Age of the Soul

A New Way of Living from Your Soul

Rohan, as given to Jason Nelson

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ISBN: 978-1-4243-1586-4, 200 pp., paperback, $19.50

Age of the Soul is an excellent look at how spirituality and our perspective of life are evolving and what this world is becoming. It reveals detailed exercises and explanations of how to transition from an old way that hasn't worked to a new way that reveals your soul's power to liberate and free you. Wherever you are and whatever you do, get ready to move forward.

This book was channeled through spiritual healer and teacher Jason Nelson by a nonphysical being of God named Rohan. Just as any Angel, Archangel, or name of God, Rohan is a Source being. The word Source is used synonymously with God because it means Source of all creation.

Rohan, a name that means safe, comes to us in a time of desperation when the world is divided and on the brink of world war. He shows us how fear and pain are choices we make and how we may change this world to peace and harmony in one generation. Be a part of the change.

Through this book find your life purpose, communicate with your spiritual guidance and deceased loved ones, and understand the new children of today. Learn about The Exchange, an advanced form of love-making far greater and pleasurable than sex. Use The Five Accomplishments to heal yourself and experience enlightenment.

Age of the Soul will be the most amazing experience you will have as you look at a different world through different eyes: enlightened eyes.

New World Foundation, 2006


"You have truly unlocked some deep pain. I don’t know how you did it, but the guilt and shame of pain is gone. I feel lighter happier and able to handle so much more in my life. I love you and will pray for you to be able to help others as you have helped me." Lisa, nurse

"Jason is a living example of the spiritual model. He exudes peace, balance and non-judgment in the human form. His book is the blueprint to show the way." G.C. Neff

"Jason is breaking down the old concepts of the teacher or the 'gifted one' being better than the student. He acts as a guide; instead of doing it for you, he teaches you to do it. Coming into contact with his perspective is an invitation to be empowered." M.J.C.

"I have been involved with Jason Nelson’s seminars throughout 2006 and helped him coordinate one of his angel seminars.... I watched these seminars enrich the lives of hundreds of people, as well as experience it myself firsthand. He helped me deal with physical, mental, and emotional issues that I would have had a much harder time with on my own. I highly recommend his book, as well as taking one of his seminars. You will be forever changed." Jodi Friedman, real estate broker & Reiki master

"Jason has truly shown me what unconditional love is. He taught me how to have a direct connection with my guides, which has been the most valuable gift. Rohan has been directly guiding and teaching me on my soul’s path. Participant responses from Jason’s workshops have been over-whelming. If you truly want to get to your soul’s purpose, then don’t miss reading this book or attending a workshop. Wherever you are in your soul’s journey, get ready to move forward." Leah Levkowitz, healer/channel/teacher

"It saved me years of my life by putting me on path." Ellen Darger, spa owner

"A beautiful validation awakening the journey to my soul." Deb, LMT

"Jason’s book and workshops have helped me to discover and confront issues that have been binding me, and gave me the freedom to move past them to a better life for myself." Marlaya Charleston, poet and artist

"Age of the Soul is filled with channeled insights and exercises that are life enhancing, and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to live from their soul." Toni O’Bryan, President, KaChing, llc

"Jason Nelson has given me an amazing gift - the knowledge and certainty that I can communicate directly with my angels and my soul. What a comfort it is to know that I need only to ask and listen! My ability to receive and channel messages for myself and others has enhanced my life, both personally and professionally." Felice Lipkint, M.S., counselor/trainer

"As a psychiatrist and an energy healer evolving in my ability to clear and balance, it is heartening to see somebody like you teaching this on the next level." Ted Leonido, M.D.

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