Commanding the Light

A Conversation about Paranormal Healing between Antionio Silva, Paranormal Healer, and Hans Holzer, Parapsychologist

Antonio Silva Paranormal Healer and Hans Holzer Parapsychologist

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INTRODUCING--Antonio Silva--medical intuitive and healer, as he reveals the principles of "paranormal healing" and his own unique work in this compelling dialogue with the renowned parapsychologist, Professor Hans Holzer.

Their discussion will help enlighten readers to a phenomenal form of healing that transcends so-called "new age" methods. Antonio practices "healing" in its purest form--despite the obstacles and density of our modern world. Using this profound yet simple knowledge, Antonio guides humanity to a brand new level of awareness and consciousness.

"I also feel, depending on each case and its needs, that the best of both worlds--standard medical and alternative medical--should be used for the best results, unless one method is in direct contradiction of the other. Antonio Silva ... is an outstanding example of a natural healer and cannot be recommended enough." Professor Hans Holzer

"This is not the practice of energy healing known as Reiki, nor is it the power of suggestion; what I do is grasp the Consciousness inside your body and tell it where to go and what to do. I can remove tumors and lower blood sugar levels. I can slow down and speed up your heartbeat. I can remove pain from your body, and I can just as easily put it back. It is as simple as that." A.S.

"...the supernatural experience that my clients have with me is often the thing that sticks in their minds the most, regardless of how much relief they feel from the illnesses that brought them to me. And the best part about it is that the gifts that are awake in me are waiting to be awakened in you, too; we are all divine in the full sense of the word." A.S.

Table of Contents

Preface, Hans Holzer

Introduction, Antonio Silva

1. How do you define healing?
2. How do people heal when you deal with them?
3. How do you define Consciousness?
4. When you are healing someone ...
5. When you heal a person who is in front of you ...
6. You have said that the body is designed to heal. Do you mean by itself?
7. What conditions are necessary to promote healing?
8. Do you remove the toxic substances in the body...?
9. How does the body respond to the mind’s influence?
10. What do you think causes disease in the first place?
11. How do you feel that family dynamics and family history affect healing?
12. How do you think that the food that people consume affects their healing?
13. Can you see areas of the body that need healing?
14. How does forgiveness affect healing?
15. Some people believe that disease in children is the direct result ...
16. Does karma play a role at all in our health?
17. How would you define “pain”?
18. How is it that pain and even tumors can be made to disappear over the telephone?
19. What procedure do paranormal healers follow when they’re healing by phone?
20. What makes a good healer?
21. Are all methods of paranormal healing as good as one another...?
22. Is the power of suggestion the real mechanism which heals?
23. Does conventional medicine help to heal the body?
24. Does vitamin consumption help to heal the body...?
25. When will each of us acquire the power in our lifetimes to self-heal?
26. Do you believe in malicious entities...?
27. How does a healthy home environment affect our health...?
28. How does your work with children differ from your work with adults?
29. When you cannot have direct contact with someone, do you need to have a picture...?
30. Can you talk ... about the power of love and its healing capabilities?
31. What was the most rewarding healing experience you’ve ever had, and why?
32. Sometimes people say that in order to heal, we need to turn the other cheek ...
33. How do we know when we’ve successfully forgiven and let go?
34. Why do you believe that some healers are born with their gifts but that others must awaken to them?
35. Does anybody else in your family have similar abilities?
36. There is a common belief among alternative health practitioners ...
37. You have talked about the importance of identifying areas of dis-ease in our lives ...
38. Are certain areas of the earth more healing than others, and why?
39. I’ve known of people who have tried everything ...
40. You speak a lot of “awakening” when talking about healing. What do you mean by this?
41. Is a person who is spiritual more inclined to heal faster...?
42. It is claimed that there are those on earth with paranormal abilities ...
43. How is it possible for a human being to transcend the natural laws...?
44. How can a person let go of the “I” to access this pure Consciousness?
45. What is the difference between harnessing energy and harnessing Consciousness?
46. Is it possible to see future illnesses that could develop in people...?
47. What do you see as the future role of alternative medicine...?
48. Do you see that there will be institutions established ...?
49. Do you have plans yourself to contribute to this process?
50. How soon do you believe it is possible for this to take place?
51. Is it possible to transcend the natural laws ... regarding the aging process...?


About Antonio



Dr. Hans Holzer: Antonio, from your point of view and with your experience, how do you define healing?

Antonio Silva: I define healing as the body’s ability to restore to itself the harmony and balance that existed within it prior to the onset of disease. The body-mind organism must be in harmony for health to prevail. I think of the body as a beautiful building made of glass; those panes of glass may have become stained, filled with cobwebs in the corners, and covered with dust from years of life’s stormy weather. The body is often too overwhelmed or too weak to remove these impurities by itself, so my job when healing someone is to help that process by directly infusing into them the proper balance of pure, energized Consciousness which restores the body’s clarity. This recapturing of our very essence is healing in its truest form.

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 2008

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