Author photoScott McCarthy

Author of:
People of the Circle, People of the Four Directions
Sacraments and Shamans

Cornelius Ian (Scott) McCarthy is a priest of the Diocese of Monterey in California. Having spent much time with Native American communities and individuals while living and travelling throughout the Americas, he has come to recognize that the well-being of all people depends upon our proper relation to the creation, our Mother Earth. He holds two Masters Degrees as well as a Doctorate of Ministry, combining these intellectual enterprises with his own experience among many cultures. Recognizing our modern world’s difficulties with its use of cutting-edge technology combined with outmoded ways of governance, he seeks to promote the general well-being of all people by teaching the time-honored relationship between worship and personal spirituality. He now focuses his sacred work on encouraging women, men, youth, and children to take glimpses into both past and present cultures so as to visualize a better future for everyone and everything.

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