Embracing the Miraculous

Attaining Optimal Health on All Levels

Deepika Avanti

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ISBN: 978-1-57733-211-4, 220 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, paperback, $17.95

Embracing the Miraculous is a must-read for anyone wanting to know God in a tangible way. It has over forty exercises that can transform an abstract belief of God into something you can experience through your emotions, intuition, body senses (hearing, sight, touch, taste), and as an energy flow in your body. Author Deepika Avanti shares spell-binding stories of her adventures with Spirit and tells the tale of going from 95% dead to climbing 21,000-foot peaks and achieving optimal health on all levels. She is an inspiration to us all. Learn how to heal on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.


"Deepika clearly lives her life as an Enlightened Warrior and encourages others to do whatever it takes to follow their inner wisdom, take action in their life, and succeed in spite of anything." T. Harv Eker, author of #1 NY Times Bestseller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, President of Peaks Potentials Training, and author of several highly acclaimed Seminars and Camps including the Enlightened Warrior Camp

"Deepika Avanti brings much needed hope to a society suffering from lack of connection. People seek solutions outside themselves; this book guides them to reconnect with their greater self, with love, with Spirit. It's a refreshing spiritual how-to manual for life. Deepika makes it accessible to live a purposeful and meaningful life. This is a must-read for all who are ready to live in integrity with themselves and those they touch. I highly recommend you work with Deepika; she will get to the bottom of your pain and help you reconstruct your life." Claudia Medina-Caporal, Coach and Facilitator

"This book really puts your feet to the fire to live it. I am swept into dancing the Divine and remembering who I am, One with the Divine." Jill Jones, Holistic Healer

"From the many years I've known Deepika, I've been extremely impressed with her ability to heal herself from a life threatening condition of Grave's disease and heal others from major illnesses. She has done all this from her connection to God. I deeply admire her connection and devotion to God. This is a powerful blessing that she successfully shares and inspires others to also live." Ray Wynfield, Healer, Minister, Teacher of Meditation.

"I bless this book to bless people worldwide to feel God's Love." John of God, as The Entity (Deepika is an official guide of the Casa de Dom Ignacio)

"I have been waiting to really feel tangibly connected with God and supported to use this divine insight in every aspect of my life including serving many businesses as a President and coach. This book and Deepika's work inspired me to succeed with God in ways I didn't imagine. You leap to new levels living this book." Marilyn Laverty, President and Business Coach

"I'm so excited reading Deepika's personal stories that totally speak to me and inspire my life. Her simple exercises continually help me connect with God and heal on all levels. The results in my life are awesome in my life and will be in yours too." Julia Gibbs, a happily healed reader and client

"When you said do you feel God, I felt it. I now trust whatever is going on is okay and for the best. I feel more peace in my life." Marilyn Love

"Deepika's healing work is impeccable." Kam Yuen, founder Chinese Energetics, Yuen Energetics

"We are here to connect with God, to go beyond ourselves and to experience the Great Mystery. Deepika has devoted her life to following her spiritual guides. She shares her personal experience along this path and wants nothing more than to inspire others to do the same." Carlos Starr Ogsbury

"Deepika Avanti takes us into the miraculous sacred worlds of the human body and in doing so, she awakens us to our own sacred journey here on Mother Earth. In a vision I saw into the inner realms hundreds of titles yet to be published, and now I am thankful that Embracing the Miraculous is one of them." Joseph Beautiful Painted Arrow

"I had long-term problems with asthma, high blood pressure, heart, prostate, colon and skin problems. I had a cat scan showing my heart valve needed surgery. Three days after working with Deepika my heart was fine and the open heart surgery was not needed. Now I have low blood pressure, and the rest has basically cleared up too. I am breathing better than I have for years." Jim, client

"I was diagnosed with Huntington's disease. Last year people couldn't understand me. Now I am able to have conversations and even understand scientific articles." [Brian went from an exhausted state, being in bed most of the time sleeping, to being totally active, even studying until midnight, walking a mile with his walker with no oxygen.] Brian, client

"After seven long years of suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, what a relief it was to find Deepika - a true healer whose heart, hands, and combined healing talents brought me to a new level of health and well being." Claire, client

