Deepika Avanti

Author of  Embracing the Miraculous

Deepika Avanti, MA, LPC, is a holistic therapist. She received her M.A. from Naropa University and is a licensed psychotherapist, a certified medical intuitive, an advanced, licensed Phazx BodyScan/homeopathic practitioner, certified as a Yuen Method (Chinese Energetic) practitioner, and performs healings through the love and power of Christ. She uses this holistic approach described in this book in her worldwide healing practice, meditation and classes.

Her lifetime quest to tangibly embrace Spirit accelerated when she was told she had an 'incurable" disease and discovered "faith," being told she had only three weeks to live. She went from being unable to walk, ninety-five percent dead, to optimal health, climbing 21,000-foot peaks. After healing herself through the various methods described in this book, and finding her answers primarily through relationship with the Miraculous, Love, God by infinite names, she offers this book as a healing tool and inspiration to others.

Deepika is a guide at the Casa in Brazil where the acclaimed healer John of God has worked with millions of people. She also apprenticed with a Ute Indian shaman for seven years, studied many religions and practiced Buddhism over twenty years. This included living in several Ashrams and traveling around the world many times.

Now she lives with her husband, Charles Ogsbury, whose OME banjos are world treasures, and their son, Zen Ogsbury, a master of surprise!

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