book coverYou Will Live Again

Dramatic Case Histories of Reincarnation

Brad Steiger

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ISBN: 0-931892-29-5, 248 pages, 24 photos, 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $12.95

With the vigor of a true explorer, Brad Steiger investigates many of the baffling cases of people who have had past-life memories or who have been aware of places or events that should have been totally unfamiliar to them. From his own experiences, researching other documented cases, and interviewing well-known past-life researchers, he shares his findings: "Brad Steiger uses exciting case histories to show how past lives are influencing the present - sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse - but always for growth. You'll read this book in one sitting!" Dick Sutphen, You Were Born Again to Be Together

Table of Contents

1. Exploring the Mystery of Reincarnation
2. Bridey Murphy Revisited
3. The Mystery of Naomi Henry
4. The Rebirth of a Civil War Victim
5. Viewing Death As Transition, Rather Than Termination
6. Bible Belt Bridey Murphys
7. Dick Sutphen's Group Regression Techniques: Past Lives En Masse
8. Past Lives Through Altered States of Consciousness
9. Two Metaphysicians Discuss Reincarnation
10. His Birthday Present Was A Past-Life Memory Identified
11. East Is East and West Is West
12. Reincarnation - Or a Voice from Beyond?
13. Other Lives, Other Loves
14. A Cautionary Tale of Starcrossed Soulmates
15. If It Isn't Reincarnation, What Could It Be
16. Meeting Your Karmic Counterpart


"I have always had this very strange recurring dream. I see myself as a cowboy during a trail drive. It must be sometime after the Civil War because some of the men have on battered military hats and high cavalry boots. There is an argument about whether the men should rustle the herd from the owner. I defend the rancher, tell the men that they're crazy to think of stealing. One of the men pulls a revolver and shoots me in the chest. I can feel that slug burn; I can smell gunpowder and cattle; I can see jagged streaks of lightning scratching the dark sky; I can hear the excited chatter of the men get farther and farther away as I lie there dying. Then I wake up, but it has all been so real! Am I actually remembering how I died in a former life?"

"My husband and I went to Mexico last summer. It was something that I had always wanted to do, ever since I was just a little girl. We saw all the things touristas are supposed to see; then, on a peculiar compulsion, I asked my husband to turn off on a side road. We had been strongly advised to keep to the main routes, but I had an unquenchable desire to take this particular road. After we had driven a few miles, we came to an obscure little village. It was dirty, unattractive, but I knew that village. It sounds crazy to say it, but I felt that I had lived there before. I knew the arrangement of the town square; I knew the path that led to the lake; and most peculiar of all, I felt a great feeling of warmth toward a withered old couple sunning themselves outside their hut. I actually felt as though they might have been my parents when I lived in that village during a former incarnation."

"When I first met Sarah, I felt that I had known her before. After we had dated for a while, she admitted that she had experienced that same sort of feeling toward me. Just for fun, we checked all the places we had lived as kids or traveled through on vacation trips, but we had never come within a thousand miles of each other before we met. The weirdest part is that I feel that we've lived together before, maybe as man and wife, maybe as brother and sister. We plan to be married soon. What else can we do? It seems as though we have always been together."

Have you, as have my three correspondents quoted above, ever asked yourself, "Have I lived before?"

Have you ever walked down a street in a strange city and been overwhelmed with the sudden familiarity of its shop windows, sidewalks, and store fronts?

Have you ever seemed to experience the arousal of some long-forgotten memory when you lay at ease with a completely tranquil mind?

Or has a hidden memory ever been stimulated by witnessing a dramatic reenactment of some scene from the past?...

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1996

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