"Deepika's wisdom runs as deep as the compassion in her heart, for all beings, everywhere. She has answered her soul's challenge to become fully awakened in this lifetime, and to live in moment-to-moment connection with Divinity. Her devotion and great facility in helping each of us to discover our own highest and healed self are a wondrous miracle, here to open and bloom in the light of your present reality." m. Claire, author, healer, presenter, teacher

"Imagine a world where All of us experience Infinite Love within ourselves, with each other, and we live Namaste, which means, I bow to the God within you. Deepika's book ignites this reality, bringing it alive within us. We invite you to join this mission of living love on earth." Steve Farrell, Worldwide Coordinating Director, Humanity's Team (in 97 countries), info@humanitysteam.org

"Deepika Avanti, MA, LPC, meets you on the page. She has put her whole presence into a book called Embracing the Miraculous; Attaining Optimal Health on All Levels, published by Blue Dolphin Publishing, Inc. A non-labeled, but apparent follower of Bhakti (the devotion of the heart to full surrender beyond specific form or religion) she allows God to teach her and guide her. What a beautiful account of how we may discover the boundless expansive world of the Divine when we allow our heart to be taken by the hand of the inner love and universal guidance WITHIN. This beautiful spirit, Deepika Avanti, goes far beyond societal maps and current moldings, allowing the promptings of source creator to move her in profound inner and outer ways. She is true example and teacher of DIVINE LOVE being the complete and profound healer.

"Anyone wishing to trust surrender to love will benefit from reading this book. Deepika Avanti, shares how she returned from an almost-death with Graves disease to complete vital health and mountain climbing, and how you can heal your ailments too. Her expertise as healer and therapist shines through the teaching aspects of the book. Couageous humility in most pure form radiates through her personal story. This one is must read for lovers of Life!" Dr. Laurie Moore, The Miracle Ground (www.animiracles.com)

"Deepika is a wonderful example of someone who is real and who lives a life truly serving God in suffering humanity. Her unconditional love and commitment to healing is a model and inspiration for us all. As a born Healer and Medical Intuitive, I can see that her spiritual Work is a full-time job encouraging us to 'embrace the miraculous' in every aspect of our lives. Antonio Silva, Healer, Medical Intuitive, author, Commanding the Light (www.antonioshealinghands.com)

Table of Contents



1. Dancing with Spirit
Tricked into God
Spiritual Healing Comes First
John of God
Lessons from Peace Pilgrim
Thy Will Is My Will
How My Life Has Changed
Being Danced by Divine Lov

2. Opening to Divine Love
Becoming Still
Master Relaxation Exercise
Using the Body as a Barometer (with exercise)
The Power of Names
Clearing the Way
Using Prayer to Enhance Your Connection to God (by any name)
Imagining the Reality You Want

3. Getting Acquainted with Divine Love
Sensing Where Your Soul and God Join (Within Your Body) (with exercise)
The Downward (Heaven-to-Earth) Flow of God (Masculine)
Exercise: Experiencing the Masculine Aspect of God
The Upward (Earth-to-Heaven) Flow of God (Feminine) (with exercise)
Exercise: Experiencing the Feminine Aspect of God
Moved-by-Spirit (with exercise)
Experiencing God as Light
Daily Practice

4. What Can Be Learned from the Perspective of Dying
Joining My Mother’s Dying
The Value of Dying and After-Life Experiences
Dying Meditation (with exercise)
My Experience with the Dying Meditation

5. Finding Your Higher Purpose
Finding Your Higher Purpose from a Pre-birth Perspective (with exercise)
Exercise: Finding a Symbol for Your Higher Purpose
What If You Had Only a Certain Amount of Time to Live? (Exercise)
Looking at Life Purpose from a Deathbed Perspective (with exercise)
Identifying Steps to Manifest Your Purpose
Getting a Higher Perspective
Feeling Empowered to Succeed in Your Higher Purpose (with exercise)
Saying Yes to Higher Purpose
Using Numerology as an Aid

6. Living in Alignment with Divine Love and Will
No Use Resisting
God Finds a Way
Baptized by Spirit
The Ascent of Faith
Unending Miracles

7. Learning to Trust and Follow Guidance
Avenues for Receiving Guidance
Moved by Spirit (with exercise)
Building Confidence by Remembering Positive Examples
Following Guidance
When Fear Is Paralyzing
Resisting Guidance
Trusting Guidance
Confronting Obstacles
There Are Obstacles 86
Spiritual Teachers Point Us to God Within
Ask God for Help
Guidance Is Not Just for Us


