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UFOs: A Great New Dawn for Humanity

The True Story of a Contactee

Enrique Castillo Rincón

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ISBN: 1-57733-000-5, 272 pages, 42 illus., 6x9, paper, $19.95
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Translated from the Spanish, this book is acclaimed throughout South America.

In the early 1970s, the author met a man at a movie theater in Caracas, Venezuela, and began a friendship lasting four months. Three years later, this same "man" greeted him as he was taken on board the Peiadean ship for the first time. Enrique was later to board space ships four more times over two years. A highly respected engineer, known for his genuine credulity, he dramatically changed his life to research these amazing encounters.

The author's true story of how events unfolded, from the ship rising out of a lake to his descriptions of the mother ship, and his visit to a concealed, self-sufficient community high in the mountains, all lead the reader to a compelling conclusion: the universe is teeming with intelligent, conscious beings who are able to transcend "time" and "space" as they move in and out of our "reality."

From the visitors: "We are here carrying out a very special mission. We belong to a very developed civilization, sister to others, from which we have received specific orders regarding Planet Earth. From antiquity, we have contacted other men, belonging to various cultures. We have influenced their thinking through what you call "Masters." But not only on this planet, also on others: we have contributed to their scientific, cultural, and spiritual development."

Table of Contents


1. Seven Eternal Minutes
2. The Siege Begins
3. Are Those "Things" Following Me?
4. A Swissman Who Was Not Swiss
5. The Initiation
6. The Preparation
7. The Contact
8. My Stand Collapses
9. From Surprise to Surprise
10. From Mystery to Mystery
11. The Truth Is in Washington D.C.
12. The Truth Shall Always Be the Truth
13. The Word Begins to Spread
14. The Venusians - Are They Venusian?
15. Teachings from the Stars
16. Under Wonderment
17. The Shangri-La of the Andes
18. The Master of Wisdom
19. The Prophecies ... Are They a Promise?
20. The Nine Times That Will Change the World
21. My Personal Opinion

Appendix A: The Bogota Specimen: A New Physical Investigation, by Dr. Jacques Vallee
Appendix B: Testimonials


They took me to a special panel, where a visor opened like the lids of an eye, revealing a concave screen. I sat in front of the visor, on a fixed chair. One of my companions, who was operating the controls, adjusted them and invited me to look through them. Approaching, I saw a great vacuum and felt dizziness. "Take the controls, and adjust them to your eyesight." I moved them somewhat, until I could see with perfect clarity through the screen.

"That is your home."

I was dumbfounded; it was a sort of telescope, incorporating a beam of light, capable of penetrating the roofs and walls of buildings. I could see my family sleeping, and the dog seemed to notice something, barking and moving about nervously at the window of my room. When I moved the levers the wrong way, a neighbor's house became visible. A bit alarmed, they cautioned me to look only at my house.

"How did you find my house?"

"With this same device; it is capable of seeing through some metals. In this way we have watched many people." We kept on going at a steady speed. I could identify 68th Avenue, a major thoroughfare in Bogota, and the traffic upon it, along with the housing developments in that neighborhood, which looked like doll houses or models to scale. I asked them if I could report to others about all that I was seeing. "That is up to you; you can do so." I never noticed resistance on their part, or prohibitions. My questions in most instances were very childish. I wanted to know everything but did not know where to begin. It was they who wisely directed my thoughts toward some special subjects. "We have information that will be delivered at its proper time. It will affect all religions on Earth. It has to do with what you call 'The Creation of Man.' We belong to an organization that gives assistance to the Planet, and we have always been present."

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