book coverNow Is the Hour

Native American Prophecies and Guidance for the Earth Changes

Elisabeth Dietz and Shirley Jonas

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ISBN: 978-1-57733-029-5, 112 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $13.00

What would you do if: Whether it is El Niño, global warming, or the end of the world as we know it, more and more people are being forced to come to grips with these questions. Now Is the Hour reminds us that we never know when these changes will come upon us and that we can allay our fears by being prepared.

Citing prophesies of past and present Native Americans and her own personal visions, we are warned of the dire consequences of mistreating our Mother Earth and also consoled with the promise that prayer and balanced living can begin to repair the damage we have already done. With suggestions of how we can begin changing our ways and those of future generations, and very practical guides for emergency preparedness, Now Is the Hour is an inspiring and practical handbook for our perilous times.

Table of Contents


Lisa's Message--Prophecies and Prayerful Guidance
Messages and Teachings from the Elders
Turtle Island, the Medicine Wheel, and the Mystery of the Land Bridge
Why Prophecy? What We Traditional People Believe
The Star People, Guardians, and Watchers
The Seven Campfire Prophecies and the Three Days of Darkness
Native Code of Ethics
Great Men of this Century and Their Understanding of Mother Earth
The Eleventh Hour
Some Indicators Occurring Now and Soon to Occur
Lisa's Prophecies
Prophecies by the Elder Elders
A New Day with New Hope
The Aftermath
Final Visions

Meeting the Challenge--Survival Guidelines and Sound Advice for Providing Shelter, Food, and Health Care During the Coming Changes
Author's Notes
First Moves in "Natural Disasters"
Looking for a Safe Area
Vehicle Mini-survival Kit
Emergency Shelters for All Seasons, Camping Equipment and Supplies
Temporary Emergency Food Supplies for One Person for One Month
Large Storage for Permanent Safe Area
A Simple First Aid Box for Emergency Storage
Medical Supplies for Large Permanent Storage
Homeopathic and/or Herbal First Aid
Preparing for the Three Days of Darkness
Books and Periodicals for Your Reference
Let's Not Forget Those Furry or Feathered Friends Who Love Us Unconditionally
Closing Thoughts


I speak to you from my place of paradise, my piece of Turtle Island that we call Mother Earth, the southern shores of Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

In the winter the snow covers the dark pines with grace and beauty and the fresh water icebergs, forty to fifty feet high, crash and crunch the shorelines. In the spring and summer these tremendous waves, during an occasional storm, bring up treasure from the depths of this beautiful lake and sprinkle the broad white sand beaches with all kinds of mysterious things.

I camp where a creek meanders out into the lake dividing itself among silver sandbars, like a tongue of green, splashed here and there with colors of pink, white, green, yellow and red and, until you look closer, you cannot distinguish whether these are strawberries, flowers or butterflies.

Here is my little summer tent in a place where my Grandmother always put her tent to pick blueberries and to do the fasting that is required by the women of the Anishabe Nation (the first people) in Spring and Fall.

I feel, as I stand looking out at the water, with the sun in my face and the wind lifting my hair, that all these women, my ancestors are inside me, like so many layers of an onion that have finally produced who I am today. I feel the medicine women, the good mothers, the strong women, the shy quiet women of our people all standing within my skin.

I feel the memories within the racial subconscious and I also feel, because these women are me and further generations will also be me, I can, with a little projection, tune into the past or the future. I believe that this is where the gift of second sight comes to us as a people. The ability to go back and forth between the seen world and the unseen world.

When I was a child I had visions that people would regard as nightmares, from as early as I can remember. I had good dreams, too, but had no clue as to what these dreams and visions meant. Then as I grew older I began to see places and things that would jar the memories of the dreams and visions from childhood. I began to trust the fact that the dreams and visions were in fact telling me stories and those stories became today's news and then became history. So I have to think that the visions that I had as a young child, as well as the ones over a half century of life ... that these things are tomorrow's history. If this is true (and I know that this is so) then it is a great responsibility.

What I speak of here is only my truth, seasoned by the traditions and beliefs of my culture.

In my travels I have contacted a network of many of our elders. They have told me things that I need to pass on to all people who are meant to hear.

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1998

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