Paul Edward Napora

Author of: The Teachings of Oscar Camille, Volume I and Volume II

Paul Edward Napora, a gifted mystic in the truest sense, lives in Edmonton, Alberta, with his wife Elena and two children. He is also a poet and author of many other well-received books.

He is active in giving selected, "specialized" mystical readings to people in all walks of life. These messages are sincere, accurate, and always stress doing good to all life forms in one's quest for attainment of knowledge, peace, love, and faith. His gratification comes in helping people from distant places such as Guiana, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, the British Isles, the U.S.A., and South America.

Paul Edward Napora's sincere dedication to improving humankind through spiritual development and attunement with the Universal Mind has prompted him to continue to write books with his Guardian Angel, Oscar Camille.