101 things to know before you date my daughter, my best friend, or me.

Josefa Salinas

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ISBN: 1-57733-165-6, 238 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, paperback, $14.95

whether it's your first date or you've been married for years, this book is a must-read!

Los Angeles radio personality Josefa "Angelita" Salinas has written a must-read book about relationships. With 17 years of radio experience to her credit, Josefa has combined the wisdom gleaned from listening to thousands of people talk about their problems into one great book.

101 Things to Know Before You Date My Daughter, My Best Friend or Me is getting rave reviews from celebrities, men, women, teenagers and college students.


"For the men who don't understand why they strike out with women, and for the women who give away their power to these men, Josefa Salinas sets the record straight. She brilliantly enumerates relationship guidelines for each gender, with opportunity to inscribe your journey. Learning ONLY these 101 Thing to Know Before You Date... will provide you with 1001 opportunities for richer relationships!" Dr. Gilda Carle, relationship expert, media personality and author of Don't Bet on the Prince!

"As a teaching tool, I have merely had to place 101 Things... in the classroom on a single desk and the rest takes care of itself. Within 2 days the book is in high demand. Within a week of handing out the first copy, I have students who aren't even enrolled in my classes coming in to request a copy. Boys are as interested as the girls in 101 Things.... It is a book that most students will read nonstop cover to cover. The only difficulty I have had with Ms. Salinas' book is the reluctance of students to put it down when the time comes to go on to other items in the class." Ron Carcich, teacher, Buena Park High School, Buena Park, CA

"It has always been so refreshing to be able to have a role model who has done nothing but promote through her words and actions the importance of loyalty. I am so proud to introduce the world to my inspiration. To many she is incredible, but to me she is irreplaceable. My mother has taught me how to be the very best woman that I can be, and if her book can give its readers even a fraction of the insight she has given me, then I consider them some of the luckiest readers on earth." Paress Salinas, daughter, best friend!

"101 Things... is the roadmap that navigates you through the trials and tribulations of bringing children into the real world. It puts you on the highway to healthy relationships and keeps you there, not only with your kids, but your spouse as well. 101 Things... is a must-read for parents and teens alike." Rick and Becky Nuhn

"This book is truly epignosis (the accurate, precise information) on how to touch the heart of the relationship you desire to maintain and cultivate into something that will last a lifetime and even throughout eternity. This book will indeed affect the lives of those who seek to have a model relationship, one that the world would appreciate." Dr. Edward Turner, Power of Love Church


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Always call when you say you are going to call. This may sound simple and trivial, but 17 years and thousands of women have confirmed this is their number one complaint about men.

For the Female: This is the hardest thing to teach a guy. Once he masters this, you'll have someone special. When he calls, call him back. If you're not interested, be kind but tell him.

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