A Degree of Illumination


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ISBN: 978-1-57733-243-5, 412 pp., 6x9, paperback, $19.95

Should you have woken up to the fact that there is something seriously amiss with the perception of reality subscribed to by the preponderance of humanity and consequently are searching for a rational (albeit unorthodox) interpretation of our current existence, then this book was written for you.

It begins with our planetary past, present and probable future, and then continues with humanity's hidden history, the cyclical nature of consciousness and the illusions inherent in our physical reality. This is followed by a brief synopsis of the structures which exert inordinate control over the human race and an investigation into the motives and insidious methods employed in the manipulation of our species consciousness. The cynical exploitation of the divisions within humanity is then brought into focus. Some of the largely unrecognized perils and potentials we face are also appraised and our influence on the coalescing future we are moving into, is considered. Emphasis is placed on the necessity of pursuing spiritual enlightenment, unencumbered by either common delusions, or religious dogma.

Lastly, the reader is introduced to aspects of science which have, to humanity's detriment, generally been suppressed or ignored.

Not written for those who are content to remain in the herd.


"Very enlightening, informative and sometimes disturbing." Y.M.

"I hope the writer of this book is dead wrong, but I have a feeling he isn't." C.E.W.

"There is so much previously unavailable data given to the reader that at times you may be shell-shocked. You can compare our current situation on this planet to that of a glass of water. Humanity is the water. The glass is what you do not know but is explained in the book. However, this is known to a very small group of people who are confining humanity in this glass." M.C.

"I've already seen some of the predictions happen after reading the book a few years ago." C.J.

"If you're sufficiently open-minded, it knocks the blinkers off. If you're not, it might well provoke a negative reaction." K.J.

"I've always felt that much of the history we've been taught in school didn't make sense (for instance - the reasons given for events occurring or not occurring) and this book confirms a lot of what I've suspected." C.M.

Table of Contents

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Integration of Information
1.3 Decisions

2.1 Our Present Position— Anthropologically and Galactically
2.2 The Changing Planet
2.3 Magnetic Pole Shift
2.4 Spin Axis Pole Shift
2.5 Brief History of Planetary Geography
2.6 Climate Change and Tectonics

3.1 Who We Are
3.2 Structure of Our Bio-Energy Bodies
3.3 Energy Vortices
3.4 Dimensional Variations
3.5 Our Origins
3.6 Increased Adversity and Opportunity
3.7 The New Overlords
3.8 A Fresh Look at the Faded Past
3.9 A Convoluted History of Human Genetics
3.10 Light and Dark in Genetics

4.1 What Is
4.2 Universal Cycles
4.3 Galactic and Earth Cycles
4.4 Cycles of Consciousness
4.5 A Holographic Model
4.6 Projection and Interference
4.7 Creation
4.8 D1 and D2
4.9 To Be an é or Not to Be
4.10 Our Interconnected Future
4.11 Holographic Storage Capacity
4.12 Accessing Past and Future
4.13 Divergence in Potentiality
4.14 Memories, Brains and Parts Thereof
4.15 Illusions and Interconnectedness
4.16 Order, Chaos, Light and Dark

5.1 Unique Realities
5.2 Reality and Mind-Control

6.1 Luciferian Brotherhood
6.2 Political Structures
6.3 All the World’s a Stage
6.4 Manning the Ship of Darkness
6.5 A Bloodline of a Different Sort
6.6 Pecuniary Contrivances
6.7 Crime and Punishment

7.1 Introduction to Strategies of the LB
7.2 Tacking into the Wind
7.3 Cause and Effect
7.4 Portrayal of Reaction
7.5 Out of Context—Geographically and Chronologically
7.6 Focus
7.7 Pornography of the Worst Kind
7.8 Incrementally Credulous
7.9 Heaven Forbid We Achieve Some Modicum of Balance
7.10 Delusion and Gender
7.11 Cognitive Dissonance
7.12 Information Overload
7.13 Be Reasonable…
7.14 The Game
7.15 Playing the Game
7.16 The Proliferation of the “-isms”
7.17 Lies and the Words They Hide Behind
7.18 Control of Information
7.19 Strategies Roundup

8.1 Mediums of Mind Control
8.2 Chemical Living
8.3 Chemical Cuisine
8.4 Earth, Wind and Water
8.5 Plant Genetics
8.6 Migrating Mutations
8.7 Clouded Minds
8.8 The Mendacious Media
8.9 Edification or Injurious Indoctrination
8.10 Religion
8.11 Denial of the Dark
8.12 Human Engineering
8.13 Short Lives, Memories and Attention Spans

