David Sereda

Author of: Face to Face with Jesus Christ

David Sereda (born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) was first introduced to meditation by his father, Dr. Lynn Sereda (Psychology, U.C. Berkeley), when he was 13 years old. This began a deep and lasting quest to find God and the answers to many of life's most perplexing questions. He has met and studied with many Hindu, Buddhist, Native American and Christian teachers, while maintaining a daily meditation practice for over 17 years.

 David has worked mainly as an environmentalist. He has planted over 900,000 trees in British Columbia, Canada, helped clean up oil spills, and directed the L.A.-based Tesla Foundation, which promoted scientific discoveries for a better environment. He was president of The Green & Blue Corporation, trying to bring eco-technology projects to private investors and corporations, and was president of HiEnergy Microdevices, a small company developing leading-edge technology for the detection of buried landmines.

 In 1994, David had his first face-to-face meeting with Jesus Christ. While grateful to all his past teachers, David became a disciple of Jesus Christ at the moment of this first meeting, as he felt he was in the presence of the most divine being in the known universe.

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