8. Discovering a Holistic Approach to Healing
My Phoenix Experience
Developing My Healing Approach

9. Body-Centered Healing
Bioenergetic Medicine
The Phases of Health
The Phazx BodyScan
Psychic Surgery

10. Healing Emotional Patterns
Examples of Emotional Healings That Resolved Physical Symptoms
Exploring the Chakras
Strangled by Fear
Loving What Is (with exercise)

11. Transforming Negative Core Beliefs
Core Beliefs
Transforming Beliefs
Themes from Multiple Lifetimes (with exercise)
Generational Healing (with exercise)
Forgiveness and Letting Go of the Judge (with exercise)

12. A Vision of Perfect Health
Embracing Optimal Health
Lessons from the Healed Self (with exercise)
Looking Through the Eyes of God
The Power of Positive Energy

13. Healing with Spirit
The Divine at Work
Exercise: Meditation for Feeling Divine Love
The Joy of Healing
Exercise: Meditation for Feeling Yourself as Divine Love
You Are Love
Divine Therapy
Exercise: Experiencing Your Parents Transformed

14. The Magic Moment
The Power of Meditation
Spiritual Mantras (with exercise)
Mantra Samples
Ending a Meditation Period
Living in the Present Moment
Instruction for Oneness Meditation (using photographs)
Formless Meditation

15. Integrating the Four Levels to Achieve Optimal Health
A Personal Example
Living Optimal Health
Surprise Blessings: Being Embraced
Blessings to You

16. Embracing the Miraculous for Ourselves and the World
Miraculous Healing Now Web Video Clips
Miraculous Healing Now Ipod Collection
Embracing the Miraculous Meditation Ipod Collection
Embracing Yourself As Miraculous Visualization
Embracing the Miraculous CD
Order The Magic Moment book
Invest in a How Healthy Are You? Half-Hour Energetic Assessment
Invest in a How Healthy and Energetic Do You Want to Be? One-Hour Comprehensive Session
Organize Healing Demonstrations or Teleseminar Support Groups
Embracing the Miraculous You Two-Day Class
Embracing the Miraculous You with Love Two-Day Class
Embracing the Miraculous Training Program for Healers
Embracing the Miraculous Trip to John of God in Brazil - Thirteen Days
Make a World of Difference: Volunteer to Spread World Healing

Selected Bibliography
Major Teachers
About the Author



Why Should I Read this Book? Why Do I Want to Embrace the Miraculous?

How would you like to have more energy to live your potential? My life passion has been to embrace the Miraculous, the Universal Energy in a way that I could tangibly feel and trust. Coming close to dying with a serious illness definitely prompted me to connect more deeply. This connection with the Miraculous or God by infinite names saved my life and brought me optimal health. I went from being 95% dead to climbing 21,000-foot glacial peaks and healing on all four levels (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually). This book is based on my gaining optimal health, on my holistic healing practice, as well as a class I was given by Spirit to help all of us connect to God and gain optimal health.

How would you like to develop a deeper trust in God by tangibly sensing, feeling, hearing, seeing, and being moved by the Universal Energy? Embracing the Miraculous has over forty exercises that teach you how to be one with the Miraculous, the Divine Love that you are, and attain optimal health on all levels. How would you like to attain optimal health or have more health? Attaining optimal health is living our highest potential of love on all levels. How would you like to live more of your potential?

The Course in Miracles describes miracles as a change of perception from the ego or lower self to the (Big) Self. This book gives you body centered experiences changing your perception from the ego to God’s perception. By changing your inner world, your outer world changes. If everyone had God perception, we would have a world based on love.

The book is divided into two parts. The first helps you have a more tangible experience of God and learn to follow guidance. The second half centers on achieving optimal health through becoming aware of limiting beliefs, creating positive beliefs, healing emotional wounds, gaining more peace and joy, considering tools that support the body in healing, and learning how to use meditation to deepen your relationship with Spirit and live each moment in the present. My wish is for you to have this connection with Divine Love and the optimal health on all levels that comes with it. What my life so clearly shows is that all is possible with Embracing the Miraculous.

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 2008

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