Jason Nelson

Author of  Age of the Soul

Jason Nelson, healer, channeler, writer and teacher, travels giving talks, workshops, and private sessions. Rohan, an Angelic being of God, came to Jason in 2005 asking him to channel at least six books that will share truth of the wonderful age we are in now called the Age of the Soul. The series of books shows us how to live from the soul and its purpose on earth so that one may experience enlightenment, peace, harmony, and unconditional love.

Jason’s first memories were seeing and feeling spirits. On his 25th birthday, Jason channeled information from God about his destiny and universal laws; the information included prophecies that have all come true. Five months later he met his teacher, Katherine Beck, who has helped him every day since January 2002 with clearing and fulfilling his destiny.

His interests include dancing and yoga. Jason graduated Cal-State University of Northridge in 2002 with a music degree, quickly finding his passion for classical singing. He studied hypnosis and handwriting analysis for one year. In December 2003 Jason established an organic, raw day spa in southern Utah called New You. He returned to Santa Monica, California, in 2005 where he enjoys the ocean breeze and temperate climate. There he has completed his first book, Age of the Soul, and is finishing the second one about children. Jason’s book and teachings show you how to find your life purpose, communicate with your spiritual guides and deceased loved ones, and understand the new children of today.

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