Beyond Boundaries

The Adventures of a Seer

Louise Hauck

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ISBN: 0-931892-51-1, 274 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $12.95

Louise Hauck has been gifted from childhood with the ability to "read" other people's lives - past, present, and future. As a clairvoyant spiritual counselor, she has collected stories over the years that teach, enlighten, and fascinate. These stories offer evidence that "Life does make sense! We can embrace life and death, trusting rather than fearing both. Life balances itself; it is fair. Nothing is ever lost, and love continues on into eternity."


"Beyond Boundaries is charming and profound, delightful and insightful, fascinating and instructive. One can only feel admiration and gratitude for her courage in being willing to share so openly experiences of a sort that many hide away with embarrassment." Willis Harman, Institute of Noetic Sciences

"An inspiring read that challenges our assumptions about who we are and the nature of time." Peter Russell, author of The White Hole in Time and The Global Brain

"Beyond Boundaries sketches the context and provides samples of types of data that are central to the emerging spiritual psychology. It also provides valuable perspectives for those who are awakening to the perceptions of the soul." Gary Zukav, author of Dancing Wu Li Masters and The Seat of the Soul

Table of Contents

Foreword by Willis W. Harman
Introduction - If I Had a Dime

1. Beyond the Present
2. Viewing Timeless Spaces
3. Changing the Past, Influencing the Present and Future
4. Overlays of Concurrent Life Spaces
5. Passing Over and Re-entry - Conditions Favorable
6. Replaying Old Themes: Choosing New Outcomes
7. Meeting Ourselves
8. Meeting Old Friends
9. Intersecting and Repeated Paths

10. Not So Far Away
11. Gratitude
12. Awareness
13. Resolution
14. Gifts to Give
15. From "Famous" Entities
16. Caught Between Dimensions

17. White Light
18. What Keeps You from Going Home
19. The Rewards

About the Author


Introduction: If I Had A Dime

When did you first learn that you had these gifts?

I've been asked this question hundreds of times. I can feel it coming when I meet someone and they ask what I do. I try to respond with different answers, to sound more interesting to myself, but it still comes around to pretty much the same answer. Since so many people ask me the question and are curious about the same thing, it must be important to answer. So here is my response to that most-often-asked question.

At first, I thought everyone had the same gifts, so I didn't identify them as unusual until they started getting in my way. I grew up with stories from my father about his grandmother, "Mamo," who would awaken in the night and command her husband to hitch up the buggy, because so-and-so was ill and needed help. He never questioned her, he always complied, and her precognitive "knowings" were usually accurate. She would also announce when it was time to go into town to rescue another young woman who had been tempted towards employment at the town brothel.

My mother was a very radiant soul, a concert pianist who for several years earned extra money playing the organ at church. People used to say that angels sang when she played. She and I had a very loving, spiritual bond. We often discussed life with an emphasis that I can now define as spiritual (not religious) depth. I saw a few visions as a child and even called to her to come share one with me once, but when she ran to me, it was gone. She said, "It must have been just for you."

So I was blessed with a mother who reflected back to me my own spiritual awareness and priorities, rather than one who might have made me feel strange or wrong in all that I was learning to trust about life. She once felt that she had written a whole symphony in her sleep, and often woke up with a precognitive awareness about one of my three brothers or me, but we never discussed things in terms of "psychic."

I remember when I was very little telling her that when she "went to heaven we would write letters." I think that I "knew" that she would pass on relatively early and that I would be able to communicate with disincarnate souls who were "on the Other Side." (Both my parents passed over at age fifty-one, within four years of each other.)

My daughter Adrianne, also very intuitive, came down the stairs one day when she was four years old and announced, "Your mom talked to me today!" I had found that metaphysical principles gave me a sound and consistent moral framework within which to raise my two children, but I was always vigilant to keep physical and non-physical awareness in balance, and not "get weird" about it.

"Oh?" I responded, somewhat cautiously, "and where did she talk to you?"

"I was playing in my closet and she told me about you scratching in the bushes!"

No one knew that when Mother and I used to go for brisk walks, circulation increasing in the legs, we would jump into bushes to scratch all over, laughing ourselves silly.

My son and daughter were born after my parents passed over. Their lives didn't intersect with each other in the physical, at least not this time. I knew that Adrianne was very intuitive. In addition to the normal imaginary childhood friends ("Don't shut the door on Jennifer!"), she spent time communicating with lost souls of little children who had died but were still "stuck" on this plane and hadn't made it to the light. She played "school" with them, setting up all her dolls around the room, as if talking to them. At times, I could see them as well.

One day I picked up Adrianne at her friend's house and the housekeeper came to the door looking wide-eyed and flabbergasted. I found that Adrianne had "read her palm," telling her about her boyfriend and other details about her life. On the way home I asked Adrianne how she had done that, and she replied she just knew things and thought she ought to tell the lady. She didn't know a whole lot about my work, but what she did know was never learned in the context of fortune telling. She received a gentle but firm lecture that evening about invading others' lives by telling them what she "knew."

So it seems that there is an element of inherited abilities present in my case; but I believe that we all have the potential, that such gifts are part of our true, whole selves, and that they were once quite natural to us all before we got so stuck in this physical dream or illusion. Our attachment to this illusion separates us from our true identity, our natural gifts, and from Home.

I never teach classes in "How to Get Psychic." I believe psychic abilities are awakened as the soul urges the persona to become alert and attentive to all the experiences and teachings that are presented in life.

With the awakening comes certain gifts, such as the ability to trust that which is perceived from beyond the five senses, to know much that circumvents intellectual reasoning, and to remember more and more of all that the soul carries, which is never forgotten. Some seem to come into this dimension able to remember what others are better at forgetting.

There came a point in my early adult life when I would sit on a bus, look at those around me, and unknowingly slip into their consciousnesses. I'd know that she plays tennis, he's having a hard time with his marriage, and that business man over there is very discouraged about his job. Then I would get off the bus with their emotions: "What's the use!" I'd feel so negative walking from the bus stop, after having started out with very optimistic feelings.

Or, when in a restaurant, I would know that the waitress taking my order was having a hard time with her teenage son. I knew I just couldn't keep going around being such a ready receiver for everyone's "stuff."

About that time, my mother-in-law was coming for a visit and I was in a quandary as to how to entertain her. Knowing she was interested in psychic explorations and such, I found a metaphysical church in the yellow pages and arranged to take her for a "reading." She emerged from her reading with a smile, announcing that she had paid for me to have one also. I hesitated, but my curiosity and certain other strong influences, I know now, led me to accept.

My mother came through in the reading, from the Other Side, confirming that we were indeed in communication, saying that she loved and was aware of her precious grandchildren. She said that she had caught my thoughts weeks before when I had longed for her presence while rocking my son to sleep. Finally, she laughed at Adrianne's awareness of her while playing in her closet.

The woman who gave the reading that day turned out to be a very helpful teacher to me. From then on, my mother-in-law seemed to be serving a definite purpose, sending me the right book or source at just the right times.

I took meditation classes to help me awaken to deeper levels of awareness, to become acquainted with a very quiet place within myself, and to learn to hook up with higher consciousness. I also learned to be a receiver for only positive or preventative information, learned how to refine as well as turn off the gifts, and have now conditioned myself to "tune in" only when I am in the setting of doing a reading - much to the chagrin of friends and the relief of new or casual acquaintances.

I suppose that if I had a dime for every time I've been asked that question, I could feed the homeless. But again, I guess it wouldn't be asked so frequently if people didn't wonder a great deal about their own abilities and experiences, or about their own potential to receive the gifts. It must be a question worth answering.

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1992

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