The Elijah Message

Acknowledging God's Paternity

The Messenger

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ISBN: 0-931892-76-7, 80 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $6.95

The mission revealed in this compelling little book is to "restore all things": to reconnect the loving Father to all His earthly children, and for us to regain spiritual truth, insight, and vitality in preparation for the approaching millennial changes.

The Elijah Message tells how God's benevolent Plan of the Ages unfolds for every soul that comes into the world. With extraordinary honesty and integrity, the Messenger delivers the celebrated Christmas Message, allowing hope and optimism to lead the way into a higher spiritual order.

Table of Contents


The Father's Concern
The Living Dead
The Holy Spirit's Work
The Plan of the Ages
Eon (Age) Mistranslated
Metanoia Mistranslated as Repentance
All Are God's Children
Hell-Fire and Annihilation
Second Death - Lake of Fire
The Salvation Outcome
The True Believer
The Passing Age
The Unexampled Transition
God's Vital Judgments
The Recovery of the Remnant
The Elijah Mission




With the spiritual insight opened, lo, many of the church ministries were seen to be not of God but of the will of man, and the Gospel of the Ages was not being preached. Rather, all were in contending church sects in various presumptions in a sharp departure from the will of the Father. And grave judgments were impending that would shake awake in many the inner consciousness that relates to the mind of Christ and God's spiritual heart of love.

The Message herein given is addressed to all those seeking the kingdom of heaven within, where the serving and inspiring of others and the utter forgetfulness of self is the regular life of everyone. It makes its appeal to those church leaders and followers stalled in their spiritual progress because of false and misleading doctrines embraced by the outer church for many centuries and who, should true doctrine be restored, would seek and find renewal. To all such, even at this late date, an invitation to enter or re-enter the kingdom is here given. And the Message will address itself to the restoration of major portions of truth that, through mistranslation or misinterpretation, have been lost or are no longer rightly apprehended. And it will involve itself ever more deeply in reviving a true concept of God's paternal desire and prerogative and in restoring the primacy of the Holy Spirit in the believer's life.

In every human heart a correspondence with the Divine Parent within waits to happen, and some such special communion with Him does at times take place - a contact with the inner divine-spiritual is made. However, in the great majority thus awakened, the personal relationship with the Lord is not understood, deepened or enlarged. All too often a malfunctioning religion is standing in the way, and the opened-up spiritual intuition, with its ability to follow after Christ, is soon overlooked. The gracious Holy Spirit is shut out by its antithesis - the legal and formal self-righteousness that leaves the heart unregenerate still. Much of the visible church is presently in such a spiritual dearth that it impedes, rather than promotes, the kingdom of heaven within.

So apostate is the nominal church today that it has forged a widespread consensus that the rule of the moral law of the flesh with its sin must be mingled, somehow, with the spirit of life in Christ Jesus in order to insure the salvation of the soul. Nothing could be further from the truth, for it is the Holy Spirit alone that sanctifies, and, with its spiritual love, both supersedes and fulfills the moral law. The church's misguided attempt at blending the lower nature with the higher spiritual has resulted in the lukewarm internal condition that is most distasteful to God and inimical to renewal. The fallen nature under moral law and the spiritual life under divine love are mutually exclusive. Until this is understood, the church's ability to facilitate the calling out and perfecting of the elect will be seriously impaired, and it will continue to grow the spurious believer - the natural, moral elite that, in the Message, are referred to as the living dead - those who are yet without a consciousness of God and without the overcoming spiritual life within.

Many professing believers are without the spiritual contact, and the Father and the Son are not being revealed to them through the informing Holy Spirit within. The neglected intuitional faculty of the soul in man is still unable to receive the Spirit's vital inspirations and know his good tidings of salvation from sin.

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1993

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