Aura Awareness

What Your Aura Says About You

C.E. Lindgren, DLitt & Jennifer Baltz (Eds.)

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ISBN: 0-9652490-5-0, 160 pages, 4 b/w and 30 color photos, paper, 6x9, $12.95

Everyone has an aura, or energy field, that surrounds their bodies. Your aura is an extension of who you are. You might actually consider it as your own personal playground. By becoming more aware of your aura, you can learn about yourself and grow in ways that most people cannot even imagine. With the tools and exercises in this book, you will learn to see auras and gain a whole new way of looking at life!

Aura Awareness includes information and photos demonstrating a new technology that can help healing practitioners measure subtle shifts in energy that appear in the aura. Known as Aura Imaging Photography, this technique produces a color print of the subject's upper body, surrounded by clouds of colors. Creator of the Aura Camera, Guy Coggins, says, "The Aura Camera does not 'see' auras, rather it perceives them electronically, using a computer program to transform measured energy impulses into an auric image." Typically, the aura of a person in pain or discomfort will show a dark or muddy shade and appear close to the body. When the aura color shifts to the opposite or complimentary color, the person has most likely experienced a dramatic change or healing.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Buryl Payne, Ph.D.
Introduction by Guy Coggins
1. We Are Made of Light
2. What Your Aura Looks Like
3. Science Meets the Unknown
4. Where Technology and Energy Meet
5. Aura Imaging Photography
6. The Colors in Your Aura
7. The Interpretation of Auric Colors Using Aura Imaging Photography
8. Crystals and the Aura
9. Love Colors
10. Playing with Color
11. Chakras: Wheel of Color and Light
12. Energy Awareness Games
13. Auric Experiences and Experiments
14. How to Sense the Aura
15. Auric Perceptions
16. Clearing Your Auric Field
17. Resources for Personal Growth


As an exercise, walk through your home as though you had never been there before. How does each room make you feel? Does that dark wood paneling feel oppressive, or warm and homey? You'll find it will be different for each member of your household. Check the areas where you spend most of your time. What colors predominate there? How do they make you feel? As you learn to sense and understand the effect of color vibrations in your personal space, in your aura, you can use it to your best advantage. Color, once mastered, can be a very valuable tool.

Aura Imaging - Progen, 2000, 2nd revised edition

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