International Dolphin Encounter

International Dolphin Encounter was founded by Nancy Clemens to expand advocacy for dolphins, whales, and clean oceans. For further information or to share your dolphin or whale encounters, write, fax, or e-mail:

Nancy Clemens
P O Box 1255, Nevada City, CA 95959-1255
fax: 530 265-0603 e-mail:

Nancy Clemens is co-publisher of Blue Dolphin Publishing, and author of the Dolphin Divination Cards and A Guide to the Dolphin Divination Cards.

Few people know how seriously threatened Dolphin populations are today. The Environmental Investigation Agency, which tracks dolphin and whale populations world-wide, warns us about a dolphin "slide towards extinction." They calculate at least seven million dolphin deaths since the 1950s. A number of countries are practicing uncontrolled and expanded commercial kills. Some species of dolphins are close to extinction. The following addresses are provided so that you may educate yourselves and find a way to help our dolphin brothers and sisters survive.
Dolphin Resources and Related Environmental Information Networks

American Cetacean Society
P O Box 2639, San Pedro, CA 90731

Animal Protection Institute
2631 Fruit Ridge Rd., P O Box 22505, Sacramento, CA 96822

Appel pour les Baleines
114 rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris, France

Bellerive Foundation
P. O. 6, 1211 Geneva 3, Switzerland

Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife
44 Riverdale Rd., Monkmoor, Shrewsbury SY2 STB, England

Center of Coastal Studies
59 Commercial St., Provincetown, MA 02659

Cetacean Group, Dept. of Zoology
South Parkass Rd., Oxford OX1 3PS, England

The Cousteau Society
930 West 21st St., Norfolk, VA 23517

Dancing Dolphin Press
Ashleea Nielsen, P.O. Box 959, Kihei, Maui, HI 96753

Dolphin Circle
8 Dolby Rd., London SW6, England

Dolphin Database
P O Box 5657, Playa Del Rey, CA 90296 

Dolphin Network
3220 Sacramento St., San Francisco, CA 94115

Dolphin Project
P O Box 224, Coconut Grove, FL 33233

Rebecca Fitzgerald, P O Box 8653, Santa Fe, NM 87504

Earth Island Institute
300 Broadway, Suite 28, San Francisco, CA 94123
phone (415) 788-3666; 1-800-4-whales

30-31 Islington Green, London N1 8XE, England

Japan Environmental Monitor
400 Yamanashi-Ken, Kofu-Shi, 18-11 Kofu, Japan

International Fund for Animal Welfare
Tubwell House, New Road, Crowborough, East Sussex TN6 2QH, England

International Whaling Commission
The Red House, Station Rd., Histon, Cambridge CB4 4NP, England

Interspecies Communication, Inc.
Jim Nollman, 273 Hidden Meadow Lane, Friday Harbor, WA 98250

Long Term Research Institute
191 Weston Rd., Lincoln, MA 01773

Marine Education and Research Ltd.
17 Harrington Park, Bristol BS6 7ES, England

Oceanic Society
Fort Mason Center, Building E, San Francisco, CA 94123

P O Box E 293, St James, NSW 2000 Australia

PARD ( Preservation of the Amazonian River Dolphin)
Roxanne Kremer, 3302 N. Burton Ave, Rosemead, CA 91770

Project Interlock
Box 20, Whangarei, New Zealand

Project Jonah
672B Glenferrie Rd., Hawthorn, Victoria 3122, Australia

Sea Shepherd
(UK) P O Box 5, Ashford, Middlesex W15 2PY, England
(USA) P O Box 70005, Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(Canada) P O Box 48446, Vancouver, BC V7X 1AZ

Society for the Protection of Marine Mammals
P O Box 348, D-200, NW Hamburg 55, Germany

Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society
20 West Lea Rd., Bath BA1 3RL., England

World Society for the Protection of Animals
Park Place, 10 Lawn Lane, London SW8, England

Cherry Tree Cottage, Coldharbour Lane, Dorking, Surrey, England

Special Friends and Spiritual Helpers

Dolphin Connection
Joan Ocean Seminars
P O Box 102, Captain Cook, HI 96704
Tel/fax: 808 323-9605
Scientist, visionary, humanitarian, and author, Joan Ocean conducts seminars and introduces people to the world of dolphins and whales as both physical and multi-dimensional beings.

Dolphin Heart World
Linda Shay
229 Fawn Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336
Tel: 520 282-0833
Through an activation with wild dolphins in Hawaii, Linda now facilitates meditations and healings with dolphin energy.

Environmental Investigation Agency
208-209 Upper St,. London NI IRL England
Tel: 071-704-9441
Fax: 226-2888
1506 19th St. NW, Washington, DC 20036
Tel: 202 483-6621
Fax: 483-6625
This agency has prolific information and educational materials; major research and investigation on threatened populations of whales and dolphins; shocking and disturbing reports of rapidly dwindling populations and massive international killing of these highly intelligent, sensitive, and advanced mammals.

965 Mission St., Suite 450 San Francisco, CA 94103-2921
Tel: 415 512-9025
Fax: 415 512-8659
1436 U Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20009 
Tel.: 202 462-1177
Fax: 202 462-4507
Membership info: 1 800 326-0959

International Cetacean Educational Research Centres (I.C.E.R.C.)
Kamala Hope Campbell
P O Box 110, Nambucca, N.S.W., Australia 2448
Fax: 61 065 688110
Emphasis on interspecies communication; ocean research: dolphins have a choice to enter and participate in research with humans; rehabilitation of captive and stranded dolphins in a natural environment. Kamala Hope Campbell is the founder of the International Whale and Dolphin Conference.

International Dolphin Watch
North Ferriby, 10 Melton Rd. East, Yorkshire HU14 3ET England
Tel: 01482 844468
Fax: 01482 634914
Founded by Horace Dobbs, Ph.D., internationally known dolphin researcher, founded Operation Sunflower to investigate the healing power of dolphins (see "Dolphins and Human Healing" in Dolphin: The Journal of the International Dolphin Watch). Two beautiful films, "Ride a Wild Dolphin" and "The Dolphin Touch," also explore this topic. Product catalog available with books and educational dolphin gifts.

International Whale and Dolphin Conference
Joan Griffiths, USA contact
670 Tenth Street Brooklyn, NY 11215 
Tel: 718 788-3468
Fax: 718 499-7072
Joan organizes playful retreats to swim with wild dolphins in the Bahamas and Key West, Florida. 

John C. Lilly, M.D
A pioneer in dolphin research, and author of many books; Human/Dolphin Foundation; a participant in the Janus experiment which used computers to research human dolphin communication and language.

The Wild Dolphin Project
P O Box 8436, Jupiter, FL 33468
Tel.: 561 575-5660 
Fax 561 575-5681
Founded by Dr. Denise Herzing in 1985. This scientific research organization studies and reports on a specific pod of free-ranging Atlantic spotted dolphins.This long-term field research gathers information on social structure, behaviors, communication, and habitat.