Darkness into Light

Rescuing Souls on the Other Side

John L. Brooker

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ISBN: 1-57733-094-3, 172 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $14.95

This remarkable book outlines what happens to us when we die and shows us how to avoid getting trapped in the next plane of awareness. Many examples show how this can happen when people get caught up in a mistaken belief system and carry these beliefs into the next world. Rescue work brings them the freedom to move on.

Rescue work with discarnate individuals is a unique and unusual service performed by trance mediums under the direction of guides from spirit and rescue workers on earth. These lost souls are unaware that they have died or are hiding, out of guilt or other personal reasons, and refusing to go on into the spiritual world. The guides bring them to a counselor who can help them understand their position and get them to move to where their loved ones are waiting for them.

Table of Contents

An overview of the apparent coincidences leading me to Spiritualism and Rescue Work.

1. Communication with Spirit
The preparation for incarnation, the appointment of guides, and how they communicate with us. Use of mediumship and mental telepathy in communication.

2. The Power of Prayer
Use of prayer as a channel to and from higher states of awareness.

3. Transition to Spirit: Darkness into Light
The role of the rescue worker and the guides in spirit, as well as what a person should do when they die. How to avoid the need for rescue by outgrowing attachments.

4. Rescue Work
Examples A review of some of the types of cases. The team of guides in spirit who work with a rescue worker.

5. Becoming a Person
Coming from spirit to the earth plane and what we bring into this world. How we create the person that we are. The I AM and the various planes of consciousness we can contact.

6. Personal Beliefs
How we acquire our belief systems, and the power they have in our lives.

7. The Power of Love
Physical love as opposed to unconditional love. Love as a force of protection in the astral plane.

8. Individual Meditation
The purpose of meditation and an outline of the stages experienced. Reaching the ultimate possible experience while on earth.

9. How to Meditate: Suggestions for Beginners
Exercises to help in personal or group situations.

10. A Personal Search for Truth
Some of my out-of-body, psychic and mystical experiences.

11. Exploring the Astral Plane
Auras, Chakras, Astral projection and a description of what may be encountered in other planes.

12. Spiritual Healing
A discussion of healing, a possible technique, and the use of absent healing. Self-healing through prayer and self-realization.

13. What is Reality?
Science and religion getting closer. How we create our own reality by the thoughts we think. Reincarnation.

14. The Dream State
Reality of the dream world or Astral Plane. How the dream state reacts to the creative power of the mind.

15. The Human Aura and Magnetic Fields
Meaning of the colors in the aura. Levels of consciousness.

16. Conclusion
Purpose of the book, what happens when we die and how to prepare for that inevitability. List of typical cases in rescue work.


Most religions teach that there is some form of life after death; however, in Spiritualism they go a step further and explore this truth by trying to pierce the apparent veil between the two worlds. Spiritualists take survival beyond the grave as a fact and try to confirm this truth by communication with the so-called dead. This is achieved by specially gifted people called mediums who have the ability to get information from those who have made the transition before us.

Throughout the years, there have always been people who have the ability to communicate with the spirit world, and the Bible has many examples of such people. The God force speaks to man through the Saints, spirit guides and other intermediaries to bring the message of our divine heritage to us.

This link with the next world can occur to anyone who is open to such influences, and most people have had some kind of inexplicable spiritual or psychic incident in their lives, especially when they are praying. Most people do not usually talk about this for fear of being ridiculed. Although, most people will have something to contribute if the subject of other world contacts is raised. Persons in the spirit world can be closely attuned to us on the earth when they wish and our loved ones often do so. Love appears to be the one emotion that can cross the barriers.

Many people have been and are very conscious of a departed loved one's presence. This presence is often very comforting for a grieving person. The soul in spirit is aware of the grief of the one left behind and will draw close to try to bring comfort. Unfortunately the presence of the one in spirit is a reminder of their past life together, and that brings sadness.

It is a basic teaching of Spiritualism that we are a spiritual being temporarily expressing ourselves through a physical body, and when we die we continue life in another world. This spirit world appears to be a duplicate of the earth plane and we recreate our surroundings based on our memories of the earth plane existence.

Once we have adjusted to the new vibration we continue learning, changing and growing as we do here. We do not suddenly become angels sitting on a cloud playing a harp, nor is there a judgment day. We create our own reality wherever we direct our attention, whether in this dimension or out-of-body. There is no angry God waiting to punish us for being human; we have to live with who we think we are and deal with our own guilt.

I understand from the teachings I have received, that before we are born into this world we are appointed a guide who will be with us throughout this life. They are mostly unseen, but many people have recorded how they have felt some guidance and protection in moments of crisis. Many people have had a moment of spontaneous clairvoyance and have seen into the next world. I have had some experience of such visions.

We each have a guide who will stay with us through the intervening planes between the earth and the spirit world. A person may have more than one guide, depending on the tasks he may have set for himself before he is born. We have usually known these guides for long periods of time before we are born, and they have agreed to help us in our quest for experience in this world. They will help us reach self-fulfillment, which is to outgrow our wish to be in this dimension.

People in spirit who wish to communicate with this world have to adapt to the conditions here. Similarly, mediums have to raise their sensitivity to the level of the next plane which they are trying to contact. Anyone from spirit is limited in this world and must use the services of a medium's energy field to communicate. Spirit people do not have physical eyes to see into this world. They are able to know what we are thinking and can sense what we are experiencing, by our emotional reaction to what is happening around us.

Apparently, all communication is by mental telepathy and is done by concepts, not in words. The mind of the medium will translate the concept into the language we know, regardless of the basic language of both the person on earth and the person in spirit. This must be how one of the great beings in spirit can send a universal message which we can all enjoy. I have heard languages spoken by mediums in trance which I know the medium does not understand, but usually one of the listeners will know the language.

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