book coverSpirit Visions

The Old Ones Speak

Dennison & Teddi Tsosie

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ISBN: 1-57733-002-1, 384 pages, 6x9, paper, $19.95

This book will change your way of looking at the universe, forever.

A beautiful, simply-written, heart-felt account of spiritual growth and insight from Navajo Medicine Man, Dennison Tsosie.

When his wife, Teddi, found a "Record Keeper" crystal in a $3 bargain box and placed it under her pillow, she was astonished when Dennison began receiving overwhelming amounts of confusing information. As this information kept coming, Teddi recorded in her journal, and now shares with us, Dennison's amazing mystical experiences, native wisdom, and prophetic visions. At first photocopied and given out to friends and family, this book has a life of its own, which has taken Dennison and Teddi to meet and pray with spiritual leaders in Ecuador, Canada, and Japan. The information in Spirit Vision includes:


"Dennison Tsosie's book, Spirit Visions, has allowed me to be able to pull together in a cohesive manner all of the other works of prophecy that I had already read. It let me understand the things that were going on in my life and make sense about why they were happening or had happened. When later I was privileged to meet Dennison, I felt that being in his presence was the personification of the Greek work agape, unconditional love for all mankind. He is giving these teachings not to frighten us, but to let us understand love and how to survive in the times ahead." C. Lindsey, KY

"This is a book of wonder. It was never planned, but has come to be through its own force, a force that has touched me at a very deep level." M. Fjelldal, Norway

"Spirit Visions is such a wonderful book, you don't want to put it aside until you have read it all, which is hard to do at one sitting. The information given to Dennison by the Grandfathers is mind-provoking. I personally feel it should be 'required' reading for going into the new century." B. DeVillez, KY

Table of Contents

Foreword by Lorraine Sinclair

- 1988 -
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The Struggle for Mother Earth


The Crystal
April 1988

It was the night of April 12, 1988, and we had just gone to bed. My new Record Keeper crystal lay secretly under my pillow. I felt a little foolish for even considering the possibility of information encoded in a stone, but I was intrigued nonetheless.

I sat up reading, while Dennison turned over to go to sleep. After a few minutes, I turned out the light and was beginning to relax, when Dennison turned over and softly said to me, "Babe, are you awake?" I replied, "Yes." He said, "I saw the most beautiful city; it's like a glass or crystal city, so beautiful and bright, with this light coming from the buildings." I asked, "Just now? Were you asleep already?" He replied, "I don't know. I don't think so." He was silent after that, and I thought maybe he had gone to sleep. A couple of minutes passed, and he spoke again, "I'm still there. I can see it when I close my eyes, and I'm not asleep!" His voice was full of wonder as he continued to describe what he was seeing. "I'm walking up a street, or more like a path or a walkway of some sort.... There is a low wall on the side and a drop off. I can't see what's down there; it's too dark.... I can see a large, circular building, across the way. It's like a courthouse. Something tells me it's like a courthouse....

"It's big, really big. There's bright light coming out of the windows, but it isn't harsh light; it doesn't hurt your eyes." I asked, "Can you see inside the building?" He replied, "No, but I don't need to see inside. It's like I've been here before; I already know what's in there. Somehow, the walls seem to reflect the light.... The light comes from a big crystal, and it, like, reflects energy to the walls. There are lots of buildings. They seem to be made of glass or crystal. There's light, and it shines up and out like this. (He motioned his hand in the dark; I could just see it by the light of the digital clock.) There's huge crystals all around the city, and they sit at an angle, like this and this." I tried to ask more questions, but he said, "I have to be still now, 'they' are telling me to be still; there's more...."

He was quiet for what seemed a long time. Many things rushed through my mind as I tried to comprehend what was happening. I felt sure he wasn't dreaming, and the wonder and fear in his voice left no doubt he was actually experiencing something. I fleetingly wondered who "they" were. It also began to occur to me that I had placed the Record Keeper crystal under my pillow, only it was too fantastic to believe he could be getting this from it. His breathing was shallow and regular, and I was again wondering if he had fallen asleep, when he began to speak.

"Babe, I see a valley, a hidden valley. It's the most beautiful place I've ever seen. Sooo beautiful.... I don't know where it is, but I think it exists now, somewhere.... There is a lake down there, and it's so blue. I really wish you could see it, it's so perfect....

"I'm coming up on the edge now ... uhhh! I'm going over the edge, and I'm like flying ... hold me. Babe, I'm scared! I'm shaking and I can't stop. Please hold me tight, and don't turn me loose. I need to feel you!... Now someone is telling me, 'Don't be afraid; we'll only show you a little and see how you do.'" Dennison seemed to grow calmer after this, and he continued, "The valley exists now; I'm sure of it. I'd really like to go there. There is a city by the lake, but you can't see it. Some of it is under the lake. People who see it think there is just a lake.... I have to be still again; there's more."

By this time I was really feeling overwhelmed. Something extraordinary was happening, and I had no idea how to handle it. In my helplessness, I felt tears stinging my eyes. Another part of me said I had to remain calm for Dennison; I needed only to go along.

Quietly, he began speaking again. "I see a gray building.... It looks like a castle, surrounded by a wall and towers with pointed tops at each corner.... There's a huge, faceted crystal in the middle of the roof. There's buildings inside the walls. The crystal is turning around slowly, and there's a beam of light ... of energy going up. It's like a generator.... I think it's another time."

He fell silent for awhile, then continued. "Now I see a volcano; a crater. The landscape is bare and burned looking, black all around. No life at all. There's a red glow coming from the crater; like lights coming from within it.... Oh, there's a city under it! People live inside the earth!... I see beings, but I'm afraid to look at them.... 'They' are saying not to be afraid.

"The people look kind of like ants. Really big ants, but they have two arms and two legs and large eyes. I think they are workers. They move sort of funny, kind of a bobbing motion. It scares me to go in there. I don't want to see any more."

After another pause, he said, "I'm seeing symbols, like numbers or something. They are coming at me and going into my forehead. I think it's like a history maybe.... Time passing. Lots of time.... I'm asking what the symbols mean, but 'they're' telling me it's not important right now, just experience it, let it happen.... They're so strange - little triangles and lines and circles.... Nothing I've ever seen before.

"There's buildings in the distance.... It's gray all around, and the buildings are gray. I think maybe it's underground.... Now I'm moving really fast. Everything is speeding by me. Hold me! I'm afraid I'll fly off and won't be able to come back; I need to feel you.... Now I'm coming up on the city; it's still about thirty miles away. There's mountains in the background, and trees, and there's a bright glow coming from the city, beaming up into the sky...."

Another long pause, and I began to wonder if it was over. I was just about to speak to him when he said, "I see a dark brown planet with these rectangular shapes.... Maybe it is a circle of houses in some sort of a pattern. Oh. Something tells me it's a calendar of some sort, an ancient calendar.... It's beginning to fade now."

Dennison was silent for awhile, then he sighed deeply and said, "Man, that was really weird! What's happening!?" I confessed I had no real idea, then told him about placing the Record Keeper crystal under my pillow earlier and wondered if it could have caused the "visions." He seemed to dismiss the idea; then, believe it or not, he fell right to sleep. I wanted to discuss what had just happened and ask lots more questions, but he was sleeping so soundly. I couldn't wake him when I spoke to him, so I let him sleep and got up. I went into the kitchen, made some tea, and wrote down as much as I could remember. I noticed the whole episode had taken nearly two hours....

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