My Search for Truth

Personal Stories of Inspiration, Mediumship, Reincarnation and Ghosts

Jo Kelly

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ISBN: 978-1-57733-270-1, 114 pp., 23 photos, 5.5 x 8.5, paperback, $13.00

My Search for Truth is an autobiographical account of the many divers roads and occupations taken by the author in her search for truth and the meaning of life. She encountered many strange and unexplained happenings along the way and was gradually remodeled into a more caring and considerate human being. This quest eventually brought her to an unswerving belief in God.

Jo Kelly's hope is that this book will serve as a guide for all people who are in search of their dreams, whatever they may be.


"It has been my privilege to be closely associated with Jo as she tirelessly pursued her lifelong quest for Truth. Jo's inborn curiosity and her tenacious search for answers have led her to some interesting and colourful life experiences which she is eager to share with receptive readers. The events of her life as described in this book have collectively contributed to a limited but gratifying degree of enlightenment; she is encouraged and motivated. The "Quest for Truth" continues—the journey never ends..." Olive Cerny, Pacifica, California

"What a privilege it was for me to read Jo Kelly's book. It is very insightful of an amazing life. The book is both informative and inspiring, full of energy and vigour." Shirley Hughes, chaplain

"I have read Jo's book and can see it has been cathartic for her to write about her life. Her personal spiritual journey can be repetitious and tedious at times, but also relevant to the title of the book, her search for truth, especially the chapters relating to her spirituality and belief in God." Anne Worrall

"We have both known Jo for quite a number of years and have always found Jo to be a down-to-earth type of person. This book will inspire all who are on their own quest in life and who seek the truth of the meaning of life. Easy to read and a definitive search of the true meaning of this our physical life as human beings. Inspiring and positive for the individual who has many up/downs in life and is seeking answers." Berry & Fred Kent

"I have known Jo Kelly for some years. When I read the manuscript, I felt I only knew a small part of her life. It is a good, easy book to read, and the chapters are not too long and contain lots of interesting details." Marie Barnes

"Having known Jo for the last 30/35 yrs, whilst reading her book, I could sense her feeling of achievement and hear her chuckle at the different stages in her life of which I knew nothing. I knew Jo as a very experienced nurse, and with a love of horses. She also had a keen interest in religion, especially Spiritualism, as she was very aware of an after-life and the guidance she received. A pleasant book to read which makes you think back on the paths of life which you have taken." Marjorie Stoba, Cheshire

Table of Contents


1. The Journey Begins
2. My Working Life Begins
3. The Circus and Beyond
4. Corton Beach Holiday Camp
5. California and an Introduction to Alcatraz
6. Morocco—North Africa
7. The Opera House, Manchester
8. My Nursing Days and Many Unexplained Mysteries
9. Psychic Experiences Begin
10. The Arthur Findlay College
11. Life As a Qualified Nurse
12. Salford Royal Hospital
13. John’s First Anniversary
14. Life After Death
15. The Loss and Return of My Cat and the Loss of My Car
16. Correction
17. Leaders of All Faiths and Churches
18. Suffering Explained
19. The Third Anniversary of John’s Accident
20. A Few Words on Suicide
21. The Death of My Mother
22. Ainsworth Nursing Home
23. My Father’s Death
24 A Pilgrimage to Lourdes
25. Reincarnation Explained
26. My Health Problems Continue
27. The Death of My Friend Anne Santus
28. Man’s Law v. God’s Law
29. Examples of Those Who Have Successfully Completed the Remodeling Process
30. Reflections on My Life
31. Correction, Blessings, and Reincarnation
32. Facing Temptation
33. To Conclude


I encountered my first death while a student nurse on my first ward. The patient was a man in his mid-forties and he was dying of a brain tumor. About two to three hours before he died, as I approached his room, I was surrounded by an indescribable feeling of peace. This feeling lasted for two or three hours up until his death, and during this time I felt I could be faced with any kind of violence or wrongdoing and I would be incapable of feeling anything but love for the perpetrator. I tried on several occasions to explain this feeling to others but they couldn’t truly understand without experiencing it for themselves. I experienced the same feeling of peace many times at the point of death, and from that day forward I simply referred to it as the ‘peace that comes with death’. I soon learned that, as soon as I felt that peace, death was imminent and I was never wrong. Over time I realised that I also felt this feeling when animals were about to die.

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