Face to Face with Jesus Christ

Apparitions to a Modern Visionary

David Sereda

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ISBN: 1-57733-032-3, 276 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $14.95

This is a true story of a struggling environmentalist and spiritual seeker who, in the darkest hour of his life, encounters Jesus Christ.  He describes three face-to-face meetings with Jesus, a journey through the spiritual heavens, and an encounter with Mary, the mother of Christ. In this book, David Sereda delivers the Lord's message to humankind as it moves into the new millennium.

Face to Face with Jesus Christ unravels many hidden mysteries:

Table of Contents

1. First Meeting with the Lord, Jesus Christ
2. Second Meeting with the Lord, Jesus Christ
3. The First Two Meetings in the Heavens and Resolutions
4. Meeting with Mary and Third Meeting with Jesus Christ
Guide to Healing Technologies


The Lord reveals the possibility of a great tragedy for humankind that is to be avoided at any cost.

Then the Lord showed me a great possible tragedy for humankind. If human beings remain stubborn and do not evolve in love towards each other and the earth they live on, too few of them will become "enlightened" and make it into Heaven and they will make the earth a "living hell" by polluting it and creating wars, causing the future human beings who are to grow up there (their own reincarnated selves) to curse the sky above. They would shout at God thinking God is cruel and did this to them, when the cruelty had nothing to do with God but with humankind's own ignorance. Out of this hate, the souls of humans spiral downards farther and farther such that for any soul to come to love or "enlightenment" becomes more and more difficult. Earth could become a living hell, created by ignorance, with no way to freedom or escape until such beings repel the destructive force and learn to live in love. This terribe cycle could last for a long time. It could reach entropy.

What will happen if we lose our atmosphere by destruction to the ozone layer? What will happen to us if we have to keep reincarnating here until we evolve? Will we live underground or in biodomes? How terrible this would be. Do not rely on the Lord to make a new earth just yet. We do not know when that may be. If the Lord feels it necessary, he may watch us wallow in ignorance, to see if we will evolve. For the many loving souls on earth, some of whom have not yet evolved enough to live permanently in the Heavens, I hope the Book of Revelations is correct in saying there will be a New Heaven and a New Earth. I certainly know from seeing Jesus that the Lord has that kind of power, with absolute ease, and Jesus told me in the first message that he could make a new earth with ease. I just don't know when the Lord may do it. If that moment is still a long time off, then we may be in for more self-created suffering than we have ever known. This message is a call to all materially wealthy persons on earth to skillfully invest in technologies, and implement them, so that we may live in harmony with our earth.

The physics of Heaven reveal a terrible truth here, that may be difficult to bear. This is that Heaven is so evolved in Love and Glory, and there are many good people who are simply not ready to permanently live in the Glory - they will be able to withstand a visit at the time of their death but will be unevolved enough to permanently live there. They will need more time to evolve. But where? The physics of Heaven reveal that if a soul cannot withstand the cleansing of the Holy Ghost, let alone living in the clear bright light and Glory in the ascending Heavens, yet they are still a good person, they must, as Jesus said to me, "go away and learn love in the lower worlds."

If we destroy our own Earth and make it a living hell, guess who comes back here to live in it? We do. What are we going to do about that? To this, there are those who will say that God would be cruel for not saving us. This is not true. Jesus came here 2,000 years ago and we killed him while asking him to leave. There are many others sent by the Lord who were killed by us emotionally, financially, mentally and physically. I have also almost been emotionally destroyed by terrible uncompassionate and unloving women in my life, almost all of who have left me because of my earthly devotion to causes and lack of devotion to financial gain. It is amazing to me that I still care about humankind so much. Perhaps I am relentless in believing that there are good people out there.

When I was in India, I witnessed so much material suffering, so much mental suffering, so much emotional suffering; it is no wonder why yogis fled into caves to seek enlightenment. This is one way to seek enlightenment, but there are many examples of people who reach God while living in civilization. But, what is civilization? As a North American, I witnessed many physical illnesses in the Indian people, and I could see them praying to God to save them from their suffering. They could not see that they had been urinating, dumping human feces, bathing in and polluting the water supply, which was a direct cause of their suffering. Yet when Europeans try and introduce technology and modern sewage treatment facilities to India, they are too proud and one-sided. They do not accept that every nation on earth each caries a piece of a giant puzzle, a gift to give each other. Some profess that they do not have modern plumbing because they are poor. Who owns the patent to steel, pipe manufacturing, water pumps, inventiveness and energy? We all do.

This was an example, and the case of India's material suffering is more involved than I am aware of. Humankind rejects the servants of the Lord who come to answer the prayers of those who suffer. In this example, the sick in India reject modern plumbing. They pray to their gods, their gods send plumbers from the Western world, and they reject them.

If suffering beings with no love in their hearts call for God to come and the emanation of God or the angels from the First Heaven approaches, the unloving and suffering beings fear them so greatly that they hide and scream in agony for the angels to leave lest they die. You can see how terrible an irony this is. With this possible outcome for humankind as a model, it becomes more and more difficult to save us and deliver us into Heaven. This is the entropy that Jesus was warning me about: those who have come to love their suffering, thinking God loves suffering, reject real love and real solutions. These souls live in a closed system that accepts no energy from an outside source and they thus spiral endlessly downwards.

Jesus showed me this in the first message, about how the souls in hells keep "themselves" in eternal hell by living in a closed system of too much suffering, cursing God while rejecting love and solutions that God actually sent them. There is no way out. In the first message, Jesus was so sad to watch, and he showed me this model, and how he would love to save many souls in the hell realms, but they hold themselves in a downward spiral by self-created entropy. As we both stood on the precipice of the hell realms, Jesus desperately wanted to know "why so many souls were ending up there and were unwilling to come out of their terrible suffering." I felt the deepest sadness and compassion I have ever witnessed in all eternity as the Lord spoke very difficult things about the hell realms, what Jesus and the high Angels wanted to do about the hell, all of which are too terrible to mention.

Knowing this, try and understand what happens when the Lord sends angels down into those worlds to try to help. Of course they live like apparent martyrs and get rejected, just like Jesus did when he came here some 2,000 years ago. They get trampled on, lied to, poisoned, have their teachings polluted, and so on. Imagine we are the souls living in entropy, and when God sends healers to earth, we reject them and even assassinate them. We then suffer more, call out to god for more help. God hears the calls of suffering, sends another angel down and the angel lives in poverty, gets rejected by nearly all, stands holding a "will work for food" sign by the highway while a Mercedes drives by and splashes mud all over her clothes, and she eventually dies of starvation on the streets. We then suffer more, move into biodomes because we lost our ozone layer, and curse God thinking God is cruel for not sending help.

When I was standing with the Lord on the precipice of hell and witnessed true entropy in hell, and saw no way out, all of this was revealed to me. The Lord really does want to save souls from hell, but they insist on rejecting love and compassion; thus they keep themselves in a terrible downward spiral into worse and worse suffering.

When the Lord sends apparent martyrs to incarnate in such extreme suffering realms to help, they are treated poorly and most of them are assassinated. You can see this has already happened on earth by examining history. Most martyrs were assassinated. See if you can count how many have been just in your lifetime. They are assassinated mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

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