9.1 Separation Illusion (1)
9.2 Separation Illusion (2)
9.3 Separation Illusion (3)
9.4 Extortion and Absolution
9.5 We Hold the Patent, So Pay Up

10.1 Deceit and Death

11.1 Elusive Truths

12.1 Infinite Potential Energy
12.2 Deployed but Not Destroyed
12.3 Geographical Proliferation
12.4 Ultimate in Weaponry
12.5 Wreaking Havoc on Our Home
12.6 Light in the Darkest of Corners

13.1 Inescapable Insanity


SECTION B (forthcoming)


1.2 Integration of Information

Some, or most of what you read here will, in all probability, be diametrically opposed to your current reality. It could be contrary to the belief system you subscribe to or to your concept of yourself. This being the case, you may react as humanity has been conditioned to react. Possibly you’ll feel and express anger, incredulity or disgust. You may feel an urge to claim your moral high ground, engage in ridicule or tenaciously defend your present beliefs.

Others may use elements of their existing reality to weave a series of what appears to be convincing counter-arguments. There could be an expression of moral outrage, a conviction of the author’s insanity or a contention that this is darkness cunningly presented as light.

Yet others could claim to have identified a number of “clever” arguments, but decry the underlying intent, as they perceive it to be. Maybe the reader will admit to the possibility of certain statements, the probability of others and vehemently maintain the implausibility or impossibility of yet others. They are all woven together, it may be asserted, with what ultimately amounts to malign intent—in fact, very much the kind of allegations this writer will direct toward a number of structures mentioned in the pages of this book. Perhaps other responses, which incorporate a certain degree of subtlety and sophistication, will present themselves.

If any of this proves to be personally relevant, I can only request that you at least consider the following suggestion.

When one encounters new information, or when it encounters you, very little of it, I’m sure, could be viewed with confidence as being the unequivocal truth, or as being a complete fabrication. Information seen as such is automatically absorbed or rejected. The remainder or specific aspects of it could be given a rough probability rating in accordance with our present view of the world and then placed in our “pending file.”

Historically speaking, naïve acceptance of every scrap of information that has been presented to us has been a huge handicap for humanity. Many of the intellectuals of their age, down through the ages, have elegantly spouted what was later understood to be unmitigated drivel and had done so because they had chosen to exist on a staple diet of rubbish themselves.

Equally problematic has been the stubborn refusal to consider anything that does not completely conform to our present set of beliefs, which are, if historical odds are to be considered, probably composed largely of absurdities. How much of our present reality is based on assumptions made in ignorance?

The contents of our pending file shouldn’t impinge upon our present version of reality, but should remain in the wings until such time as circumstances permit a reassessment of it. Then it would be either accepted or rejected, wholly or in part, in light of newer events and knowledge, or better yet, understanding and wisdom. In other words, accept its potential for veracity, not its veracity or lack thereof. Discernment, wisdom, intuition and time will assist one in assessing that potential.

Information there usually is. What is generally in short supply, as far as our species goes, is discernment. It is hoped that as we travel through life, a growing collection of experiences will aid us in evaluating our environment with an ever-increasing degree of accuracy. More importantly, it is hoped that what we will, for now, refer to as our intuition, will also guide us. If this process is functioning to an adequate degree, then our pending file should remain manageable, the data therein easily accessible and retrievable. Our concept of reality should be steadily moving towards ... let’s call it Cosmic Reality. Progress along such a path could well increase and cement our trust in this intuition, and perhaps to our surprise we could find it more reliable than we had initially anticipated. An increased reliance on one’s intuition should ideally be accompanied by a refinement or a honing of this ability. Intuition moves in a gentle, steady flow, easy to distort or block through intruding emotions, desires, fantasies, prejudices or over-intellectualization. Its true value has often passed unrecognized in a milieu characterized by a dominant masculine mindset and dogmatic science.

Now, let’s take a brief look at our responses. When you come across new information, take a deep breath and observe your reaction. Do you read to refute, or to evaluate? On what is your response to this information based? What is your intent? If you object to it, does this objection stem from a genuine desire for a higher level of truth, for greater knowledge; or is your objection rooted in the need to defend an entrenched position. Perhaps this is an entrenched position that is closely linked to how you identify yourself or self-concept. To relinquish such a position could be very unsettling. Do you detect a strongly emotive reflex, or an immediate aggressive challenge to a statement or concept without considering its credibility? (This need not always be a problem, but it can be.) Ask yourself, “What purpose is this serving? Whose purpose is it serving? Who am I serving? Why am I doing this? Is there a pattern and, if so, is it detrimental? Can I break it?”

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 2010

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