The Butterfly Rises

One Woman's Transformation Through the Trance Channeling of Verna V. Yater, Ph.D., Kevin Ryerson and Others

Kit Tremaine  

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ISBN: 0-931892-15-5, 216 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $12.95

The Butterfly Rises describes Kit's spiritual journey when she encounters a medium who channels information about past lives, coming earth changes, and the lessons we are here to learn on earth.


"The Butterfly Rises is a sensitive, well-written, down-to-earth account of Kit Tremaine's spiritual explorations, especially as they are informed by her conversations with the trance channel, Verna V. Yater, Ph.D., and others. There is much lore of the inner life in this book and some useful inquiries about karma, reincarnation, UFOs, mystical insights, and other esoteric matters, all of which is informed by Kit Tremaine's intelligence, good sense, and adventurous spirit." Michael Murphy, founder, Esalen Institute

"Anyone who enjoyed Shirley MacLaine's Out On a Limb will surely be interested in Kit Tremaine's story of the evolution of a soul. I recommend it highly and heartily." Ben Weininger, M.D.

"Kit's widely-known work with progressive projects helping humanity, show only a public aspect. The deeper wisdom comes from her own experience and ultimately her understanding of the web of human interaction in which we all play divine roles." Alan Vaughan, author, Edge of Tomorrow

Table of Contents

1. From There to Here
2. On Karma, Reincarnation and God
3. The Path of the Channel
4. Light, Sound and Vibrations
5. Past Lives
6. The Essences, President Reagan, and John Lennon
7. Some Thoughts on Neutralizing Radiation, the Earth Shift, and Native Americans
8. Spiritual Service
9. Extraterrestrials
10. Dolphins
11. Karmic Completion
12. Future Vision: The Gaia Spirit


My work with spirit began as a result of a conversation I had with a friend at breakfast one sunny morning. We were in a fancy little restaurant near the ocean in Santa Barbara, California, where I have lived most of my life. My friend Suzanne Riordon and I had met to discuss the problem of the homeless, but after awhile, the conversation somehow shifted to the subject of mediums and psychic information....

Some months prior to this conversation, Suzanne had placed an ad in a free throw-away newspaper giving her telephone number and offering to help single parents needing housing. I was impressed not only by the imaginative courage shown by this act, but also because Suzanne, while trying to organize others, was herself a single parent and on welfare at the time. She did, however, have an old car, and thus was able to offer transportation to those with none. This diminutive person turned out to be a dynamo. Through a foundation I had established some years earlier, I had agreed to fund Suzanne's program for a few months, and we were discussing this over breakfast when the subject of psychics came up.

"I visited a medium a couple of years ago," Suzanne told me, "and she said I was going to meet a woman who would change my life."

I smiled and replied, "And I'm that woman, aren't I?"

"Yes, you are," she said, "and think of all the others whose lives are going to be changed because of our meeting."

Suzanne went on to elaborate on the subject of psychics. I realized that it had been some time since I myself had sought contact with a medium, but as our conversation on the subject continued, I knew I wanted to seek one out. The trance channel Suzanne had seen was in another city, but she suggested I call the Spiritual Sciences Institute here in Santa Barbara for more information about psychics in this area.

As soon as I reached home I called the Institute, leaving my given name and telephone number. The next morning I was contacted by Verna, a psychic, trance channel, healer and co-founder of the Spiritual Sciences Institute, who gave me an appointment for a morning in the near future. I went a bit nervously, not knowing exactly what to expect, and wondering whether I should have questions prepared in advance, that sort of thing. She proved to be an attractive woman in her early forties, with bright blue eyes and a charming smile, altogether a very appealing woman.

Verna asked me whether I preferred a psychic reading, based on clairvoyance, or a trance channeling session, during which the spirits communicate directly through her. I opted for the latter. It's a little like a cosmic telephone switchboard, where the channel, in this case Verna, acts as the operator to make it possible for the spirit entities to communicate.

After arranging her tape recorder, Verna and I sat facing one another. As I was to find out, Verna always begins her trance channel by saying a prayer which goes something like this:

"We give thanks to the universe for being brought together here on this day, and we ask for many blessings upon this session. We ask that only the highest information come forth. We ask that all the information that is given be clearly interpreted and understood. We acknowledge that we are constantly surrounded by the forces of light and love and wisdom. We ask also that there be much healing for those most in need of it. We ask that those that be hungry be fed today. We ask that those in despair be given some tangible ray of hope. And in God we trust, Amen."

Verna then closed her eyes and in a relatively short time, perhaps a minute or two at most, I saw her give a small twitch, then a sigh. Her mouth changed entirely, and as her face muscles began working, Verna took on a different appearance. Another gasp escaped, and I sensed the vibrations in the room changing.

In the time I've worked with the channel, I have come to know that this is a signal indicating that a spirit has entered Verna's consciousness. I have become so familiar with this process, that now I sometimes know which of the entities is about to speak to me, just by the body movements and facial expressions of the channel.

Although I had not had a psychic experience for several years and I admit to a little uncertainty - a few doubts - during my early sessions with spirit, I soon came to know, to know with certainty, that there could be no way Verna was faking the process. She would have to be a consummate actress, with an uncanny knowledge of her clients, their lives, and their problems. And she would have to remember all of it, from one session to the next - and with this realization, my doubts soon feel by the wayside.

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1987

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