book coverJellyfish Bones

The Humor of Zen

Zen Master Gilbert

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ISBN: 0-931892-21-X, 168 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $14.95

"Master Gilbert's book is a fresh approach to Zen. He does not adhere to tradition nor does he deny it. The work seems light and humorous, but his pen is a Zen sword and it is very sharp indeed.

"Humor is an integral part of Zen and here it is employed with consummate skill. Those who have studied under Master Gilbert know him for his gentle humanism. They know too that he can, in one flash of incisive wit, burst conceptual bubbles in a cascade of laughter.

"In the book be aware of the little dog with his bone. He is often depicted as saying, 'This bone is delicious.' This is a most important clue. This book, then, is a finger pointed at the moon. If the reader can stop staring at the finger and look at the moon, the moon will be revealed smiling back at the looker.

"When the little ego is recognized for what it is, then the Buddha will romp and play, filling the world with unimpeded laughter. Master Gilbert's book may just be the instrument that will help bring this about."

Ven. Dr. Seo Kyung Bo, Zen Master of the Il Bung Son Won Sect in Korea, Tripitaka (Scriptures) Master and Master of Chan-pil Calligraphy

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