An M.D.'s Life-Saving Health Solutions

James A. Schaller, M.D.

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Health care—especially as we age—is somewhat different for women than for men. Women are concerned with looking and feeling young, finding safe responses to the hormonal changes in their bodies—from periods to PMS—and eating and living in a wholesome, “correct” way.

An M.D.’s Life-Saving Health Solutions is Dr. Schaller’s best attempt to save a third generation of women from misguided, in-competent, or inadequate management of the second half of life.

After four decades of clinical experience and sixty-five years of studying issues especially important to women, Dr. Schaller addresses all major areas of concern—from basic gynecological issues to those practices that lead to healthy longevity.

Like sitting together for an appointment, Dr. Schaller clearly explains everything from cholesterol ratios and hormonal issues to preventing heartburn, heart disease, and high blood pressure. He also suggests which supplements and medications may either be helpful or harmful to your health, as well as effective later-life hormone replacement strategies.

Speaking for thousands of healthcare providers—who do not speak out for fear of reprisal—Dr. Schaller also blows the whistle on the “cholesterol myth”—and various other health scams, which put over $600 billion each year into the coffers of the heart disease industry, the statin makers, the food producers, the nutrition, diet and fitness entrepreneurs—as well as exposes the dangers of many prescription drugs.

Even those who are “perfectly healthy,” and plan to stay that way, might benefit from reviewing Dr. Schaller’s experienced advice, and ensure themselves there is “no fatal fly in their health ointment.”

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Table of Contents


Section One: Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

The Sad History of HRT: Ignorance and Deception
Phony Chemicals vs. Authentic Hormones
Chemically-altered Plant Estrogens
Oral Contraceptives: The Full Story
The Art and Science of HRT
Managing Clinical Cases of Hormone Deficiency
Final Comments on the Simple Management of Menopausal Symptoms: Herbal HRT

Section Two: Estrogen and Progesterone

Physical and Mental Effects Influenced Significantly by Percent Body Fat
Understanding the Signs and Symptoms of Normal vs. Abnormal Ovarian Function

Painful periods
Abnormal bleeding patterns
Managing abdominal pain in the child-bearing years

Premenstrual Tension Syndrome (PMS)

“PMS definitely exists”
Review of the female hormones
Review: Estrogen and progesterone in PMS

Safe Strategies for Managing PMS: Diet, Exercise, Rest and Supplements

Exercise and rest for premenstrual tension
Supplements for premenstrual tension

Preserving or Restoring Bladder Control

Causes of bladder malfunctions

Breast Cancer Screening

Section Three: Prescription Drugs

The Enormous Scope of the Problem
Statins—The Cornerstone of the “Cholesterol Myth”
Depression, Low Cholesterol, Statins, and Psychotheapeutic Drugs
Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS)
Anti-hypertensives: The “Feel Bad” Drugs
Drugs to Treat Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
Bisphosphonates—“The Nightmare Drugs”

Section Four: Health Tips

Advice for the Skin
Respiratory Tract Care: Simple Changes Can Help

Medications for upper respiratory problems

Bowel Care—It May Need More Attention
A True Tail of Dietary Ignorance
Why Diets Are a Waste of Time and Money, While What We Eat is Vital to Our Physical and Mental Health
Mediterranean Diets
Supplements—Beware of Exploitation
Obesity: The Problem Is Visceral Fat
Exercise for a Better Life

Section Highlights


Nomogram for Body Mass Index
Formula for Calculating Percent Body Fat

About the Author


Phony Chemicals vs. Authentic Hormones

Progesterone, in contrast to the drug company chemicals, enhances, modulates, modifies, or develops estrogen’s effects in the cells.

A brief list of some of the more important progesterone effects:

  1. Antagonizes aldosterone, the hormone that causes salt retention and contributes to high blood pressure. It thus acts as a diuretic. Estrogen, when present alone, potentiates aldosterone, thereby increasing salt retention. Salt retention is a frequent problem for women, especially when estrogen levels are high. If they are older and have blood pressure problems, estrogen given alone can be disastrous. The diuretic action of progesterone is yet another reason it should be added to every estrogen replacement regimen.
  2. Helps human sperm reach the ovum (aids conception).
  3. Inhibits lactation during pregnancy and prevents pre-term labor, especially in patients with a short cervix.
  4. Prevents cancer of the uterus and reduces risk of breast cancer.
  5. Is “thermogenic,” that is, raises basal body temperature (one of the parameters measured in the Rhythm Method of birth control).
  6. Reduces muscle spasm by relaxing smooth muscle.
  7. Widens bronchi and improves mucus to make breathing easier.
  8. Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent to regulate immune responses.
  9. Decreases bone re-absorption and increases or maintains skin elasticity.
  10. Reduces gall bladder activity.
  11. Normalizes blood clotting and vascular tone.
  12. Stabilizes zinc and copper levels.
  13. Aids in the use of fat stores for energy.
  14. Acts as an anti-oxidant (prevents formation of “free-radicals”, or “internal rusting” by maintaining oxygen in the cell.
  15. Helps painful breasts (used for that purpose for decades in France).
  16. Has neurosteroid effects. This means it is neuro-protective, or supports and aids in the myelination of neurons (prompting its use in Multiple Sclerosis), and stabilizes mood. It has a protective effect on damaged neurons, so that it is now being used immediately after traumatic brain injury to prevent swelling and inflammatory response; and,
  17. At least fifteen proven and measurable anti-tumor effects on breast tissue.

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