Johnson's Emotional First Aid

Victoria Ann Johnson, M.A.

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ISBN: 1-57733-015-3, 72 pages, 7.75 x 10, paper, $15.95

Johnson's Emotional First Aid features Ms. Thera Peutic, a cartoon nurse, who gives amusing and insightful ahas and ha-has for anyone experiencing an emotional crisis. It gives valuable and quick suggestions for working through all of the major emotions. The format is designed for both left and right brain learning and provides activities that make the contents easy to read and apply. It presents therapeutically sound educational information in a style and form to help you learn, and to remember what you have learned, when you need it the most.


"Light, easy reading with positive benefits.... Very clever manner of confronting problems in daily life." Huber B. Shenkin, attorney

"Beautifully crafted techniques for therapists or individuals." Dr. Lucille Shenkin, psychotherapist

Table of Contents


Affirmation * Anger * Anxiety * Awareness * Change * Courage * Criticize * Depression * Despair * Emotion * Empty * Endure * Faith * Fear * Forgive * Grief * Guilt * Happiness * Harmony * Higher Power * Hope * Hugs * Humor * Insight * Jealousy * Joy * Lonely * Love * Low - Hi! * Meditate * Mourning * News * Peace * Praise * Present * Release * Sadness * Visualize * Whole * Write It Out


JOHNSON'S EMOTIONAL FIRST AID, like physical first aid books, provides handy and immediate assistance to either alleviate your problem or to aid you until you can obtain professional help. This book has valuable suggestions for when you feel sad, angry, anxious, or need help with other emotional conditions. There are many ideas to read and use any time for increasing your happiness, peace, and joy....

This book is also intended for you to use to educate yourself about your emotions and the emotions of other people. Although emotions are felt daily, there is little education pertaining to emotions. As a marriage and family therapist, I find that numerous people simply need to be educated to know what to do when they or other people feel emotional.

Many difficulties could be prevented by education. For example: Parents brought in their teenage son for a therapy session because he was very angry with his father. "He doesn't care about me," the son yelled angrily. The father angrily replied, "How can you say that, with all I do for you?" The father loved his son and expressed it by giving him things, but he did not know how to express his love in a way his son could hear and feel.

I have heard the following statements many times. Perhaps you, too, have said, thought, or heard them. "I was so upset, I could not think straight." "I did not know what to say or do to help." Many people are overwhelmed when they feel emotional or someone else feels emotional. No matter what age you are, you may suddenly feel like a child who does not know what to do. Even if you do know, it may not be in a succinct, easily remembered, and quickly useable form.

Children and adults learn and remember best when information is presented in a short, simple form, and from what they see adults do. This is the reason for the simple headings on the pages, such as "Sadness Out, Love and Kindness In," and illustrations where you can see the cartoon character presenting the emotion and the solution. JOHNSON'S EMOTIONAL FIRST AID presents therapeutically sound educational information in a style and form to help you learn, and to remember what you have learned, when you need it the most....

Blue Dolphin Publishing,1997

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