book coverThe Great Seal

Limitless Space & Joy: The Mahamudra View of Diamond Way Buddhism

Lama Ole Nydahl

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ISBN: 978-0-9752954-0-3, 240 pages,5.5 x 8.5, paper, $17.95

Lama Ole Nydahl’s refreshing and modern commentary to this classic Buddhist text about the nature of mind makes these teachings accessible to many people. The Great Seal describes our basis for development, the path, and the goal of Diamond Way Buddhism and offers insight into both the conditioned world and absolute reality. The Great Seal, or Mahamudra view, is compared to painting on water. Everything fits perfectly in the moment, yet while it appears it is also dissolving. Enlightened actions work in the same way: here and now, beyond expectations or fears, without holding on or pushing away.

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Any observation of the outer and inner worlds refers one to mind. Only mind is constantly and truly present, although not as a substantial “something.” Consciousness is like space, unchanging and timeless, while its object, all outer phenomena, as well as the inner states are conditioned; they come and go. Only the experiencer is present always and everywhere.

The Great Seal, Mahamudra in Sanskrit or Chag Chen in Tibetan, was taught by Buddha in order to fully awaken mind’s potential and to seal its enlightened nature. Whoever rests in the radiance of the mirror while enjoying its images and recognizes the indestructibility of the ocean beneath the play of the waves has reached this goal.

The path is a gradually increasing experience of richness and the bliss that enlightenment makes permanent. It begins to manifest in short and less intense forms during the moments when no habits or expectations distract mind. Non-meditators may also taste some of this power during the free fall before the parachute opens or on a fast motorcycle, and everyone (hopefully) knows it from making love. It appears in a flash when sneezing, as the joyful “a-ha” at a new and striking insight or when one shares the joy or good actions of others. Meditation, however, is the concise and scientific way to make this state permanent. In particular the three “old” or “Red Hat” schools of Tibetan Buddhism, which focus on the Diamond Way practices of view and transformation, can make such moments into a lasting experience. Even a short exchange with a holder of the Great Seal awareness can set off this maturation process, but a close friendship with him or one’s co-operation in one of his groups is the most effective method. In meditation and life we will then experience a growing and joyful oneness with phenomena until suffering and frustrations are clearly seen as something unnecessary and odd.

Fireweheel Publishing, 2004

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