The Intuitive Tarot

A Metaphysical Approach to Reading the Tarot Cards

Richard Gordon with Dixie Taylor

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ISBN: 978-0-931892-84-4, 158 pages, 78 b/w illus., 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $15.00

The Intuitive Tarot reads like a conversation with a trusted spiritual mentor. Richard Gordon shares his understanding and respect for the special personal gifts developed via Tarot. Through simple explanations and exercises, he helps us connect with our Higher Selves and offers gentle insights into experiences encountered when reading Tarot cards, either for ourselves or for others.

The book presents universal truths and timeless metaphysical wisdom. The importance of meditation and preparation for readings is discussed, along with that of the ritual and sacred art of the Tarot.

The authors illustrate how images, colors, astrology, and numerology can all guide insight into the mind, emotional and energetic patterns, and future probabilities. Methods to perceive and, if desired, alter furture events are presented, along with various types of layouts and sample readings.


"Teachers of the Tarot should require students to read this book. It is accessible, provides a sound introductory approach, and establishes essential principles and ethics. Highly recommended." The Hermit's Lantern

"With clarity and love, the authors emphasize spiritual balance and teach us how powerful our intuition is when we nurture and trust it. It quickly becomes apparent that the answers to our every question lie within ourselves." from the Foreword by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber, artist and author of The Enchanted Tarot

Table of Contents

Foreword by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber
1 Introduction
2 Metaphysics Defined
3 The Mind/Brain Connection
4 Divisions of the Mind
5 How the Mind Manifests
6 Dealing with Patterns
7 Opening a Channel to the God-self
8 Guided Meditation
9 Why Work with the Tarot
10 Reading: Going with the Energy Flow
11 More on Reading
12 Layouts and Readings
13 Suggested Meanings for the Cards
14 Example Spreads
15 Conclusion
Bibliography and Suggested Reading



When a child is born, he is born with the genetic pattern for becoming a whole adult--a Co-creator with his parents, lacking only experience. Made in the likeness and after the image of God, we are primarily spiritual beings of light and love, just as God is. Lacking an awareness of our essential spiritual nature, we exist to gain the experience necessary to get in touch with who we are and always were. The entire purpose of our existence is to unfold to a total experience of ourselves and our at-one-ment (or attunement) with God. During our earth walk, opportunities are naturally presented for us to gain this experience. When "awake," we seize these opportunities and grow from our experiences. Our awareness is the key in experiencing Oneness and unfolding to a fuller recognition of our true selves.

Our job as teachers is to help you empower yourself and to facilitate the process by which you teach yourself and reach conclusions--in effect, acting as a catalyst. As readers, our job is to help you to learn more about yourself, assist you in getting in touch with patterns which you are activating, and to help you to see the effect of the patterns. We can then provide recommendations on how to change unproductive patterns and their effects, or reinforce productive patterns.

Sometimes the beliefs and perceptions that people hold of themselves get in the way of their full enjoyment of life, in ways that they cannot see initially. All the good in the world is here, and it always has been here. You either perceive it, or you don't but that doesn't change the fact that it is here. Take, for example, a question of worthiness: a person who hold an essential belief in his lack of worthiness may find that this erroneous belief affects him in his relationships, his work, his monetary situations--everything. The longer the belief is held, the stronger the pattern becomes and the more negative his life experience is. But when that person can see the effect of that pattern and chooses a more productive direction in his life, then he has taken the first step in reasserting control of his life. This step is the result of awareness through honest self-analysis.

Often, only after understanding the cause/effect relationship of the unproductive belief pattern can a more balanced pattern be chosen. The new pattern provides a point of focus which allows the energy of attention to flow through the balanced pattern, not out of the unbalanced one. With time, the person sees his environment reflecting more of his new beliefs and less of his old ones.

To recognize a more balanced pattern, it is important to ask three questions: Who am I? Why am I here? (Or what is my purpose here?) Where am I going? These three questions must be answered in order. The answers to these questions will come as a result of meditation, contemplation, or some other form of personal quiet time. As we get a handle on the answers, focus develops in life. All other questions or apparent problems can be referenced back to this information to obtain a balanced perspective. Direction in life begins to appear. This direction provides focus for your mind, emotions, and actions. Balanced patterns begin to appear and unbalanced ones begin to dissolve from lack of use.

As you walk the path of self-development, any patterns standing between you and your growth will surface to be dealt with. Rather than fighting an unbalanced pattern (or kicking yourself because it is there), focus attention upon what you do want (the new pattern). It is up to you whether you create from your desires or your fears, loves or hates. With time, the universe will give you what your place your energy into. Since energy follows thought, as a man thinketh in his heart, so it is. Anything can be created with persistence, patience, and love.

Working with the Tarot cards helps you to identify patterns and their possible consequences. They can also help you answer the three big questions and replace non-productive patterns with productive ones. You can also get a sense of how likely an outcome is and how long it may take to appear. Before we answer these questions and talk about the cards, there are a few other things to discuss. Hang in there, we'll get to the cards! When we do, you may find that the other material which we have covered may be more valuable to you personally, and as a reader, than the work that we will actually do with the cards. Always remember: Truth and all of your answers are within YOU--not the cards! The cards merely provide a point of focus that assists you in accessing inner truth!!!

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1994

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