Serpents Fighting
An Explosion in New York
Something Happening in the Church
Cobra Dream
Arafat and Israel
Global Warming
More Future Predictions
A Fast Trip to Japan
The Day After
More on 9/11
The Terrorists
What’s in Colorado?
More Fearful Scenarios
The Number 26
Screaming Eagle
What It Means
Hard Times Ahead
Year’s End

~ 2002 ~
War on the Horizon?
A Game of Horseshoes
Liberty Bell
Red Star
A Game of Chess
Going to War
Liberty Will Ring
The Stock Market Will Fall
Another War Is Coming
Knights Clash Again
Fighting Dragons
Year’s End

~ 2003 ~
Black and White
A Warning
Scenes From a Distant Land
Do Not Fear
North Korea
Future Possibilities
Bird in a Cage
The War Begins
Diamond Dream
ID Cards
Stockpiling Oil
Diamonds Again
Troubling Dreams
Oil Shortage
Black Dragon
The Earth’s Grid
Coliseum Collapse
More Scenarios

~ 2004 ~
A Series of Scenes
What Was That?
Bill of Rights
More Visions
The Buzzard and the Eagle
More Dreams
North Korea Again
Crop Circle Dream
Black Limo Explosion
More Visions of Future Events
More Images
Importance of Nutrition
Blue Star and Flooding
Hopi and UFOs
End of the Year Reflections

~ 2005 ~
We Are All Connected
Vibrations and Energy
Solar Flares?
The Blue Pearl
Stop Worrying
We Are Being Pushed
More Information
Blue Star Again
Fear Blocks Energy
Emotional Times
Portent of a Disaster
A Teaching About Fear
We Are Like Flowers
A Dream of the Grandfathers
An Unbelievable Invitation
You’re Going Where?

~ 2006 ~
Shifting Gears

~ 2007 ~
Teaching and Selling

~ 2008 ~
Dark Days
Strange Dreams
Another Strange Dream
Year-End Meditation

~ 2009 ~
Dream of Martin Luther King
New Beginnings

~ 2010 ~
A New Home
Mayan Connection
Hidden Knowledge
Out of Balance
Another Crop Circle
Repeated Images
Three Catastrophes
The Economy
Shortages and High Prices
The Pressure Increases
A Spiritual Awakening Is Coming
Let Go of Fear
God’s Light
Solar Flare?
The End of a Cycle
A Miracle Is About to Happen!
Numbers Have Power
Future Energies to Come
More Scenes of the Future
Rebirth of the Stars
Waves of Energy
Forgive One Another
Another Earthquake
More Earthquakes
See Through the Illusion

~ 2011 ~
More Earthquakes
Blue Star Again
Japan Earthquake
Hard Times Are Coming

~ 2012 ~
Dragons Fighting Again
Kim Jong Un
Finish Your Book!
Melting of the Poles
The End of the Cycle Is Near

About the Authors


A Miracle Is About to Happen!
November 20, 2010

Like a few of his recent meditations this evening’s meditation seemed to be a continuation of the last one.

“We are about to experience a miracle! A miracle is about to happen again! At least there is a great potential for a miracle, but first we are in for a rude awakening that will, in the end, bring forth spirituality. We are going to be “pushed” with the four elements. The four poles of the Universe will be connected.

“They showed me two people hugging, hands joined behind each other. This creates an energy that brings healing to one another.

“There will be a strong uplifting and a desire to help one another, through suffering, hunger and thirst. Through this and with this, there will be a strong inner healing, creating strength and love within one’s self.

“The Buddha used to call this ‘the opening of the Lotus.’ The way they showed me was the earth as a round ball in the center of a cross with two cross arms; one arm was white and one was yellow. A red serpent was intertwined around the cross, sort of like the emblem for the physician’s staff (caduceus). It represents the negative and positive forces coming together. This is how the healing is represented as healing the world. When the serpents come together, there’s a rebirth. Out of the emblem grew the tree of life. On the limbs I saw people, animals and birds, all life reborn. On the top of the tree I see a man and a woman coming out of it…like the two corns in Navajo legend, two people wrapped in a blanket, surrounded by a lotus flower.

“It’s funny, the sound I heard was like a loud female voice making a wailing sound, like she would make while giving birth.

“No matter how dark or how tragic the event, there’s always something new and pure that will come out of it and be reborn, like the phoenix.

“The other thing I heard was a voice saying, ‘Different countries, different peoples, different races, different religions and status, each and all will reach out to help each other up. That’s how mankind will come together as one, as you were meant to be from the beginning. There is always a doorway for a positive outcome, even in the most dire circumstances. There is an inner strength people will find to help each other. There’s a healing that will come about in mankind.’

“The more spiritual we are, the more love we have, and the more we work together, the more we can avoid these terrible things and the more we’ll be guided around it.”

“‘You must learn to let go of fear and trust Creator and the process, detach from what’s happening and rise above it; don’t be mired down in your own fears. Stop your negative and fearful thoughts and float like a feather above and over it. Let go of control and you will receive your treasures, and your blessings.’”

Blue Dolphin Publishing, August 2013

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